Friday, August 6, 2010

FOXY LOXY SURE KNOWS HOW TO DO HER THING: I had the Henny Penny blues.

I'm not Cocky Locky, but I felt like Turkey Lurkey. I was looking. I was drawn in. She had her hooks in me.

Okay, I am not Ducky Lucky, nor Goosey Poosey. I'm CareyCarey. But I almost got sucked in. Noooo, not to Foxy Loxy's house. Foxy Loxy is what I call the Internet. You know the story. Henny Penny got hit in the head by an acorn. She thought the sky was falling down. So, she convinced Cocky Locky, Duckey Lucky, Goosey Poosey and Turkey Lurkey, that it was true. They went off to tell the king. BUT, they met Foxy Loxy. Foxy Loxy lead them to her den. She eat them all, except Henny Penny. Story over.

This morning, I got on the Internet. Some folks were panicking. Others were crying the blues. The Cubs got beat. Halle Berry broke her silence. I don't care. She looks good. My jungle fever told me so. And, somebody killed their children. I had to get out of there. Ask not want not, and I didn't want anything they were selling. I got in my car. I rented a carpet cleaner. I cleaned my carpets. Ol'girl's too. My back is sore. My legs are too.

My neighbor came by. I couldn't stop. I might not start again. He said, "okay". I said Okay. He left. I stopped, to grind some coffee. I'm hooked on coffee.

Ol'girl came by. She helped a little. She stopped. Her son came by. They swapped cars. I looked, puzzled. I called her name. She didn't answer. She was outside talking on the phone. She came in. I said, "move around, you're in my way". She laughed. But she got out of my way. I finished the job.

That machine was heavy. I put it in my car. I drove to her house. I lugged it in her house. She helped, but she stopped. She started talking on the phone. She stopped. She started watching Hardcore Pawn Shop. I looked at her. I thought she was crazy. The brush got jammed. It stopped, but I didn't. Well, for a second I stopped. I checked my blog. Someone from Nevada came by. They didn't say hi. I wondered why? I don't know who they are. Houston too. I wonder who. I wanted to stop, to say hi to them. But I don't know who. Tennessee came too. I think I know who. New York too, but who? I got up. I had more work to do. I didn't want to be Turkey-Lurkey all day long. Foxy Loxy sure knows how to do her thang. She called my name. But I got up and walked away.

Ol'girl's son came by. He doesn't have a job. They talked. He left. He didn't help. He came back. He brought some food. That boy can cook. I looked at the food, but I didn't stop.

Ol'girl boiled some eggs. Her son dropped off pork steaks and turnip greens. He doesn't have a job but he's a great cook. I didn't stop. I tipped my hat. He threw up the peace sign. He left. My back is sore. My furniture was heavy. Damn, I gotta put it back.

I stopped. The steak & greens called my name. But I eat a boiled egg. I finished the job. Ol'girl looked tired. I don't know why. Her son called. I don't know why. That machine was heavy. My legs are sore.

I eat the food. Forgot about the potatoes. I eat them too. I took a long hot bath. That felt good.

I read while I was in the tub. Not much. Just a little.

I played music... old school, new school. Hip de hop and what-not. I stopped. My legs were sore, so I laid on the floor. Watched SportsCenter. I stopped. I closed my eyes. I got up. I went to Walgrens.

My name is CareyCarey, but I was almost Henny Penny. The Internet almost fell on me. But it was a good day. I ended my day with a classic old school slow jam. Yep, oldie-oldie but the title is so fitting.... "ain't understanding mellow". And, thanks for letting me share my day(without transitional phrases) with you.

How was your day. Were you Turkey Lurky or Lucky Lady? Or, Goosey Loosey with Dandy Daddy? What, Cockey Locky or Henny Penny?

Or, did you just chill because the sky is not falling down?

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Reggie said...

Can you believe that Halle Berry is 44?!?

....and looking gorgeous!!!