Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This post is not about shooting the messenger. It's about a little old lady that lived is a shoe. She wanted so much attention she didn't know what to do.

Well, although Alveda King's participation in Glen Beck's "rally" may have been honorable, she blew it! Not only did she drop the ball with her "cookie cutter" speech, she gave credence to a man that's the personification of a dormant cancer that has gained a new hold.

Is she a sell-out, Sambo or a puppet? Well, in my opinion, she has the qualities to wear many of their shoes. I know it's not a popular opinion to speak ill of her, but it has to be said. Her seemingly disdain (driven by the media & her own less than snide remarks) of Al Sharpton, led her to seek her own spot- light. She's not saying anything new. She's an old voice of LESS-THAN passive resistance. Some folks loooove that middle of the road approach.

Look, In the 60's four great men -- including her uncle -- where slaughtered. John Kennedy, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, and her uncle were murdered because their voices made many uncomfortable. And, they were speaking for equality. They also had no problem pointing their fingers at the real roots of injustice. That being racism, wars, and the real perpetrators of violence. MLK said,

"Man fears nothing more terrible than to take a position that stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adopt a view that is so ambiguous that it includes everything, and so popular that it includes everyone"

I don't believe Alveda King heard his cry.

Listen, to focus on Glen Beck and those that mimic his sound bites, is akin to walking over 100 dollar bills to pick-up shiny pennies. In short, in this case (my opinion), it's not an attempt to shoot the messengers, my eyes are focused on the core of their message.

We all know what Glen Beck stands for. There's no need to call him a racist or a purveyor of hatred... he knows that. Alveda was invited to his party, and thus, given the perfect opportunity to be his Marcus Brutus. Yet, instead, she chose the role of huckleberry.

In subsequent interviews , she was again given many opportunities to right her ship, but oh no, she continued her championing of small delicate morsels of Glen Beck's speech. She picked and poked in his bag of tricks to find those that would serve her purpose, leaving behind those that would have made her uncle proud. Unlike Marcus Junius Brutus, who's father was killed by Pompey The Great, Alveda chose the route of a pulpit pimp, (using bits of scripture) making some folks smile while driving a knife in the wounds of racism and bigotry. She was not the offspring of Pompey, she was just a pompus pimp being pimp slapped by Glen Beck. He used her as one would a 3 hour hotel. Get in there baby, get up there, baby... ouuuweeee baby, you sho know what to say. Get down from there baby, and now get out of here Alveda King, and turn in the key.

She had the mic in her hand, and she could have pulled the trigger in the right direction. However, when I saw her interview on Larry King Live, her cross-hairs were on Rev Sharpton more than those that are trying to kill her uncle's dream.

I do not know anything about her political views nor her position on social issues, and I don't care. What I saw this weekend was enough to make me shake my head and say she and Glen Beck have a true love connection.


Big Mark 243 said...

My situation did not allow for access to watch any of the festivities, but I could not help but think that I did not miss much.

From what I have seen and heard from Alveda King in the recent past, I am wondering if she isn't trying to get her 15 minutes at any cost. She is whoring her uncle's legacy at a cost of her own personal integrity. Even if she believes the crap she says, there are other more appropriate forums for her to state her case. That she does not seek them out to me is telling.

Her appearances are not worth further comment. I don't recognize her as a figure of note or repute. Wake me when she reaches a postion of status in the national salons of political and social change.

field negro said...

Grest post! And I love the pic that went along with it.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.Well, that's if he has any shame left. :)

CareyCarey said...

Field, I just caught the following line @ your spot... "Regarding that pic{image of a women carrying a sign that said "I wish I never had an abortion)}; I bet Naomi Barber King wishes she had one....let me stop. Bad field Negro!"

Man, that line went over my head when I first read it. But yeah, Bad field negro.... And I loved it!

So Mark, it appears that you have no love for my girl. What, not even at a 3 hour motel :-)