Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What?! What's wrong with thinking? What?! You don’t go to the bathroom?

I do not know about you, but I do some of my deepest thinking while in my quiet time. I mean, my computer is not on my lap when I take a dump, but sometimes great ideas emerge from those moments of default stillness. Okay, I don’t want to sound all nasty but maybe I should break that down. Default stillness means, you ain’t going too far with a turd hanging from your booboo.

I am not trying to be funny, but there are some things in life that require a substantial amount of deep solid thinking.

Well, why will most people that are over weight, remain that way or even gain more weight, even though that's not their desire?

Why will most single, or divorced women over 30 never get married?

Why can’t most individuals lose a substantial number of pounds, even though they want to.

Bigots and racist will remain clouded in their stuper. Why

Why will the overwhelming majority of substance abusers never recover?

Why is it that an overwhelming majority of church goers have not read the entire Bible (if that’s their religion) and therefore are highly susceptible to false prophets?

Why are fat farms, weight watchers, and quick fix diet plans, nothing more than a new pimp game?

Why is sex rehab a big joke?

Why is drug treatment/rehab a dismal failure?

The real answers, in my humble opinion, is not that deep. However, I believe it requires a deep thinker to find the crown jewel. I am not talking about the most educated, nor the "professional".

But damn, the common solutions and championed quick fix programs are simply not working! WHY?

First, do you believe all of the above statements/implications are true (they are)? If so, where’s the problem?

Fact not fiction. If you think you know the answer, don’t stop there. It's a little deeper than that.

Stay with me.
I'm not Cocky Locky, but I felt like Turkey Lurkey. I was looking. I was drawn in. She had her hooks in me.

Okay, I am not Ducky Lucky, nor Goosey Poosey. I'm CareyCarey and I don't have all the answers, but I almost got sucked in. Noooo, not to Foxy Loxy's house. Foxy Loxy is what I call the Internet. You know the story. Henny Penny got hit on the head by an acorn. She thought the sky was falling down. So, she convinced Cocky Locky, Duckey Lucky, Goosey Poosey and Turkey Lurkey, that it was true. They went off to tell the king. BUT, they met Foxy Loxy. Foxy Loxy lead them to her den. She eat them all, except Henny Penny. Story over.

This morning, I got on the Internet. Some folks were panicking. Others were crying the blues. The Cubs got beat. Halle Berry broke her silence. I don't care. She looks good. My jungle fever told me so. And, somebody killed their children. I had to get out of there. Ask not want not, and I didn't want anything they were selling. I got in my car. I rented a carpet cleaner. I cleaned my carpets. Ol'girl's too. My back is sore. My legs are too.

My neighbor came by. I couldn't stop. I might not start again. He said, "okay". I said Okay. He left. I stopped, to grind some coffee. I'm hooked on coffee.

Ol'girl came by. She helped a little. She stopped. Her son came by. They swapped cars. I looked, puzzled. I called her name. She didn't answer. She was outside talking on the phone. She came in. I said, "move around, you're in my way". She laughed. But she got out of my way. I finished the job.

That machine was heavy. I put it in my car. I drove to her house. I lugged it in her house. She helped, but she stopped. She started talking on the phone. She stopped. She started watching Hardcore Pawn Shop. I looked at her. I thought she was crazy. The brush got jammed. It stopped, but I didn't. Well, for a second I stopped. I checked my blog. Someone from Nevada came by. They didn't say hi. I wondered why? I don't know who they are. Houston too. I wonder who. I wanted to stop, to say hi to them. But I don't know who. Tennessee came too. I think I know who. New York too, but who? I got up. I had more work to do. I didn't want to be Turkey-Lurkey all day long. Foxy Loxy sure knows how to do her thang. She called my name. But I got up and walked away.

Ol'girl's son came by. He doesn't have a job. They talked. He left. He didn't help. He came back. He brought some food. That boy can cook. I looked at the food, but I didn't stop.

Ol'girl boiled some eggs. Her son dropped off pork steaks and turnip greens. He doesn't have a job but he's a great cook. I didn't stop. I tipped my hat. He threw up the peace sign. He left. My back is sore. My furniture was heavy. Damn, I gotta put it back.

I stopped. The steak & greens called my name. But I eat a boiled egg. I finished the job. Ol'girl looked tired. I don't know why. Her son called. I don't know why. That machine was heavy. My legs are sore.

I eat the food. Forgot about the potatoes. I eat them too. I took a long hot bath. That felt good.

I read while I was in the tub. Not much. Just a little.

I played music... old school, new school. Hip de hop and what-not. I stopped. My legs were sore, so I laid on the floor. Watched SportsCenter. I stopped. I closed my eyes. I got up. I went to Walgrens.

My name is CareyCarey, but I was almost Henny Penny. The Internet almost fell on me. But it was a good day. I ended my day with a classic old school slow jam. Yep, oldie-oldie but the title is so fitting.... "ain't understanding mellow". And, thanks for letting me share my day(without transitional phrases) with you.

How was your day. Were you Turkey Lurky or Lucky Lady? Or, Goosey Loosey with Dandy Daddy? What, Cockey Locky or Henny Penny?

Or, did you just chill because the sky is not falling down?
But, are you overweight, bored, unmarried, stuck in an addiction(like a relationship), depressed, lonely and tired? Then why?
Anna Renee said...
Hi Brother! Damn, that's a big ass toilet! Get it? That's my double entendre for the day! Anyway, it's going to take a toilet that size and a whole lotta thinking to figure out these simple things of life! ;-)

Anna Renee said...
Oh my smile broke in half! Damn!;-)

Solomon said...
I think most of what you are saying here is true Carey. I like the one about most who claim to be Christians have never read the entire Bible, so therefore they are susceptible to false profits. I better get to work. *smiles*

Freeman said...
I'll take a stab at it. I don't think any of the people believe they have a problem and they rely on others to get them out of it. Most people want a quick fix but a lot of problems require a change in life and most people don't really want to change their life.The money (Mad Money Opinion) has always been on treating people to what they want to be. Vanity, Romance and Attention always makes money. So if you want to make money just tell women if they eat some weird nut from North Eritrea makes you lose weight and watch you make a million tomorrow.

MOMSWEB said...
Inquiring Minds want to know...You definitely mentioned a few things that are quite true. Most people don't even take the time to use their brain and THINK about some of the topics you mentioned. As for me...I try to get on and off - my thoughts usually come in the shower. Same room, different tool.

CareyCarey said...
MLK spoke about man's tendency to rely on half baked solutions. Which leads me to...Mr FreeMan: "I don't think any of the people believe they have a problem and they rely on others to get them out of it. Most people want a quick fix but a lot of problems require a change in life and most people don't really want to change their life"
Freeman, I believe if we change a few words and add a few, you have hit pay dirt. You are so close. As much as I hate to do this (with your big head self *smile*) I have to give you a strong B. A small hint: lets say a person developes a keen sense of self awareness AND in such, knows they have a problem, okay. Lets say they also want to change. Now, what's the answer that fits all the situations/problems?

Anna Renee said...
OK Brother Carey! Desire is one thing and accomplishment is another. Just because one desires a thing doesn't mean it's theirs until they transition over to actually doing the work it takes to accomplish that thing. Most people wont put in work!!!

CareyCarey said...
OuuuuWeeee baby(Mrs Renee), I like you because you don't give up. You are blazing hot close, but no cigar.Okay, they have the desire, they know they have a problem/situation, AND they are putting in "THE" work. Now, why does the overwelming majority still fail at/in all the problems I listed?

Jay Midnyte said...
I was thinking about writing a post like this today. I was gonna call it "Treating the Symptom."So my answer to your question is because people don't treat the CAUSE of their problems, they try to treat the symptoms.John H. Tilden - Impaired Health: It's Cause and CureGreat book.

CareyCarey said...
You've hit the Lottery, Jay! Yep, if the knowledge a person gains, is nothing more than a band-aid, the root of the problem will remain. And, as this applies to my questions, it's my opinion that no matter how much conviction and effort a person throws at their problem, if they are throwing it on the wrong wall, it will forever go wanting. So, in essence, their intentions my be in the right place, and they may be running up the hill in full blast, but they may not have be given the right knowledge. However, it is the persons responsible to look far and wide for the right "truth". But again, how and when will they know they are relying on the wrong source? BTW, tell me, how and where did you gain this insight?

Jay Midnyte said...
Well... First, I started to not trust the conventional sources of news and information. That mistrust was probably sparked by one of the documentaries I watched a long time ago, but I don't know which one.That skepticism and mistrust led to me always looking up the information or theories people presented. You know, it's basically the development of the scientific mindset..."A good scientist is observant and notices thing in the world around him/herself. (S)he sees, hears, or in some other way notices what’s going on in the world and becomes curious about what’s happening. This can and does include reading and studying what others have done in the past because scientific knowledge is cumulative. In physics, when Newton came up with his Theory of Motion, he based his hypothesis on the work of Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo as well as his own, newer observations. Darwin not only observed and took notes during his voyage, but he also studied the practice of artificial selection and read the works of other naturalists to form his Theory of Evolution."Then this led to me having a constant curiosity. In terms of diet, basically I figured out that the profit motive usually will lead to people trying to keep others ignorant to protect profit. For example, I would look at the list of ingredients on a loaf of bread and see things like bleached enriched flower, high fructose corn syrup, calcium sulfate, ammonium proponiate, etc.I would find out WHAT these ingredients are and WHY someone would put them in food.And these little "discoveries" start to keep rewarding my search for information because then I can actually come to the conclusion that obesity, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and others are the response of the body to the constant fight it maintains against all the toxins we feed it. The problem is most people will watch one documentary, believe everything, and stop there. They might take action, but when they actually try to explain to someone else why they are taking action, they realize they don't even know why they are taking action. They give up because they still only have the band-aid of knowledge. That is the problem that lies behind someone getting their information from the wrong source. That's the problem! They got it from a source, instead of exploring all there is on the topic from all sides. If they do that, then they come to their OWN conclusions based on all the information they've seen and can actually BELIEVE in it and defend their beliefs. This is also why if someone watches a movie that questions everything about their religion and belief in God, they get all messed up, and wonder if they really should believe in a God. They didn't even know WHY they believed in the first place... Back to my point... This scientific process repeated over and over in different areas of interest leads to a love of gaining new knowledge and insight. And that leads to truth. Which I think is not absolute, atleast for the person, because as someone who has developed the scientific mindset you have to accept that somewhere out there, there might be something that shatters your truth.So you basically have a viewpoint of, I believe this is what's true until someone or something can prove completely that this is wrong.The end result is the learned ability to quickly weed out what is NOT true from their sources and to quickly recognize truth.

CareyCarey said...
Jay, my man, I am going to tell you right now, I am going to erase your name off your comments, and say they were mine.Damn, you killed/defined what I've been trying to say with a stroke of genius! More importantly, you gave me the basis/insight into my curiousity, or why I question everything. I am not a do or die cynic, but I do question those that may have an ulterior motive behind their "preaching"/sales pitch.
On a personal note, I keep falling down, and the "traditional" way out was not working for me, and practically everyone around me. So I had to ask myself... WHY? I wasn't slow or resistent to facts, but that was the problem. I wasn't getting all the facts. Then I noticed I was a pawn in the middle of a business that may not have my best interest at heart. I mean, they meant well, but I wasn't there main focus. So my man, you've made my day. How in the heck did you find my humble abode?
Hey, I am not kidding about stealing your words. You rung my bell. I may even do a post about it. Yep, it's in the skillet.

Jay Midnyte said...
I found your blog through KIT. My last comment was just me trying to explain to myself why I think the way I do lolFeel free to check my blog


Big Mark 243 said...

I am with you on Jay Mydnite and his comment. Wish that I was as clear headed to have wrote something like that. Direct and clear, with no confusion.

This was a cool entry brother CareyCarey. Have you ever considered putting a book of essays together? As much as I liked 'Metamorphisis' by Kafka, I keep thinking that me or another brother could write that book, and I think you had a good start right here!

CareyCarey said...

Yeah Mark, Jay was on point!

"Have you ever considered putting a book of essays together?"

Well Mark, you're not the first to suggest such. But you know what, I write for a local newspaper (and "speak"), and this blog thang is a place where I can let it all hang out, and see how my stuff is received. It's sort of like a practice field.

And, your suggestion sounds like work. Man, I cringe when I hear that word. But thanks for the compliment.

I am always looking for new adventures. My life has been a big pot of that. However, these days, I've learned that I better have a purpose behind anything I do. I mean, I don't need money. Well, everyone does, but "things" and riches don't move me anymore. So, without a defined purpose, I sit cautiously and wait for the call.

What's on your mind?

Moanerplicity said...

Sup Brotha Carey,

Nice to see you're still very much a deep thinker, no matter where or what room you do your best work. (smiles)

No one gets thru something, nor do they get over it from pure desire alone. That's like wishing on a star. It's child's stuff. Desire is just a wish your heart or your head makes. Desire alone won't do jack!

I'm not sure I'd call being unmarried, chronically single or never finding a mate to marry a full-on crisis. The only crisis in this is that some people seem to NEED someone else to make them happy & complete, when true happiness & utter contentment is something to be found within us, if we ever go deep enough to find it. If someone male or female over 30 or 40 is unmarried, sometimes that's just one's fate or destiny. Not everyone is supposed to be.

As for the rest... most any crisis in this life has a starting point, a cause, an impetus, a root, a root cause. That's the core issue & that's the birth place of the crisis, be it drug use, being overweight, etc. Until & unless the root is discovered, dealt with, cut away, removed or at the very least made managable, the crisis will continue to exist.

So getting real with one's self is just the start. Putting in the grunt work, the blood, sweat & tears... even if that means seeking a source outside of one's self, and then making a sincere effort to change, overhaul, refurbish our lives is what's really necessary to relieve ourselves of that crisis sitch.

So yes, getting rid of the garbage & cleaning out the messy corner's of one's life IS possible. It's not always successful, but entirely POSSIBLE.

At least, that's my opinion, my Brotha.


CareyCarey said...

Moan, I agree with everything you said.

Imo, being single is only a problem if the single person believes it to be. I lumped it in this group because so many women write about it. I seldom see men writing the single man blues. I wonder why?

You killed the last part. Everything you said is a must. If a person does not think so, they will be part of "the majority". You know what's interesting, it would be hard for anyone to dispute my suppositions, however, many will disagree with your solutions and mine.

That's crazy, but it's the mind of a lazy person. And/or a person in deep denial.

If a person takes time to think about it, the average person does not participate in looong deeeep thinking outside their work place. We watch TV, we read books, magazines, etc, we eat, we talk on the phone, we're on the internet, we clean our homes, and we visit family and friends, we worry and vent, and then go to bed. None of which requires deep thinking.

Going back in ones life (as you implied) requires one to first admit they have an issue or issues that needs to be addressed and changed. That takes many people right off the table. Most humans will not admit they have a problem until their backs are against the wall. WHEN and IF THEY DO come to a realization that there's a serious problem, THEN THE REAL WORK BEGINS. Unfortunately, it's too much work for the overwhelming majority. And the beat goes on.

lovely said...

hey...from houston :-)

CareyCarey said...

Well Hello, Miss Dark and Lovely.

Houston huh? I think I've been in every major city in Texas, but never Houston. Well, I did like the group H-TOWN.

But what you doin' coming by here? I mean, how did you find this dark patch of ground?