Saturday, August 7, 2010


I heard there are people obtaining their doctorate degrees in political science in as little as 18 months! And, they didn't even have a G.E.D!

I'm thinking about going on-line to get me one of those sheep's skins, so I can hang my shingle, and jump right in the discussions. You know, all the discussions we're having to make Obama accountable. Just because he's a black man does not mean we should give him a pass? We HAVE to criticize him, right?

Don't tell nobody, but I've also heard much of the class work can be copied off the 10 o'clock news. Wouldn't that be wonderful. I can get my masters degree in about 6 mouths while sitting at home. That should be a good start to my plans of making the president accountable, and then work on my doctorate. But, how will I know when I have arrived? I mean, I can rant and vent, and talk shit with the best of them, but would that make the president accountable?

Damn, maybe I should table the accountability part until a later date? But hey, I'm not going to give up on getting my criticism on. Everybody is doing it, so it must be the right thing to do. But wait a minute, they say fools go where wise men tread not, and although I've done some foolish things in my life, I am not trying to be a full time fool. Maybe I should look into this criticism thang.

Lets see, where is my dictionary? Here it is... critic: A person who indulges in faultfinding and censure. criticism: the act of analyzing and making judgments 2. a review expressing such analysis and judgement. criticize: to analyze and judge as a critic. Wait a minute, I think some people have confuse the word critic with being a fool time cynic. Lets see... cymry... cynewulf... cynic, here it is: A sneering, faultfinding person; especially, one who believes that all men are motivated by selfishness.

Cynical: distrusting or contemptuous of virtue in others; sneering; sarcastic.

Ooooooh, so that's why I am going to need my quick and easy degree. If I am going to find fault and then write a qualified analysis -filled with criticism - it's only right that I know what I am talking about. Damn, I almost made my move to soon. I could have found myself being somebodies special kind of fool. And, who wants to be a sneering, sarcastic, distrusting, faultfinding, person? That's not the way to constructive criticism. That's CYNICISM!

WOW! What if I went before a court judge for some type of adjudication, and he didn't have his on-line diploma? Damn, that's scary. More importantly, what if there was a room (blog) full of these judges that didn't have but a minuscule of knowledge that pertained to my predicament? Damn, that's ugly. Damn, a bunch of dumb cynics. Well, they probably could fool some of the people - some of the time - but I am going to ask a few friends of their opinion on the instant professors of the blogsphere. Step up here Freeman, what do you have to say about this.

FreeMan ... "Now I'm all for when he messes up talking about it but truthfully people just want to talk with no real end in site. All the Black Intellectuals are copying off their white counterparts and think they now have some standing to complain. It's funny to see this same group not say anything when Clinton or Bush was around. I guess being Black gives them standing to criticize Black folks but when a white guy is up there I guess they stay in their place. It's fools gold and this is purely a reaction to powerless and worried people venting to the master. This time he's a Black master but nonetheless he's the master"

Oh, so you see the words of some of our friends as complaining and venting, more than an defined analysis. I agree, surely that's not making him accountable. That's nothing more than a bunch of black people playing a game of spades or dominoes... "Look out my brotha, I'm fixin' to run this boston on you.... whose got downs? I thought you said you knew how to play cards. Get up from this table smellin like fish"

Any negro can sit around a table and talk trash. I mean, making him accountable??? How are they doing that? I mean, considering the un-focused and unbalanced willy-nilly rhetoric of most political blogs, I find it hard to believe that's a package that would make the president accountable. There is no way on God's green earth that a venting party can make president Obama accountable. But, I'll have to ask another friend to see what she has to say. Step up here Diane, lets hear your opinion.

Mizrepresent... The criticisms i've witnessed are by most part unfounded and based only upon the media. When have we trusted the media as our true source of information? Why now? Surely we as Americans, as citizens of this country hold all of our electorates accountable, but what is taking place in America is not a case of accountability but a witch hunt. Anything he says or does comes under so much speculation, and when he says or does nothing we also check him. I have lived thru 6 Presidents and have never witnessed so much accusation, so much unwarrented suspicions about our head of chief as i witnessed during this time. Nobody is giving the President a pass, but then again, why hang him before his work is done? And furthermore why tie him into all that took place before he took office. That is just some ill bullshit. His agenda should be America's agenda, not the liberals, not the African-Americans, and certainly not the conservatives. Surely, he will make mistakes, but people he just like the rest of us need to pick our battles. Then in your own world not judge, but consider what you might do in the same situation"

Well, I guess I can drop the mic.

In short, I think I am hearing that a person should seek first to understand before they judge. So maybe that quick fix degree is not going to do the trick, unless I want to act like the little pigs of a popular nursery rhyme... This little piggy went to market (had a blog) , this little piggy stayed home (to read it), the first little piggy had roast beef (venting juice), the other piggy eat some. All the little piggies cried me me me, all the way home"

But in the end, I am reminded of another story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf.

Look, there will continue to be wolves in sheep's clothing - with fake sheep-skins - that will huff and puff until they blow Obama's house down. Yet, if my memory serves me well, after the mean wolf blew down the pigs houses of straw and sticks, they built a house of brick. The desperate wolf huffed and puffed but he could not blow that house down. So he tried to come down the chimney. Well, the pigs got tired of him blowing smoke up their boo-boo, so they lit a fire under his ass. The other wolves bitched and moaned and complained, like they were accustom to doing, but they didn't jack with them pigs no mo'. And you know what, not once did they ever see the fruits from all their howling, huffing and puffing. They only did it because all their friends were doing it too. I'm still waiting for them to define their purpose. And show me the rewards of their efforts.

Morals of the stories: Watch where you huff and puff, because you might be burning your own ass. And, If you're going to criticize the president, it's wise to know what criticism means, then move accordingly. And, if your source of reference is a 2 dollar degree in political science, that you received from the garbage man or late night news, you might want to hold'em and then fold'em. And, a person can huff and puff and cuss, but that's NOT making the president accountable.


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Trying to get some of the arm chair critics to be understanding of their criticism is like hitting your head upon a brick wall.
Most of those critics you speak of have not a clue of the real world.
Most will believe everything the media throws at them without asking the most important question.WHY am I being told this or that!

CareyCarey said...

Big Mac Attach, that's an excellent point. I just read a post @ RiPPa's blog givng me a better insight into WHY the US dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan. Now, I have not dug a little deeper, but I will assume that most americans think it was the only way to stop the war and cost less lives. But the post (referencing many un-classified documents & other sources) suggests nothing could be further from the truth.

Hey, I am glad you stopped by. You, and a few others, are part of my next post. And, I am going to steal your "WHY" line.

Big Mark 243 said...

I don't know... sometimes with Obama, I am not as sure if his pressure is any different. It is more that he is 'one of ours' and we can identify with him more than we can Bill Clinton, who for all his 'blackness', was NOT black!!

Excuse me, African-American.

We haven't been this close to power, to have an image that actually reflects someone we know or see in our paths as leader. Maybe we are being a little oversensitive his critics because WE take it personal.

I know I find myself trying to not 'react' when I dare to watch Fox News... the contempt that I have for Megyn Fox!! As to the clownish Glen Beck, et al., what more can I say about those cats that hasn't been said already? Not that I am an original brother, jus' sayin', I do try to avoid redundancy over and over again.

As far as some of 'our people' rushing in to fill a new niche market for the rest of this and the next term, they better make their loot now. Will be a LONG time before another brother meets the criteria to withstand a run for office. Same thing for the females, because like it or don't, Hilary was there best shot EVAH.

Yeah, maybe we are taking all this too personal. Detroit is in a terrible state due in no small part of falling for the brother as one of us image. The problem is, I don't want 'one of me' running things but someone who knows what they are doing!!

Like it or don't, Barack represents someone many black, white, and otherwise, can't be. Someone who dealt with a crap parent(s) and still found a way to be wildly successful. He is an a brother as Cinderella.

For those who support him, they find comfort in that. For those who irrationaly hate on him, well I did say it was irrational, their hate.

On the QT, he is a big fan of Ronald Reagan and his presidency reminds me of Reagans... charismatic, wildly unpopular to some folks and will charm his way to a second term.

CareyCarey said...

@ Big Mark, as usual, you covered a lot of ground (I like that in you).

On this issue (my issue) it's not so much about "criticism" it has more to do with the method and madness behind certain forms of criticism.

Also, like Big Mac said, many people do not know why they are being told what is said. Take for instance your remark about Detroit. On the surface, the blame could be placed upon the face of "a black man", in an attempt (not by you) to say "look at that black man, Detroit-ers probably picked him based solely on his color and he F'd up"

Well, to a large degree, racism is at the root of Detroit problems, long before their present state of affairs. And, it's grossly unfair and misleading to compare it's leadership's quality, knowledge and checks and balances to that of President Obama presidency.

And, if you do not think his pressure is any different... well, I am going to reserve my comment on that one. I mean, my next post will address that issue.

"Yeah, maybe we are taking all this too personal"

Mark, I don't know exactly what you mean by that, but politics is not a game and we should take it personal. However, I hear you (I think). Can we separate our emotional attachment to a man of color, from our spirited "criticism" or support. Well, there's 2 sides to that coin. some folks believe that since he is black, they have more freedom to vent their objections at him. It's sort of like using the word "nigger". Some blacks see it as a right to use that word, if it's directed and another black person.

So Mark, I wholeheartedly agree with much of what you said, but of course I had to add my 2 cents.

uglyblackjohn said...

I wonder if those who complain the most are doing anything at their local level (where it matters most).
Besides those in the military - who is effected by what Obama does in a direct manner?
Wouldn't it make sense to complain about those who can effect ones life directly?
IMOHO - All the talk about Obama is just water coller talk.

CareyCarey said...

UBJ, to a degree I agree with you, however, it still boils down to the substance of the "talk". When, where(i agree), what(i agree) and why(!!!yes yes yes) ARE the poignant questions.