Friday, January 21, 2011


Raise your hands in the air if you just don't care. Or, wave the flag for Ms Palin or any old Mr Charlie?

Let me cut to the chase. Some negro political blogs should change their names to BootyForSell.

That's right, they should flash a red sign and adorn it with big purple lips - and a big fat booty. You know, them big booty lips that compliment deep ass kissing. But wait, dez some smart negros that may not know the errs of their ways. I mean, they have great writing skills - that most would die for - but many of them ain't talking about a damn thang except what Obama has "alledgedly" done wrong.

Listen, I am a ride or die Obama supporter that....


No, you hold up, and you can miss me with that one. I mean, you should define hero worshiping. I know you may believe that's a clever phrase, but it's nothing more than a tired and trite remark that allows you to run from the truth. Get back to me with your definition of a hero worshiper.

But first, tell me, who would you rather have in office, Obama or and ol'nondescribt Mr Charlie? I know most of my wayward friends will have a hard time answering that question. Well, since they claim to be supporting Obama's mission, they can't say, "we love Mr Charlie". On the other hand, if they say Mr Charlie, I'd say "give me his name". Who would be a good replacement? And, since I am referring to smart negros, they wouldn't say anybody except President Obama. I mean, that reply would instantly discredit them. And lord knows what that would do for their egos.

That reminds me, I believe much of their whimsical hater-aid (conscience of not) is rooted in an ego that's in grave need of constant stroking. What else could justify their negative rants about our presidents?

"But Carey, we can't give him a pass just because he's black"

Who said anything about a pass you knuckle head? Again, if not Obama than who?! See, some folks wish to run from that question, while they hurl ambiguous qusi- intellectual short burst of nothingness.
Really, that's the big elephant in this house "who would my naysay negro friends chose as a replacement". If you can't stop the elephant, then your house will become very raggedy. And, we all heard what Malcolm said:

"if your kitchen is dirty, your house is dirty"
So, would it be right to invite someone to dinner and feed them Cracker Jacks? Wouldn't that be kind of dirty? Well, inside a box of Cracker Jacks, there's always a surprise. But I am still wondering who they would bring to the table. Who?... Any ol'cracker-Jack?

Remember, the elephant is still there. He ain't going to disappear because the question is side stepped. Consequently, until the chicken head naysayers can tell me the purpose behind their eloquent dissing of President Obama, I can't help but believe they are unconsciously soothing a soul that needs to sound intelligent. More importantly, they have to know their words are a cheap cloned edition of Mr Charlie's. I wish they would just speak the truth and come out of the closet. I wish they would change their blog names to Black Booty For Sale: The place of intelligent BIG BOOTY for your Disposal.

"But again carey, we can't give Obama a pass because he is black, we have to make him accounting"

Okay, one mo gin for all the circle jerks. Do you really think you are making him accountable by mimicking the words of his arch rivals?! I mean, really? Do you think you're making him accountable by sitting in blog with a bunch of negros that acquired their political science degrees on-line - or off the 10 o'clock news? I mean, what's accomplished by listening to rants, half-baked solutions, haters and naysayers - huh? Surely that's not making him accountable. That's nothing more than a game of spades or dominoes. Any negro can sit around a table and talk trash. I mean, making him accountable??? Tell me, tell me exactly how you're doing that? I mean, considering the un-focused willy-nilly rhetoric, that's the final product of most political blog discussions, I find it hard to believe it's a package that would make the president accountable. Having said all of that, in the very least; would your words move people toward Obama or move them away from him? Don't duck now, but the BIG ASS ELEPHANT is still in the house. If not Obama than who? Think about it.
Play the story to the end.

I know this post will not get me invited to soft music and satin sheets, but as Martin Luther King said,

"Many people fear nothing more terrible than to take a position which stands out sharply and clearly from the prevailing opinion. The tendency of most is to adopt a view that is so ambiguous that it will include everything and so popular that it will include everybody"

So please, don't take this personally, but negro pleases, what emotions are you discharging when you vent on President Obama?

I think we'd all be better served if we look at the short period between our thoughts and our actions. There's something in that gap called an emotion. It's the propellant behind the outward action. Some are very subtle and short lived, but they are always there. How we discharge that emotion is the key to why we do the things we do.

Hey, if a person can not truly define what they are receiving from voicing their displeasures of our president, I'd be a fool to engage them in any form of debate or discourse.
I raise my hand. I been at a place in my life where I didn't know why I blamed others, chided others, pointed fingers, and went to places - mentally and pyhsically - I had no business going.

I would imagine that many people are stuck in that dilemma, and possibly, don't know how to get out. It's very hard to say I was wrong and you were right.


MoMo said...

good post, at work, a lot people are complaining about how bad their situation is, and want to blame it on the President, but I quickly ask them did the President tell you to get all those credit cards? the expensive car? the house thats currently upside down? Nope, I think you made all those decisions when Bush was in office, giving you all those tax cuts.

We all choose to make our own beds, just some of us aren't willing to lay in them.

CareyCarey said...

Good point MoMo. I don't usually do this political mess, and from what I am hearing, many folks didn't either until our new president got in office. Now everybody is a damn expert. Whenn they were buying that big house in the sky, they was americans, now all of a sudden, some black folks are like the little Pigs.... this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy ate some, and this little piggy cried me me me, all the way home.

Now all of a sudden, some black folks are crying that our president ain't doing enough for the black folks. Give me a freakin' break. Now all of a sudden they want to be singled out of the american dream.Dey black or dey white, but me me me.

I couldn't get some of those negros to work in my little league concession stand. Now they're experts in politics.

Some fools think the president can do any damn thing he wants. Sorry, it ain't that kind of party.

I'm about done with this political mess. That's why I posted the five hearts beats. I had to relax my soul. And there's no better way do do that, than put on an old school classic movie.

Btw, I hope you're working in air conditioning, because I have people down there and they said it's hotter than the hubs of hell... down there :-)

kid said...

You're a hell of a writer. People don't understand that it cost the President $650 million to get him in there. They spend $200 million attacking health care. They have Astroturfed organizations like the Tea Baggers and PUMA coming after him. this is too much like the movie "Meet John Doe".

CareyCarey said...

Thank you Billy The KId. I don't really consider myself I writer, moreso a story teller.

I do not possess all the writng skills of a true writer. Plus, I write like I talk. Consequently, I can lose my audience by not paying attention to conjunctional phrases. In other words, I skip around. Without "voice tones"(pauses/breaks/pitch, etc), that can present a problem.

But hey, if you enjoyed it, I am more than pleased.

And yes yes yes, the average citizens knows very little about the inner workings of the presidency. There are documents that a person has to have a certain security clearence to even view (and a need to know). So I know the average Joe is outside the loop. And, most americans get thier information from one or two sources. That's not going to cut the mustard.