Friday, August 6, 2010


From as far back as 1 year ago to what we are doing right now, our memories are king. If we could pick the ones we love the most and reserve a place for their constant companionship, we'd have a child's heart. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Yes, I wish I could live in a world in which I could live in my best memories. And you know what, I really do believe that's possible. I just have to stay out of mess. Then I am the gate keeper. I have the key to the door that swings in and out.

I am alright... right now. I am the gatekeeper!


Big Mark 243 said...

Pretty profound... and an important duty as well.

Many people, usually in the middle of the classes fail at this. Those in the higher economic class are not as self aware and those in the lower classes are keenly aware that they are in charge of their own gates.

CareyCarey said...

Big Mark, I do not believe it has anything to do with class. In fact, I know it does not. Pain & misery & remorse & guilt & low self-esteem, lonliness & lost love, etc, does not choose it's victims by class or color or economics.

We all are the gatekeeper to our own disposition, yet, for the most part, we are woefully unaware of the affect of what we let in, and more importantly, how to get "it" out.

Now, in my opinion, that's deep, and true. Think not?

Mr. I. M. BLACK said...


I agree with Big Mark, your statements where insightful.

Although, I believe that it is the opposites in life that can give a better understanding of our life; without pain we would not understand joy, without hate we might not feel the effects of true Love, without guilt the value of remorse, loneliness sometimes enhances the value of friend and family.

As I travel around this thing we call the net,it is comforting to these old eyes to stop off at a pleasant site,and rest.

I will be back to visit again.

CareyCarey said...


Yes, without an up, there wouldn't be a down. And Welcome.

I don't know about this being a peaceful site, I just took a little break :-).

Well, as I said in the post, I try to stay out of negative mess. But frequently I am on the other side of popular opinion. Consequently, many times I am in the minority and voice concerns that many will not touch.

I tell the younger crowd to live a little and then they can talk about something they KNOW.

When a person has been THROUGH a storm (serious adversity) and came out a better person, I am all ears. I know they will be able to support their opinion with a life experience, or two, or more... much more.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Howdy, just dropped by for a spell.

That is so true what you said about not choosing it's victims. I've always said that all of them feel the same regardless who you are or how much money you have or don't have.

Me...I thank God most of all just because he is and the best thing about him is that I know whatever I go through he is there to pick me up, dust me off, and give me the strength to carry on. He is my rock to lean on.

Solomon said...


All I can add to what you said here is,