Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh lawdy, I wouldn't want to be in a place, or condition for unwanted things or persons. But for some people, it appears to be a place of comfort. However, school is in session, and it's recess time, so lets see if we can shake a few people out of their limbo zone.

In some Christian theologies, a limbo is a region bordering upon hell and an abode after death for wayward souls. Now don't run, I am not going to thump my Bible upside your head. However, I don't know about you, but a limbo rack sounds like a hellava place to hang ones hat. I mean, why would I, or anyone, desire to be stuck in a mindset that had them living on the boarder of despair?

Well, as I said, school is in session and we are going out to the playground, so I need a few volunteers to make this a playful learning experience.

There's Asabagna and Faithsoulsistah over @ AfroSpear http://afrospear.com/2010/08/02/some-perspective-from-brother-carey/ They've just finished reading one of my posts.. Lets see what they have to say. I know this is going to be good.

First, the following are some of my words from that post:       "As I've said before (and if it was right then, it's right now) I am all for constructive feedback, but if the feedback is nothing but gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions, bitches with switches , I don't view that as constructive feedback. If someone tries to engage you in negative criticism about President Obama, stop, look and listen, and then ask them where they are going? Don't play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool"

Okay, let me add a little something. If someone is trying to convince another person to go their way (whatever way that may be), wouldn't it be wise for the listener to ask the purveyor where they are going? Shouldn't they stop and listen before they made the foolish mistake of jumping in a car with a stranger? If not, a person could find themselves in quite a limbo. But lets see what my playmates had to say. It's possible they're mind readers, or love going on ambiguous and dangerous journeys.

The following are a few words (quotes) from my naysay friends:

Asabagna said: In the words of a great unknown philosopher: “get the f*ck outta here!”  con't..."I am one of those who reject the idea that because Obama has a Black face, those in the Black community shouldn’t criticize him. This notion that to hold him accountable to the Black electorate, who overwhelmingly supported him, means one is an enemy on the "team", and you are playing "another man’s game" as well as being "someone’s fool" is just a form of groupthink brainwashing. This is really what is dangerous for it truly makes you a self-created deaf and blind fool!

I’m just saying, in the words of P.E.: "a brothah ain’t a brothah just because of color!".

Okay, it appears it's lost in LIMBO TIME! So low he can't get under it. I mean, first, his words are too ambiguous to put my hands under them. Did I ever say President Obama should not be criticized? Nope. More importantly,  I don't think my playmate knows the true definition of criticism. Furthermore, someone has to tell me their definition of    "hold him accountable"? Seriously, I doubt it means sitting in a room full of  ranting lunatics, mis-using and redefining the phrase "to critic/analyze".  How in the hell is that making him accountable? That's a fools errand. That concept is more akin to being a foolish and irresponsible negro. It appears the limbo bar is too high for my friend to see the errs of his thinking pattern. I wonder who's the true blind fool. A languid mind lacks the spirit to dig deep.

But lets listen to my next friend who is also trying to sneak under the limbo bar.

FaithSoulSistah said: I can’t agree with this man’s [talking about me (Carey)and my post] position. He seems to think we should not hold black people accountable for their actions because we are living under a racist system. This makes no sense to me. On the contrary, we should regularly critique our leaders as well as ourselves to ensure we are not helping to perpetuate the system that oppresses us.

Accountability is important! It is not a dirty word. I believe this blogger is being irresponsible by suggesting that Obama is above criticism. He is clearly trying to stir up the sentimental mood a lot of black folks felt at having a black president. Good luck with that. People are beginning to see through the lies and manipulation and realize they got played yet again. This time around it just happened to have been by a black man"

WHOA!!! Who and WTH  was she talking about. I mean, if one enjoys someone talking loud and bold but saying absolutely nothing, her words might be something to take home and cheer about. But again, until one of these limbo riders shows me some of their examples of "criticism" I am left to say "they can miss me with such ambiguous nothings? Mr. and Mrs. Ambiguity are holding the limbo bar too low? And, I'd like to know who they are making accountable, and what the hell  does that really mean!? ACCOUNTABLE? It most assuredly does not mean a gathering of people with different agendas, motives, and mis-understanding of the words constructive criticism.

A deeper issue is... accountable to what, when and where? And, what's the proper way to do that? I don't think it's regurgitating the 10 o'clock news. If I want to throw up yesterdays meal, I can stick my finger, down my own throat.

I think the bar is too high for some individuals to comprehend the intricate ways in which useful information is gathered, and the correct way to get it to it's intended audience. Besides, considering the word "we" implies a group, I would think all the ducks have to be in line or "we" are wasting our time.

If that group is not comprised of individuals with a precise focus, purpose and/or direction, the "we" are not going to accomplish "our" desired goal. Because, obviously, they don't know where in the hell "they" are going, nor how they are going to get there. "WE" might as well stick our heads out the window, or piss in wind, because "WE" will get the same results. Yep, a cloudy and confused head and a pissy hand.

I believe this limbo bar is too high for some to see the errs of their ways. But let me get something straight. In this group of "we", the above young lady believes she's being played by a black man (President Obama). I am sure her comment will make him accountable. Psst, not really, I don't really believe that. Then again, that bar is too low to even give her words consideration. It's glaringly obvious what she's on. Yet, she's part of that illusive team of "criticizers", naysayers, and chronic bitch and moaners.

But all goodbyes are not gone. At least there was one that is not lost in a limbo.

Anne Renne Onyewuchi: http://nachalooman.wordpress.com/ I don’t believe Carey is being irresponsible because he sees this thing from another perspective. What I hear the brother say is this:“If someone tries to engage you in negative criticism about President Obama, stop, look and listen, and then ask them where they are going?”“Negative” being the operative word. There are those folks out there, (not here in the Afrospear, thank God!) who are just trying to get blog hits and build their little blog empires. They are not interested in anything but controversy for its own sake and we ought to be aware when we engage–what’s it all about?

BINGO! It's that sim-ple-peo-ple. Fools go where wise men tread not! However there will be those who will believe in the following battle cry.
Well, listen to my next friend who hit my e-mail.

"One never needs a purpose, agenda, or goal
before expressing themselves civically-it is their duty of citizenship. My opinion"

Oh really, seriously?! Listen, that line of thinking speaks directly to exactly what I appose the most. What, it's a person's duty to express themselves without a purpose, agenda or goal!? That ideology has the flavor of a bunch of people kicking cans. No purpose, no direction, no results.

If a person does not have a defined reason or purpose for running their mouth (at least in their own mind), what's it all about? And, that's my basic point. Should pointed criticism have a purpose? Well, in the context of this post, I'd say that's a resounding yes sir. There is always a reason behind someones expressions, even if they cannot define that reason to themselves. That's the big elephant in this debate. Many people have never taken the time to understand or analyze why they say or do the things they do. And consequently, the repercussions of their words and/or action falls upon them and they're left to wonder why. Had they thought out the process before engaging in their wayward activity, they would have been in control of the outcome.

For some people, the bar will remain too high for them to get over. They will remain in the twilight zone of THE BIG LIMBO. They love ambiguity. It doesn't force them to participate in deep solid thinking. Their mis-usage of the word "critic" has turned them into small critters who walk under the bar. I wonder what solutions they are looking for? Or, are they just exercising their right to speak?


Anonymous said...

Let's recognize the time we're in! Obama will get criticism because we are in the Great Recession. Some Black folks feel since they voted overwhelmingly that means they got their ticket from the butcher to chop his ass up. We got the perfect storm for Obama and that's we got real things to complain about.

Now I'm all for when he messes up talking about it but truthfully people just want to talk with no real end in site. All the Black Intellectuals are copying off their white counterparts and think they now have some standing to complain. It's funny to see this same group not say anything when Clinton or Bush was around. I guess being Black gives them standing to criticize Black folks but when a white guy is up there I guess they stay in their place.

It's fools gold and this is purely a reaction to powerless and worried people venting to the master. This time he's a Black master but nonetheless he's the master.

Mizrepresent said...
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Mizrepresent said...

The criticisms i've witnessed are by most part unfounded and based only upon the media. When have we trusted the media as our true source of information? Why now? Surely we as Americans, as citizens of this country hold all of our electorates accountable, but what is taking place in America is not a case of accountability but a witch hunt. Anything he says or does comes under so much speculation, and he says or does nothing we also check him. I have lived thru 6 Presidents and have never witnessed so much accusation, so much unwarrented suspicions about our head of chief as i witnessed during this time. Nobody is giving the President a pass, but then again, why hang him before his work is done? And furthermore why tie him into all that took place before he took office. That is just some ill bullshit. His agenda should be America's agenda, not the liberals, not the African-Americans, and certainly not the conservatives. Surely, he will make mistakes, but people he just like the rest of us need to pick our battles. Then in your own world not judge, but consider what you might do in the same situation.

CareyCarey said...

Hello Miz & Freeman,

I appreciate the two of you stopping by because I've probably had the most conversation with you two than any others in the blogsphere. So, I respect your opinions.

Having read most of you posts, I know you two are true to your words. What's been interesting about my last 5-6 posts is how they're received at different venues. Some are very postive,however ,you guys wouldn't believe the attack I received(after they read my post) at an "anti-Obama" site and by e-mails. Well, I don't know if that's the full flavor of everyone who visits that site but most of the comments were filled with questionable hatred for the man. And these were black folks.

But what surprised me the most is what happened to my comments. Several has disappeared. I don't know whose responsible for that.

Freeman, you've tried to warn me about engaging in that political mess, but in all honesty I wasn't debating "the issues" I was speaking about the mindset of some of our people.

Miz, you've witnessed my battles for nearly 10 years, have I learned any damn thing :-)