Sunday, September 25, 2011


There was an American animated television series featuring Tooter Turtle and The Wizard. Mr. Wizard lived in a tiny cardboard box at the base of a tall tree (something like The White House). Tooter would knock on the cardboard box, to ask another favor. From inside the box, Mr. Wizard would shrink Tooter small enough to enter through the box's front door, and eagerly invite him in. Mr. Wizard has the magic to change Tooter's life to some other destiny, usually sending him back in time and to various locales. Since none of Tooter's alternate lives ever worked out, the moral of each segment was always the same: "Be satisfied with your lot."

When Tooter's trip finally became a catastrophe, he always called out the same thing, "Help me, Mr. Wizard!" Mr. Wizard would rescue him with the incantation, "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home." Then, Mr. Wizard would always give Tooter the same advice: "Be just vhat you is, not vhat you is not. Folks vhat do zis are ze happiest lot." Tooter never learned, though.

Now enters the New Wizard And a few Tudor Turtles: Find the messages in the following sagas. Remember... be what you is and not what you not, those that do that, are the happiest lot.

********************************THE NEW WIZARD********************************

The New Wizard (President Obama) says: "I am granting wishes today, so who will be the first turtle to find their destiny?"

The horse mouth Harvey says: "Hey prez, since I am the love doctor, I want to be the president of The United States. I want to spread love and unity to get this country back on the right path"

The new wizard: First, didn't you read those letters on my suit? Recognize that I am the Wizard and the HNIC and the president, so act like you have some damn sense and address me with respect. My name is Mr. President. But listen, asking you for advice on love, is like asking Jack The Ripper for a band-aid. Yes, he's going to produce a band-aid, and cut your damn throat at the same time. What would your past nine wives have to say about you being the love doctor? Yep, you cut them deep and low. However, now you want to be the president? Okay... **POOF**

The little turtle that wanted to be the president was off to spread the new president. His first stop: All the black folks of the US. After a very short period, he didn't want to be the president any more.

The horse mouth turtle: "Help me, Mr. Wizard! They are killing me"

The Wizard: "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home. Boy, didn't I tell you to be what you is, and not what you are not? You must have discovered a few disadvantages of being the president. First, love don't love nobody - huh? I also saw your HBO special "quit trippin, God ain't done with me yet". Consequently, in spite of your new found faith, I bet some people would not let you forget your past. I can assume they mentioned your education, your momma, and your daddy and your wife. And, your vernacular was probably "too black" for some. Some folks even said you were too rich to understand their problems. I bet some people even took shots at your religion. Yep, I've heard all those cries. Love is a funny thing, and cynics will never find love, no matter how hard you try. So, tie your horse to a wagon, and let me do my job. Who's next?

The Hammer: "You have not touch this, Mr. Wizard. I mean, what about us black folks? You have not stood up for our personal needs, so I want to be president so I can to show the world how a natural black man gets the job done. And remember, you can't touch this.

The Wizard: "First, I wouldn't want to touch that! But, wasn't you the guy that had millions of dollars before you decided to participate in the negro side-walk show? You know, showing everybody how black you were by buying cabins in the sky, and having a large entourage of black groupies? Not to mention your choice of clothes. Gosh, that must be a black thang. Besides, although I admire your ability to rise from being George Steinberger's bat boy, you failed to look at the big picture. You listen to those that said me me me, and lost your spot, and now you're just the proud black hammer, that had a reality show. But, if you want to be the president... **POOF**... Go touch that!"

The proud black hammer was off to show the world how to represent the black voice. Every issue that involved a black person, his intent was to throw caution to the wind. He had decided to tell the world to let his people go. However, he soon was crying worst than Keith Sweat, Jimmy Swaggard and Arsenio Hall in Harlem nights.

The Black Hammer: "Lawd help me. Help me Mr. Wizard. These folks are hanging me!"

The Wizard: "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for this boy to come home. So hammer, you were going to get your black stride on -huh! Well, they talked about your momma like she was a 10 dollar ho, with a 2 dollar p**** and a rubber a**hole. Yep, I've been there because my mother is white. Our issues are not exactly the same, but my blues is just like yours. And, I bet you didn't know I could cus? Nigga please, don't let that Harvard degree fool you. I was born and raised in the Brier Patch. You know I was ostracised for much of my life. In Hawaii, they have a special name for our type.

Anyway, they said you were too rich to relate to their problems, even though you are a black man. But I see you tried to broach the subject of racism. Well, that's when they really brought out the hanging rope. When you said that police officer (in the Skip Gates case) acted stupidly, some folks said you were stepping outside the boundaries of the presidency. And other folks said you should have never invited that man to the white house. On all the "black issues" you had clowns on the left of you, and jokers on the right. Some people said you were giving preferential treatment to black people.

You said "you can't touch this". Now they are calling you Can't-Get-Right. Even your supposed allies, white and black, said we are all just Americans... blind of color. But, when you said black, some folks jumped back. When you said "Americans" some negros cried... what about us?

So do your thang hammer time, but be what you is and not what you's not, leave the driving to me, or you could get knocked-out. Who's next?"

Chris Rock: Hold up Mr. Wizard, I mean Mr. President, I ain't trying to be nobodies fool and nobodies president. I've been there and done that. I mean, I was the star of the movie Head Of State, so I know what you're going through. Look at my teeth, I think they put something in my water, and I couldn't trust anyone. They used the guilt by association trick, and the divide and conquer ploy. They solicited influential black businesses and black politician to sway the minds of those that are natural cynics and born again haters. Even some of my so called supporters berated me when I spoke to my friends, or went to places that didn't meet their approval. You know, just like when you visited The View. Also, in the movie, my brother was Bernie Mac, which caused an uproar because of his occupation. I couldn't get a break. I know you've been there.

I love you man. You have been the best role model for my children (and any person of color) that a black man could ask for. You've shown millions of black childrens how to overcome adversity and the sky is the limit. So, I am not going to be foolish enough to believe I know more than you. So you can drizzle your drazzle and druzzle your drome, but I am already home. I am a black man in America, and I know what that means.

The President: "Stop it Chris, you're going to make me cry. Bring your kids by my house. Lets sit down and have a beer.

I don't believe there is a truly "thinking" man or woman who could legitimately claim or believe the request to "watch the motive of others" regarding the public flogging of a President can compare to what some would call "hero worship", and/or compare the request to the blind devotion some folks have demonstrated in regards to Kwame Kilpatrick and Marion Berry.

The same folks who had the audacity to offer that half-ass video of Shirley Sherrod are still out there, on the case, in their war rooms, plotting and strategizing. In fact, they have always been on the case, for their team! It's time for us to think, stay focused and understand what is going on and what the stakes are and always have been.

Choose a team! And remember what our ancestors knew, "It was never just a game!" Just cause some folks say it's only "politics" doesn't mean it is!

What will they say when our troops are brought home from Iraq? In the end, move with caution and don't be nobodies fool"
There was an American animated television series featuring Tooter Turtle and The Wizard. The Wizard lived in a tiny cardboard box at the base of a tall tree (something like The White House).

BigmacInPittsburgh Took me a second or two to get it but good post! Trying to get some of the arm chair critics to be understanding of their criticism is like hitting your head upon a brick wall. Most of those critics you speak of have not a clue of the real world. Most will believe everything the media throws at them without asking the most important question. WHY am I being told this or that!

Carey: Most of my posts are about mistakes I've made. It's been my hope that others may learn from my journey and possibly see themselves in me. See, I've been a zip fool. To change, I first had to accept that and then find those qualities that might keep me back there.Without rationalizations or excuses.... my hand is raised.

Mizrepresent: lmao, okay Carey/Carey, i'm no fool, at least by definition...but i have been played the fool, many times...but love, what was this post about?

CareyCarey: "but love, what was this post about?" Miz, I am glad you asked. Since you've been reading my stuff (8 years) long before I considered myself a blogger, you know it takes me awhile to get to my point. Yes, I like to tell little stories along the way. On the surface, this post was about being a fool (who's really the fool). Underneath that, it was about holding up a mirror. A mirror to our souls/behavior. Although the fool has many qualities, they're exhibited in many forms. I use my blog to see how people will respond in face to face encounters. Even though people can hide behind a screen, human behavior seldom changes. In my "day job" I encounter people that are resistant to change and the blogsphere is no different. So,again, "what was this post about"? It was about me trying to find a common theme in those that rationalize their wrongdoings. I use those messages. It helps me prepare a rational analysis, so that I can use that information to maybe suggest an error in "their/my" judgement/thinking pattern. I know no one wants to be a fool, so I was listening to how they classified/rationalized their foolishness. However, I agree with everyone, being a die hard fool depends on how often a person engages in foolishness.... in ALL it's glory. On a side note, you know I've been telling my life story for many years. This blog is an extension of that.

Keith: Ahem- I think that Fat Lady decided to go to the bathroom.

Big Mark 243 For those who support him, they find comfort in that. For those who irrationaly hate on him, well I did say it was irrational, their hate.

KevinsTeeTee: Yes yes it is I (Nicki-Nik) I've been away all weekend (got my Disneyland and Michael Jackson on) so I hadn't had time to comment on this post. Yes we've all played the fool as some point in our lives and best believe you'll probably play one again because that's just how life works. The difference being that with life comes experience so the number of foolish encounters should (assuming you learned your lesson because you know some people are Darwin award recipients) diminish. I'm sure this post is more geared towards the individuals who appear to argue for the sake of doing so without any rhyme or reason. And I've come across those who just have to be right even if it means compromising themselves long term from people wanting to converse with them. And maybe they don't mind the isolation since their polarized views would create such a situation. Or maybe they'll find people who think like them (e.g. think Rush Simp-baugh) and grab a soap box and start preaching their brand of 'truth' to those who are already in that realm of thinking...

Maxinr said: Is there really such thing as a 'person who knows no sorrow?' Being foolish sounds like it might lighten a lot of burdens :)

FreeMan: Well if someone is a fool full time then they have a real problem but most cats on a blog have been a fool. I know I have plenty of times but sometimes I can't lie I'm having fun frustrating people. Sometimes I lose my way but once a conscientious objector steps in via email or just saying hey Man Stop, I can stop!I have been FOOLISH but have only dabbled in it, not long enough for one to draw a conclusion on the MAN speaking. I have been a drive by fool on plenty of occasions but if someone doubles back I stopped.


Francis L. Holland said...

I've never seen Chris Rock look so terrible as he does in the PhotoShopped image above.

I think whoever first called Obama the "magic negro" had it right. So many people expected so much from him, and he encouraged and fueled the fire of those expectations because they helped him to get elected.

Now, we are discovering that the President is a mere supply-side, trickle-down mortal, beholden to the same fraudulent mortgage purveyors who are foreclosing on our homes and have taken our lives' savings away.

It is only because the Republicans are so damned extreme right-wing fanatics that Obama's "save the rich first" prescriptions don't sound like right-wing Reaganisms today.

Has Obama ever vetoed a bill? If not, he should start with any bill that extends tax breaks to the rich, giving one percent of America the largest benefits of any tax cuts. If Obama can't veto tax breaks for the rich, at least once, then I'd rather have his Portuguese Swimmer Dog "Boe" as President of the United States.

Yeah, I voted for Obaam, because the Clinton's dissed Black people. We punished the Clintons for what they did. One day soon, we'll want to punish Obama for what he hasn't done, and then Hillary Clinton will seem like a perfectly reasonable alternative.

Anonymous said...

You're a racist prick

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance has probably lead to a life of misery for yourself

CareyCarey said...

So says a man who's such a coward or a garden variety hater that he goes by the name Anonymous. Consequently you're a nobody who just wasted 5 minutes of my time. Bye fool.