Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long, Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry: Pimps up and hoes down.

Welcome all you facebook travelers and Google-ooglers. Click on the thang and have a few laughs. If you don't think it's funny, you're probably a member of New Birth MBC. But don't shoot the messengers. I'm just presenting the news *smile*

If you enjoyed this little humorous clip, there is another that you might enjoy. It's an interview of Eddie Long *wink*... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-hDu7wqQk0&feature=player_embedded


ametia said...


Great site, Carey Carey!

Anonymous said...

rikyrah (@ Jack & Jill politics) said...


I loved it.

loved it.

the money on the clothes - priceless.

Justice58 said...



You need to quit! Stop!!!!!!!!!


D.Freeman said...

Is that you Brother Carey doing the low blow literally with the camera angle.

It was funny glad to see you didn't include any little boys

Solomon said...

I don't know how you always do it Carey? You ALWAYS come at everything from just the right angle.

Just knock it off now Carey, you are just being a little too silly.

All your commenters really have said it all here bro!

CareyCarey said...

Well Solomon,maybe I missed something, but I think you missed the flavor of the black voice. When a black person says stop it, along with a laugh, it's sort of like the flip side of someone saying something is bad. In certain instances (should you ever be faced with this) bad means very good.

However, I appreciate you stopping by. Hundreds of people have viewed this post, and you, and a few others were couragous enough, or appreciated the effort, or had enough time to drop a few lines. So now you've found yourself in the minority. Smile, it's a good thang.

Waving a Ametia, rikyrah, and southernGirl2!

Now Freeman, why did you think I was in front of the camera? But I'll tell you what, more will be revealed because I've heard that Mr Eddie Long is giving an exclusive interview to CareyCarey, so yawl all come back. The cameras are rolling as we "speak".

You DON'T want to miss this one.

Justice58 said...


When we say "stop"!!!!!!!!, we don't mean it literally. We were laughing because the video is hilarious.

Stop means --you're making me laugh so hard...it's killing me...so stop! It's a good thing!

jjbrock said...

Carey Carey what am I going to do with you...That is funny and wild.

Big Mark 243 said...

You and your co-star are having too much fun with your message!

I think that I am going to wait to read your next post before I comment about the Eddie Long controversy... hopefully none of your more educated and well spoken readers will backtrack and beat down on my comment!

Of course, like the angle from which you make your videos, I am shooting from a different perspective as well.

Big Mark 243 said...
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CareyCarey said...

It looks like I have arrived. I mean, if the one and only Ms. jjbrock from The Old Black Church got a chuckle, I must be doing something right.

Hello Ann, I thought I'd throw a little humor on this serious issue. I am pleased that you enjoyed it.

@Mark, man, you don't know how much fun we've been having making theses things. It's a blast! But I'll tell you what. It takes many many hours to put these together. Lining up costumes,wardrobe changes, props, camera angles and dialog, ain't no joke. You don't even want to see the out takes. Well, I think they're funny, but sometimes we can't make it to the end because we make ourselves laugh.

Solomon said...

lol @ Carey: "If you don't think it's funny, you're probably a member of New Birth MBC!"

Now that's funny!

Love the videos Carey. I can see how sometimes you might not even be able to make it to the end without laughing.

Isn't that what it's all about? Just being you, and not taking yourself too seriously! I know when I figured that much out for myself it was quite a weight that was lifted off my shoulders.

Keep up the good work bro, and keep the laughs comin'.

25champ said...

Hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

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