Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I say this with all the conviction in my heart. If it wasn't for God's grace, I wouldn't be here today. If I was left up to run this ship, my ship, I would still be where I was, and that was not a very good place. I had all the material things a man could ask for. Yet, I lost focus on the most important things in life. That's a long story for another day, however, my motto is "What About A Time Called Now"


Big Mark 243 said...

Okay... catching up and now I am wondering if I shouldn't post a follow up... I really don't know if I am that concerned about Bishop Don Ju--, er, Eddie Long as I am with trying to leave behind my heretical confustration and find some sort of spiritual enlightenment.

You are correct in that the overwhelming majority of black churches are not led by a closeted bisexual (if there is any merit to the accusations) but there are things about black CULTURE that we could take the time to address if we were to be honest with the healing process.

Bishop Long preached against something that most of us know is part of the church... there is almost always a Elder or regular parishoner, or overly enthusiastic, effeminate choir member that brings a different view point during services. I guess where I was going with my take on the troubles that the Bishop is in has to do with how we disincentivize openess in our among our own and how we blindly follow others in ostracizing our own.

What we can't overlook, is that while what may or may not have went down in Atlanta is not the rule, neither is it exceptional to the point of rarity. The abuse may not always reach the pulpit, but it is certainly in a lot of the front rows and in the areas where church elders sit.

When stuff like this shakes out, the natural reaction is to circle the wagons and protect 'ours'. But we always leave out the victims, in this case 4 young black men who may have been taken advantage of by someone who took the trust of those men and that of his congregants and may have abuse it.

I ain't fazed by the 'damage' the image of the Black Church may suffer from... this just in, the Catholic Church is still going strong, still filled with pederasts in leadership positions.

My real anguish is with the community at large, turning their backs and willing to throw those cats to the wolves, if they could. As far as personally being someone who can be see as one of those puppet a$$ house darkies... well, if I am short, then I guess I ain't go no clout. I don't think of myself as throwing crap at the black church in general as much as I am the culture and enviroment that allows for such predatory behavior.

I liked how a blog that is on your lis, Reggie's Rantings closed ... in his posted on Sunday the 26th. I may have to do a little plagerizin' of that there...

CareyCarey said...

Mark, just to make it clear to other readers, you are voicing your concerns on other topics that we've discussed, including Eddie Long.

Okay, first, the following statement of your's is in question. MARK: "there is almost always a Elder or regular parishoner, or overly enthusiastic, effeminate choir member that brings a different view point during services"

See Mark, again I have to ask you, what is your source of reference? When you use absolutes, you statements/opinions become suspect So, what is your reference? What... Kat William's character in "First Sunday"? Also, you said "they bring a different point of view". What exactly are you saying? More importantly, you grouped every member of the church to express your opinion, which again begs the question, who are you talking about?

But moving on. I see what you are trying to say. In fact, I had a discussing on the topic at RiPPa's blog. The title of his post was "Will We Ever Talk About Sexual Abuse of Males"

In that post, I had an opinion:

RiPPa, if I can champion the point of "what stays behind closed door" , there's always been a hush-hush approach to father's molesting their daughters. I don't know what it is, but few in the black community want to talk about that. I can name 4 families in my community in which everyone knew the father was not only sexually assaulting his daughters, he was fathering her children.

I believe, in the black community we turned a blind eye to many things that were considered outside the law. Because in many ways, several had to survive by way of a hustle. Bootlegging, pimping, numbers running, and back-door ho house's became an excusable way of life. Consequently, the "close yo' mouth" ideology was born. And, in many ways still exists. Nobody, particularly in the black community, wants to be called a snitch. Unfortunately, that mindset has engulfed topics/issues such as sexual abuse.

But I beleive there has always been a no-no attitude towards pedophiles (against young boys). As you know, a man can get killed upon entering a prison system, if he's found to be a pedophile. I don't think the black community at large plays that mess. A person can sell all the dope and sex they want, but if they touch a black man's child, their ass is out.

On a side note, the problem with exposing pedophiles, is the pain received by the victims, when they admit they've been abused. And, unfortunately many victims become the hunter. It's sad but true.

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CareyCarey said...
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A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

GOD's Amazing Grace. Unearned and surely undeserved. He save a wretch like me. My story is way too long as well...

But if you know me now, that's all that's what's important. He changes People, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, He forgives!

Love, peace and blessings!
China Doll ;-)