Thursday, September 2, 2010

ONE YEAR LATER: Black Women Please, Why Are You Still Crying That Same Old Blues?

What you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say! Ladies please, can we have a serious discussion on the ways of some black women?

I do not do this very often but today I have to talk about relationships. In particular, those black women that can't seem to find love no matter how hard they try. Someone said they may be using the wrong bait?

Actually, over one year ago, I wrote about this as a guest blogger @ Rippa's house.

And see, as bloggers, we talk a lot of sh*t, and sometimes we don't go back to see if our words left any lasting impressions, or if they rang true. Consequently, I am going to go back to see if I have to eat my words or eat crow.

**Pssst, get close to the screen so I can whisper something in your ear. Okay, I don't think I am going to have to eat my words on this one. Some women are very predictable***

Now I am not a relationship guru, yet I am a single black man in America, so it's natural that some things have been starring me right in my face. Well, it's become apparent to me that the majority of RiPPa's readers are females, and he says he love them all. But see, although I respect him and his readers, and do not want to offend anyone, I gotta do my thang. I mean, some may take this personally, but if nobody told you that they loved you, I do.

Can I be serious for just a few moments? Is that okay?

I just have a few questions that is burning in my soul.

Tell me...

Can a man be so undesirable that it's likely he will never find a good woman?

I am leaning towards yes. Well, what about a woman - huh? Is it possible that some women will not be able to catch a man even if she was locked in a penitentiary with a thousand men? Silly I know - it is a stretch isn't it - but let me tell you a little story...

I was lured to a woman's house. The particulars of that enticement are not important, but when I got there, things weren't right. Addendum: (I was there to conduct a business transaction that had nothing to do with sex) She lit a few candles and turned on some soft music. The look in her eyes told me she wanted something other than the purpose of my visit. But wait.... I didn't say why she really fired up the candles. It would be wrong for me to tell her business, but again, something was askew. This wasn't my first rodeo, so I shifted into auto pilot. Before I had a chance to lay down my magic to tell her why I had to rush away, she appeared from a darkened room. She wasn't wearing a damn thang, and things were still askew. When I grabbed my hat and shook out my coat, she said, "What?... you don't like p*ssy?"

Now I am not going to tell the end to that story (lol), but, is it possible that a man can be tricked into a relationship or be mislead, and thus, have the right to terminate it when he pleases? For instance, aside from the many other trickerations that woman employ, what good is a woman that can't cook - huh?! Somebody has to tell me, because isn't that like a car without tires? Where are we going? Where... to bed, then what? Okay, we're in the bed, we do the thang and then we're hungry. It's 3 am and there's no leftovers because she doesn't cook. I am sorry, but isn't that what prostitutes are for... hit it and be on with it? They don't cry about being dumped or used. We don't hear Sugar daddies expressing feelings of being manipulated. So why do so women believe the groove thang is the highway to heaven?

I know I've taken a few liberties by embellishing a couple of small details, but this is a serious issue. Seriously, some woman are crying in the dark and I need to know why. I am of the opinion that a person gets what they give. I mean, granted, love is what love do, but a person can't find love with a fly swatter. Hold up.... I simply mean, birds of a feather seem to flock together. Consequently, if a person is drawing flies.....

I am relatively sure there are some women that agree with me. See, they see all the disguises women use, and hear their cries about the man waking up, and walking out - forever. Now see, all that unpleasantness could be averted if women didn't come through the door wearing a costume - out of season. Come on now, for real, that hair from South East Asia and Nicaragua, looks real good. Not to mention those push-up bras and fake eyelashes. I mean, those are disposable items and not a part of the original package. When those thangs come off, the game done changed. Thus, some men have to respond. They changeCheck Spelling right with it, and catch their hat - forever. Wouldn't it be easier for women to stop crying about being dumped, and instead, dump all the games. Cleaning her house would be a good start. Stop hiding men under her bed would be another great place to start.

I am not trying to tell all my business, but a woman once told me she likes her pleasure without protection. I said, "damn baby, I ain't trying to be baby daddy # 4". She said she didn't mean she wasn't protected. She said she had her own thang. I told her I wasn't trying to be funny or disrespectful but..... "it appears your own thang has not been working". Then again, maybe it was working. I mean, what's up with women that have multiple babies by several different men? Is that what it takes for some women to keep men around. Then again, what type of man are they attracting?

Seriously, this mess ain't funny, and Congress ain't talking about it, neither are most women.

Don't believe me? Turn on Oprah and see what she's talking about. Turn on Dan Blather and see what he's talking about. Tyler Perry is talking, but who watches that coonery? We need to talk. Am talking about the real thang.

I personally know some women who will not accept a man who does not earn a specific salary. Yeah, and then they holler... "There aren't enough good men!". To be fair, and honest, there are men with the same mindset. The begging question: Is that wrong? Hey, come on now you know it, I can be broke and miserable by myself.

Maybe it's me, but I am tired-tired-tired of hearing women moan when they ain't bringing nothing to the table but a groove thang, a funky attitude, or an unrealistic check list. Maybe it's just me but I have a sneaking feeling I am not alone. Trick & Treat is on October 30th of every year. but some women keep the mask on - year round. See, we need to talk, cause something just ain't right.

Something just ain't right in the old hen house. Can we talk? Well, I think I'll let Ray Charles sing a little something that we've all heard.

And again, this post ran about a year ago. Hit the link (above) to read all the comments... near 100. And, don't blame me for the picture, that's RiPPa's doing.


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So....*looks around* No comment, eh? *snickers* You just gave me an idea...

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Yeah, quiet as a church mouse. Tracy, you know what, when this post first ran, there were at least 80 comments between RiPPa's blog and mine. I've since deleted over 200 of my posts, that being one of them (many i've simply filed away), and this was sort of a re-run. It ran over at WHOA! but no comments... uuummmm.

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