Friday, September 24, 2010

Steve Harvey and Eddie Long: Exclusive interview

CareyCarey scores the big scoop. Exclusive interview

If you liked this humorous clip, I know you will enjoy the other one I did on this subject. It's called Pimps Up & Hoes Down *wink*. Right here...


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord that all of us Negroes ain't buyin' into what Mr Charlie is sellin' to those foolish ass house nigga's.

How is it Carey that it is always a bunch of house nigga's that don't even attend the black church that are the ones who think they know what the intentions of these leaders like the Bishop are?

They might be beggin' Mr Charlie for a good fuc*in' so they can tell all the other house nigga's how good it was. But don't they realize that they have already had their azz pounded so hard that soon it will be time to go get fitted for some 'depends'?

lmbao@ "Can't they see they are being pimped and played, just like the members of Eddie Longs church? Why don't they just sing all of Mr Charlie's favorite tunes? Hell, many of them are already sitting out on the lawn playing a banjo. If you listen real good, you'll hear...GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME: Remove the black church, remove the black man, and remove the NAACP. We don't need any of those organizations that have our best interests at heart. And while we are cleaning house, kick that black man out of that white house, they are all the same. Let's do it like massa because he knows what's best for us. Come on all of you field niggas, lets move into MASSA's house. Ain't no churches up in here! Nope, just the devil."

Some of those fool azz house nigga's are gonna find out too late something that I thought everyone knew,


And Mr Charlie and the Devil have always had a real close relationship.

CareyCarey said...

I don't know Mr/Miss Atlanta, or is it Plano texas, because I'm asking the same questions.

But damn... Depends? *lmao*

Attorneymom said...

I see you have jokes. LOL

CareyCarey said...

Weeeellll Attornymom, I do love to laugh, and I just wanted to add a bit of humor to this very serious issue.

But, if you read my profile page, you might see where I am coming from, and where I've been. Through my struggles I've learned in order to remove negative thoughts, they have to be replaced with positive ones. If not, those thoughts turn into worry, which tends to grind a person to the ground.

Thanks for stopping by, and I enjoyed your BlogRadio program.

Big Mark 243 said...

I have one more video and post to read... but in a 'best two out of three', I still remain firmly in my opinions (which may not have been clearly stated).

Might get cleared up here, though.

Solomon said...


Let me in on your secret would you bro, I hate getting stuck in all the worry.