Monday, September 27, 2010


Sometimes I need a music break. There's no better way to soothe my soul than an old school slow jam.


Moanerplicity said...

Sup Carey,

Maaaaan... "Hello It's Me" brings back a whole mess of memories... & sometimes even messy memories (if you get my drift). I know Todd Rundgren wrote it & sang it first... but damn, if Ron didn't pour his own special soulful STANK sauce all over it!

All these joints have their own appeal, no doubt. I'ma HUGE Barry fan, too. But The Isleys, man... words cant even describe the spell they'd cast over a slow jam (or the sometimes sweet residuals that came from them)!


CareyCarey said...


Man, I didn't even know Rundgren wrote and sang the song until several years after I heard the Isley's version! Mr Rundgren didn't play in our neighborhood. In fact, when I heard rundgren's version, I said "who is that trying to sing the Isley's song?"

Man, you say memories, I say shivers down my spine... yicks and lawd have mercy. Residuals and all that!

And Barry... it goes without saying that if a brother ain't got barry, or didn't have Barry in his "catch a woman bag", he didn't have any game.

A brotha could be a deft mute, but if he put on Barry, or Marvin, or Teddy, it's all over but the shoutin'. Well, he might have needed a like game but it never hurts to set the right mood.

By the way, I think I played "Hello it's me" 10 times last night. It took me somewhere. And it felt so good. Ouuuuweee, if I could just go back for one week. Well, maybe a month.

Reggie said...

The Isley Brothers and Barry White are the cure for many things my brother!!!

Justice58 said...

Ah Sooky Sooky!

Barry White! Uh Uh Uh!

Hey Now!


CareyCarey said...

Look out know Southerngirl, don't grin cause you might sin *smile*

Hey, I thought you were from DC... but Texas?