Saturday, October 2, 2010


Paid for by the Action Jackass committee against real talk.

Who likes being pimp slapped or talked to as if they have a tail? Well, I don't, which brings me to my bone of contention - today.

Is it safe yet?

I mean, having grown miserably tired of the double entendre of political talking heads, I was wondering if it's safe to remove my ear filters? Come on, how on earth can anyone make a discerned decision of any significance, based on the constant bombardment of political ads filled with risque or indecorous connotation? I don't know about you, but to me, most of those ambiguous "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies" commercials, are nothing more than fear-mongering big fat lies. Because of that, and because I don't like being offended, nor have my intelligence insulted, I've created a no fly zone.

If while watching TV, a politician's mug happens to appear on my TV, he or she will not fly with me. I immediately assume the position of the 3 monkeys or snagglepuss, and thus, exit - stage left. Or, I let my fingers do the walking. I tap tap tap on my remote control, which I call the zapper, and then *Poof* they're gone. I don't have to deal with their conflicting messages of madness.

Besides, who are the clowns behind all those political action committees? Really, who knows what evil lurks in the heart of those whom call themselves The Committee Against Big Booty? Of course I'm being a little facetious, but really, some of their names speak so loudly, that I know, I should not listen to a word they have to say. Come on now, Mother's Against Children That Have Fat Lips and Kinky Hair, leaves no doubt that they don't have me (or anyone that looks like me) in their best interests. So I'll be more than happy when this political season comes to an end.

Aside from the commercials of doom and gloom, I'd love to zap the runaway zombies that swallow that garbage - hook, line, and sinker? I call them Sucker Spud Bobs, aka, political mash potatoes.... "Hey man, did you hear the USA is Godzilla in debt, and no one on earth will be paid next week?"

No Bimbo Bob-o, I didn't hear that. But is it safe yet?


Big Mark 243 said...

I wish that this was facetious, but that is why irony is king in political debates. As far as the names of these scurrilous politcal action committee whose name in tru Orwellian double speak, incoporates the name of the cause they actually work against.

What makes the theater of politics so frustration for those who care enough about politics to try to follow the story, is that only those with money to push an agenda knows what is what. Some issues, I cannot believe that people would vote against their own best interest. I mean, why would I, a cat on SSDI, risk voting for a Republican, much less a cat who is on record for dismantling Social Security and Medicare?

But that is what people are doing. They don't have to be well-iformed, if only they could listen to what matters to them. The joke about many of the Tea Baggers is that the constituency is filled with people who are benefiting from the programs that those who want for office would dismantle.

It is such a WTF ideal to me... is racism that powerful a thing for white people that those who voted for the messiah Negro are mad because he turned the water into white grape juice and not wine? Do they really think all the browns from the south are going to really overrun the border and make more kids to populate the empty spaces in this country?

The only ones who don't mind the confusion are those who benefit from it, those in the shadows and looking to gain more power and access to power than they already have.

Jus' sayin'... after all, you started it!!

Moanerplicity said...

Sup Carey:

You make a good point, bruh. Most of these campaigns & candidates are feeding into the FEAR in their voters. They will actually create/stir up some & hype it up until it actually manifests fear & ignorance in others. I'm seeing that happen here in NY as the biggest races are for State Senator and Governor.

One cat is so obviously a homophobe & a racist, & that's a crazy/ig'nit way to be, in general, & most especially in a city as large & diverse as NY. Yet, his ads are aimed to no doubt strike fear in those who feel as he feels & who worry about their kids being "brainwashed". He's all about 'family values' yet he's cheated on his wife, & has a kid ("a lovechild") born out of wedlock. He's firmly against gay marriage, yet info surfaces that he co-OWNS a gay bar! He's sent out email that boldly insults & objectifies women, & uses the n-word, but claims he isn't a misogynist nor a racist.

I mean, WTF? Can any of these politicans be real enough to SPEAK on the issues, without the noise coming directly out of their asses?

It's all a joke & the laugh is supposed to be on us, as long as we remain deaf, dumb, blind & ignorant.


2cute4u said...

CAREY! Have a great weekend..
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