Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's twenty five miles from home, and my feet are hurting mighty bad. Now I've been walking three days and two lonely nights, you know that I'm mighty mad.
But I got a job waiting for me that's gonna make this trip worthwhile.
You see, she's got the kind of lovin' and a kissing a make a man go stone wild. So I got to keep on walkin'. I got to walk on, but oh I, I'm so tired. But I just can't lose my stride.
I can hear my baby calling my name. It's as if as though I'm standing at her front door, I can hear that doggone plain. Now I'll be so glad to see my baby and hold her in my arms. Now when I kiss her lips I turn a back over flip and I'll forget these feet of mine. I got to keep on walkin', I got to walk on. Oh ho ho I'm so tired, but I just can't lose my stride. Let me tell you ya'll, I, I,..... I'm so tired, but I just can't lose my stride. Come on feet don't fail me now ~ Obama's version of Edwin Starr's Twenty Five Miles To go. He has a job to do.
"Okay Carey, whatsup?"
Well, as Shalamar said, it's The Second Time Around!
"Ooh, the second time is so much better, baby, and I'll make it better than the first time. You know I really love you. And I paid for my mistakes, yes, I did, girl. The more I try to hide my feelings, baby, this old heart gets in the way. And love won't let me wait (The second time around). Girl, with me it's better than the first 43 presidents (The second time around). Let's do it one more time, say it again. Say it... Barack Obama, Barack Obama! All that I've been through, I'll do it again just as long as you're with me (The second time around). And though others try to satisfy you, baby, with me true love can still be found"

Well yawl, since it's the second time around, it's time for me to do my thang... one mo again. Here it goes..... I've said this before, but if was right then, it's more than right, right now.
But first.... "Carey, Cary--Obama could do nothing to please the old Cobb and his kind. If Obama cured cancer in his basement on his free time, Cobb would assail him for not curing the common cold and would label him a socialist for upsetting the pharmaceutical industry. For believers he was the promised child, the haters he was Satan.How can Obama govern in this context? I for one think he has done well--amazingly well--given the environment and his legislative successes are the greatest sense Johnson. Is he just doing a poor job communicating them?" ~ Chaunceydenaga @ We Are Respectable Negroes
President Obama has a huge weight on his shoulders and so did my grandfather. At the beginning of their new voyage, each of them were up against the mighty Goliath. A formidable foe for sure. Sticks and stones could break their bones, but that was the least of their worries. In 1865, my grandfather of six generations past, was released from slavery. Since that time, there has been 28 white gentlemen seated as President of The United States. Over Fifty Three Thousand days ago, since my grandfather was released from slavery, except for approximately 600 days, there has been a white gentlemen sitting in the White House. For approximately EIGHTY THOUSAND DAYS.... 80,000!!!, there has been a white gentlemen sitting in the White House.
My grandmother is in the next picture.

Look at her, she's so proud. She made it through the hard times, and she's standing in the middle of a few good black men as they break ground for our new church. But the church wasn't about her, she was building something to pass down. She passed away a few years after this picture was taken. But if she had listened to some of the other naysay sell-out sharecroppers, the following event might not have taken place. She and my grandfather stayed strong, stayed together, pooled their resources and got off that man's property.

It's our family reunion! Grandma ironed a few white people's clothes and so did her mother, and so did my mother, but they didn't let that stop them.

My father lost his dad at an early age, but he didn't let that stop him either. In the next picture, see if you know where he's standing?

That's my father standing in front of the White House. Since 1789, there had been a white man living in that white house. Our president is now a black man. He's only been living there for a little more than 600 days. Forty three white fellas had called that place home. In their tenure, they managed to keep racism alive, and hope but a distant memory. For 80,000 days and several wars later, they've managed to build a castle in the sky for them and theirs, and yet, a few of my black friends are quick to point fingers at President Obama. They say he's not moving fast enough and he's staying mum on black issues. I wonder if my nay say friends can trace their family history? I also wonder if they've read a few history books? More importantly, I've often wondered what rewards they are receiving from regurgitating negative opinions about our president? Could it be they adore speaking in a quasi intellectual tone, while missing the fact that they are being ineffectual? Frequently, their misguided "constructive criticism" is nothing more than 10 dollar words of bubbling babble that's used to stroke an inflated ego.

My father has gone home. I miss him, but I remember his words of wisdom.

He was my little league coach and I was a pitcher. One day, a player on my team dropped a fly ball which caused me to lose my cool. As he scrambled to retrieve the ball, another player stumbled over him. The opposing team laughed and ridiculed the players to a point they both started crying. I didn't make things any better with my mean look and foolish antics on the mound. Consumed by my emotions, I threw my next pitch with the fury of a Tasmanian Devil. I hit the batter square upside his head. My father called time out and approached the mound. His following words I will never forget... "look boy, don't ever play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool. Their job is to get you mad at your players and have you act a damn fool. Don't let them see you get rattled. Go out and tell Tommy it's alright and we are going to win this game. We don't need enemies on our own team"

President Obama has a huge task in front of him. He's standing on the mound and the ball is in his hand. We don't need enemies on our own team. If someone tries to engage you in negative criticism about President Obama, stop, look and listen, and then ask them where they are going? Don't play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day and 43 white fellas have played in the white house for over TWO CENTURIES! President Obama has been there less than 21 months. My grandfather didn't go back to slavery. He took the good with the bad, and kept on steppin. Step up... when someone tries to bring Obama down. It's the second time around. At a time called now, it's time to lean forward. Lets build something to pass on! The game ain't changed, so lets not rest on our bellies full of past victories.
What about a time called now!


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Hey Brother Carey, I pray that all is well with you and your loved ones.

I don't believe that the elections are gonna turn out like the GOP is hoping it does. Remember some bullies loud talk to scare people. That is exactly what they are doing...yelling loud to drown out the voice of the people and scare them away from the polls. Those doing the yelling are paid by CORPORATIONS and BILLIONAIRES.

Like the O'Jays said people will sell their own mother for a piece of paper that carries a lot of weight. The news media sold their souls a long time ago.

CareyCarey said...

Hello Granny,

Life couldn't be any better for me, thanks for asking.

I don't know how the election will turn out, but you made a very good observation. The bully thing is a very effective tool. Since we know the white vote is the real swing vote, the affect of fear, bullying, and being ostracized, moves some to vote through their emotions, regardless of the issues.

Yelp, they will cut off their nose, in spite of their face. See, white people know how vindictive they can be, so having a first hand view of that, they run to join the most popular, loudest, and powerful opinions. And then, vote accordingly.

Anonymous said...

President Obama came into the game as the "rookie" quarterback & underdog, knowing he's not only just playing the opposing team, but the officials (the fix is in) yet, he's expected to lead the offense down the field & score. What we need to understand is, we're not going to win alot of games,& it's going to be a long season for the rookie quarterback. But we still have to support the home team even though we know the fix is in.

2cute4u said...

Part of your post was contained in a previous one, yes? Well, Lets just hope, this tenure is better..
But listening to others can have adverse effects as well as good intentions just depends on the drive of the listener.
Nice one Carey..

CareyCarey said...

Yes 2cute, this was a re-mix, hence, "miles to go & second time around".

And, it's always good to know that someone is reading. Thanks for stopping by and reading it... one more time.

Hello Lil Bit,

Yep, ya gotta dance with the woman you took to the ball. And, a good offence is as important as a good defence. The Quarterback just has to worry about the ball when it's in his hands, and then let the chips fall where they may. Of course he needs a team around him that protects his blind side.

One man does not make a team.

The second time around is always sweeter than the first time. It's like a pot of leftover beans and rice, and cornbread. Yum Yum, I gotta get me some.

But wait, a northern Pittsburg girl like you, don't know nothing about beans & rice. *smile*

And I'm not talking about a bean barrito. And, I know you don't know nothing about a pot of New Orleans gumbo... like my grandmomma used to make? **eyebrow raised**

Solomon said...

Hey Carey,

I am feeling the "Yep, ya gotta dance with the woman you took to the ball. And, a good offence is as important as a good defence. The Quarterback just has to worry about the ball when it's in his hands, and then let the chips fall where they may. Of course he needs a team around him that protects his blind side."

It is funny, because my entire life I always seemed to end up on the 'wrong' team. It didn't help I was the skinniest, most nonathletic child that there ever was. So like n school I was always picked last and always seemed to "make" the worst possible team.

But as I have grown older it seems my luck has changed! Now I seem to find myself rockin' with the best team around at work, and boy do we rock!

You should see when the office has competitions to see which team does the 'freshest' and 'most exciting' job, our team cleans the floor with the competition every single time.

The funniest part about it though, is the other team is so ego driven, and self serving they never even 'get it' that our team blows them away every time we meet.

And I love the people I work with on my team, everyone has their specific roles, and each person is excellent at what they do, and it makes it all come together perfectly each time.

Anonymous said...

The key here is," One man does not make a team". some folks are just looking at Obama, without any regards to who's on the team with him & whose really calling the shots.
As far as the second time around, it's always sweeter, because it's had a chance to jell, marinate and season.
You know, most of us, were raised on good ole protein,(beans, lentils, etc.)
"You better ask somebody" (smile) yes, this northern country girl knows about some beans and rice. Just had some,(navy beans, with ham and cornbread, the other day.)
As far as New Orleans gumbo, what!!!!!, crawfish,shrimp,sausage,corn, okra,crushed tomatoes,onions, bell peppers,seasonings, red pepper flakes, chicken broth. Serve over rice. It may not taste just like Grandmomma's but it will remind you of home.