Monday, October 4, 2010

I Don't Think They Are Hugging Me, Like They're Loving Me: An Oppossing Viewpoint.

Can we talk about a love gone wrong? Well, you be the judge. But be forewarned, the following post is filled with kickass words that I doubt are used in everyday conversations, but some man or woman (I don't know) had something they wanted to get off their mind... and spit it on me.

Okay, here's the setup. As some of you know, my form of debate/discourse could be considered very pointed. And, in previous posts, I've attached the following clips of a speech of mine. Well, a comment, directed at me from another blogspot, is the flavor for today. First, I present the 2 minute clips and then the comment. Then I want your help. I want you to help me to see what I am working with and how I should respond.

So here we go, a blogger "urbanautuer", she or he said the following...

@CareyCarey, DID SOMEONE TOUCH YOU IN YOUR BATHING SWIM SUIT AREA? Whatz with all these Homoerotic remarks? your Sexist,Juvenile,Homophobic Rants reeks with Overarching Pity, were you Abused as a Child by a group of Girl Scouts? or Emotionally Turned Out by some unscrupulous tack head?(hence the reference) you along with your 5o`clock shadow-playing in the Flute Section, would rather ENGAGE in those kinds of PERVERSIONS , than face Our Collective Material Reality-which-en campus-Film/Filmmaking/Discourse/Life in general ,decoding this trash, your ASININE rants make a mockery of intelligent discourse, further , you have the Audacity to Misrepresent my Aim and Intent, on this site with your Jailhouse Narratives, filled with Homoerotic Tomes and Espionage Odes. Get over it Chump!, with your Cinder Block Blues and Latent Homosexual Angst, you nothing but a third string right wing bottom feeder, you Neoconservative Twit! Juan Williams you’re Not! , but i can play Devils Advocate and BITCH SMACK YOU like your right wing buddy, who u trying to imitate-Brett Hume, just a cursory look at your Malnourished Tropes, makes me want to vomit up Quantitative Tropes, on your Piss Stain Site, as i’ve said previously, your PROSE STINKS and your BLOGS Pumps Dirty Dishwater!, find another line of Work,since this ALL U DO, is hang out on this site like a Predator and sneak in Matinees with Girl Scout Cookies and while u at it, seek some Medical Help for your Effeminate Retorts, because it seems u are suffering from some kind of Attention Deprive Deficit, u Tevin Campbell parasite!, your Psychology of DRama is Treacherous and FILLED with personal conflicts and inner contradictions. when u fresh out of ideas and posits, your sling Oatmeal like a Group Home Child, just Turned down by his WHITE Parents. Your NOSE is SO FAR UP THE RECTUM of White Acceptance, you cant even see the licorice running down your Weak spine, its Cardboard Negroes like u, who set the race back, with your crack addicted prose, its Retrograde,Childish and Myopic!, just because Shadow & Act threw u a few superlative crumbs, doesn’t make u some Anointed Pastel Colored Eleganza Suit Wearing Priest(yeah i saw YOUR YOUTUBE version of Mister Rogers, and u look like a cross between Will Smith and Joe Camel) BISHOP LONG WANNA BE!!? on American idol,ha! I’m thru with Compradore chumps like you, i’ve supplemented your demented ego with 5 pounds of rice and a gucci bag, u Closet Fag(yeah,i said it!,i just outed your pompous Men of Film Opus). In the face of this Diversion, i will remain steadfast-unbridled and vociferous in exposing NON GERMANE PUPPETS like you, while bringing Pressure to bare to the Powers that be( weather it be their provocateurs or marionettes like u, whose purse strings are pulled by government minions, who HIDE behind the Cloak & Dagger of Confusion and Disunity in order to cripple and dismantle Positive Action. CareyCarey, your Harry Potter Antics drew nothing but a sharper edge to your Lack of Concrete Knowledge and highlighted your Fast Food Form of Political Enlightenment, i suggest u quit invading Asshole Summits and concentrate on your Humanity. Because your maniacal Megalomania
have expropriated the common thread on this site(empowerment) your psychotic Lust for ill-gotten Fame and booty have morph your ability to write prudence and clarity.

p.s.- Quit doin head stands

Okay what do you think because I am left to wonder what's really going on?


Big Mark 243 said...

Man... first, I was wondering why you weren't showing up in my window and now I am wondering what in the world is going on?

Do well in your internet fight, friend. I can't help with that.

Nor can I make heads or tails of the videos nor you opponents rant. Even if you come close to some of the things they rail about, all I know is that you are good to me. I would have to find out otherwise, and I haven't.

Stay strong.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Ummm....I'm confused. Don't waste your time.

CareyCarey said...

My man Big Mark, what's up, how's Nebraska treating you?

About those clips, I don't know if you can't view them (stops & starts), quality, or if you couldn't understand the core of the speech. It's actually 35 minutes long. I just pulled out the start and ending. I was speaking to a group (300) individuals that are going through "a storm".

@ Miss Curvy... tell me about it, "confused" is the optimum word. I love a good debate, but I don't know which way to go. Was it a rant, words of wisdom, had merit, or an all out assault?

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

Hey I am officially confrused. However I think the person who made the comments has serious issues. Maybe you should stand still and see the salvation.