Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Les McCann & Eddie Harris - Compared To What

Welcome. Take off your shoes, stay a little while.


SLC said...

Just added a bunch of ol' school Winans to my collection. Nothing matches their live performances though.


CareyCarey said...

SLC, I am jealous, I've never seen them live.

Unfortunatly, I don't live in an area that brings in A-line gospel groups. Let me check that. I've traveled to almost every major city in the USA and several foreign countries, so I really have no excuse. Heck, I didn't have a problem driving to Chicago - to see Miles Davis, or driving to Minneapolis to see Luther. Nor did I have a problem flying to New Orleans to attend the Essense Music Festival.

So, it's all my fault.

Keith said...

Hey Buddy ,Thanks for stoppin by the other day...Love this Les McCan

Maxine Beneba Clarke said...

Wish I was in the audience :(

Maxine said...

at any given time
the fastest man on earth
is almost always black
aah / bt this is not a tale / about
the world/s fastest men
this poem/s about a father
who fears his son
won't run fast enough / about
carey / the child of a friend
bout all of us too gone
to run track / & a
whole deck of cards
every one-a them spaded black
life as steeple chase / steel hurdles high as riker walls

in fact / this is carey

this is not a ‘tale’ at all

.....can you update me on your son's story, Carey? I gotta finish me a poem x

CareyCarey said...

Yes Maxine, I can do that, it's my pleasure. I really really appreciate your effort.

As you know, he was arrested on a felony charge. I posted his bond which he subsequently forfeited by not returnng for his court date. Then, 2 weeks later, he was found in another state, and brought back here. He is now incarcerated.

It's my opinion and knowledge that his present problems are directly related to a mental condition that is out of his control. It's true, a black man - in general - has a load to bare, and his life's issues are no different, but again, his problems are escalated by his mental condition.

A person in control of their mental state does not leave behind all their possesion(all clothe, tv's, computor, new furniture, music, money, diamonds, and his late mother's gold necklaces, to ride off to places unknown. What was he running from, and where was he going. I've since removed all his belonging out of his apartment, and closed that lease.

His next court date is about 2 months away, but in the mean-time I am trying to build a defense, or at least, build a picture of a young man that is in need of help and not punishment.

I visit him twice a week and he's resistant to any suggestion that he's suffering from a mental illness. He's a young black man that has survived on doing it "his" way. He has always worked since he was 17, now he is 30. He works outdoors in a very tough and rugged occupation. That's the core of he is; A tuff, stand alone survivior. Now he has to rely on something and/or others, outside his control. Which at this time, he is not wrapping his arms around. Yet, I, and all of my family and his friends, will tell a different story. And I've compiled letters from them, that will attest to his "difficulties". His digressive state, has been going on for the last few years. At the present time - in the courts eye, the court of NOT his piers - he is just another black man, that alledgedly committed a crime.

My 1/2 hour visits always leave me somewhat drained because I am not getting through.

Maxine, I hope that helps, so you can help me and my son. Words are powerful and you do it best.