Friday, February 4, 2011


Well cruel world, CareyCarey's palms are sweating and his knees are getting weak, the marriage is but a week away.

That's right, the fire is stoked and the pot is boiling, now it's time to put a top on it. Till death do us part

But wait, vanquish any thoughts from your mind that I'm getting married. Nope, been there, done that, and it was a great time and I am now on the auction block, but today I am talking about a marriage of a different sort. Well, not really, but let me explain.

Actually, this event happened about a year ago, but now I can tell the end of the story. This is how it started.

The state of Iowa is one of a few states that has legalized gay marriages. Now, since I live in Iowa, I have a vested interest in these ongoings. I could sit back and let the world turn, or get my feet wet. Well, before I could make my move the flood moved to my doorsteps. Don't get me wrong, I am not gay, and as I said, I am not getting married but my woman's daughter is gay and she is getting married... this Week!

I've talked about this in another post... 2 months ago:

A women that I see on a regular basis, has a daughter that's a lesbian. Upon first hearing about her daughter, she was hurt. She didn't know anything about lesbians. She only knew what others said about them. Of course, much of what she heard was rooted in ignorance. She thought she had done something wrong while raising her daughter. Through a little pain, knowledge and a lot of prayer, she's now very comfortable with her daughter's lifestyle. In fact, her daughter, that once was married to a man, is soon to be married to a woman. And check this, they got my dumb ass up in the wedding. Yep, not only am I in the wedding, I'm the MC at the reception. It's a family affair.

Well, here I am 2 months later, wondering what it's all about. I mean, how am I going to handle this, and what am I going to say? Look, we've all heard a white person say "some of my best friends are black". Okay, I don't have to break that down, but we know how that affects us. Yep, those things are easy to say when Big Willie and Leon do not live in your neighborhood. When the pigeons come home to roost, it's a whole new ballgame.

Make no mistake about it, I am cool with the whole gay thang. I have no problem with who tickles who's love bone. Nope, to each his own. But see, since I have a propensity to run my mouth and love telling jokes, I have a bit of a problem. In my role as MC, I am going to play it very loose. Hey, I gotta be me. But loose lips sinks ships. Listen, I like to think of myself as a speaker and a gum shoe wordsmith, but I don't know what's politically correct in the gay world. I don't know if I should use words like Dude-ettes or Bride-gal & Guy-gal, etc. Really, I'm in quite a quandary.

For instance, I am thinking about telling a joke that involves cookies and hot dogs. I am going to say...

There are a lot of beautiful women in here tonight and I am single. But I have to be careful, because when I reach for my cookie (girlfriend's name is Cookie) I don't don't want to pull out a long hot dog. Come on yawl, you know looks can be deceiving. I mean, I like hot dogs, but I like mine with mustard and ketchup and a little onion. Wait, I might be in the wrong place to be talking about the freaky deaky hotdog? I am simply saying I don't like surprises. When I reach for my Cookie, I don't want her to start growing in all the wrong places

That's one of my softer jokes. And, I don't know if you've been to a gay "bash" but the red carpet was made for them. Quit it, they dress to impress. But see, I don't have any shame in my game, but I am worried about getting shot. Are you kidding me, just because someone is gay does not mean they don't carry pistols. In fact, I know the bridegroom has a long 38. Really, just the other day she shot a raccoon that's been jackin' with her trash. He will not raid anymore trash cans. And this coon - CareyCarey - ain't trying to be the next victim.

So please, if you are gay or have gay family members or friends, holla at a brother. I need a little help. Tell me what to do. Come on now, I know everyone that's reading this post has a gay person in their family. Heck, I can count 3 or 4 in my family, and I ain't mad at them. Why should I be?

The day is coming and the microphone will soon be in my hand. Tell me, tell me, tell me true, what should this fool really do?

And, if you don't like the whole gay marriage thing. You can tell me about that too.

AND, there are more comments/responses to this post right HERE:

I had to make room so I gave them their own special post.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at you! Now I know you must be playing the devils advocate ;) Right?

You know you can't say those kinda jokes at a wedding, any wedding, gay or hetero!

Carey, Carey, Carey, just be nice, say nice things and be elegant, then you can't go wrong.

Good luck! I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Carey.. I KNOW you are just playing about that joke, right? You would get run right out the reception hall on the basis of that shit!! And I mean, damn, if you are going to tell an offensive joke, it should AT LEAST be a funny one, right???? LMAO....

Big Mark 243 said...

Ditto the Flower... those jokes aren't right anywhere but at a clan meeting or in party with George Reekers or Ted Haggard along with their flock!

CareyCarey said...

Hey y'all, I'm ducking. Stop throwing rocks at the player. *smile*

I mean, just like those who got all upset at the MC of the Golden Globe - behind some of his off-color remarks - they gotta know who they are inviting to dinner.

Some might laugh and some might cry, but hey, this ain't your daddies Oldsmobile.

CareyCarey said...

AND! Do read the other comments in the post - post before this one - "What's Funny About Being Gay"

Cary maids said...

For me, as long as they are happy and they are not hurting anyone, they can do anything they want, as long as its within the law.

Anonymous said...

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