Saturday, January 8, 2011

METHADONE! You Had An Addiction, Now You Have A Gray Back Gorilla On Your ASS!

Step right up and get your alcohol in a pill form. You can drive while drunk and  never go to jail.  That's right, and it's legal!   Heroin too! That's right, they have a new drug "METHADONE" that's 10 times stronger than Heroin.  It's users nod and scratch and fall asleep in a stuporfied haze, and drive too. AND IT'S LEGAL!

Actually, methadone has been around for about 50 years, but the pharmaceutical companies and their pimps purveyors of legalized drug addiction, have been keeping it on the low low. I heard of the drug many years ago, but it didn't hit home until my brother got wrapped up in it's misery.

Well, many of you know this is a personal blog. Yeah, I don't care who's making love with your ol' lady while you were out making love, nor if the Tea Party is sipping the wrong green tea.  I don't care to write about the deadlock in congress because that's another man's game. Consequently, I have to write about what I know best...  the journey of my life.  So today I am going back to revisit a post titled "Can I Have Some?  I Need Some of That...  I Will Be Gentle"

Here's the deal,  in the comment section of the following post, an advocate for methadone treatment came by and tried to promote his drug.   To support his propaganda, he even brought along a person that actually drinks methadone, . Let me tell you, he called me ignorant and everything. Well, you know I couldn't sit there and be his special kind of fool, so it was on. Anyway, if you, or a loved  one are suffering from an addiction, you gotta read the comments in the below link (bottom of page).

Until then, here's how the story opens:

"Carey, what I've been learning on blogs like yours and Kit's is that people benefit from us sharing that hard stuff. It's not easy to share, but it makes me feel good to know other people relate and appreciate it" - Ms Ashley Smith

Why is it hard to share the hard stuff, and why do people appreciate [it]?

Well, I have a brother that's deep in a storm. He was duel addicted to crack and heroin. To some degree he still is. See, someone had this great idea to give addicts a synthetic drug that has the same narcotic effect of heroin, and thus, champion the addict as cured. Not cured but "better".

Okay, better, what does that mean?

If I give a mother of 4 children, 600 dollars, and then tell her she can sit on her fat ass and do nothing, is she better? She didn't have any money to start with, so is she better? Better at what, better how?!

In the case of my brother, lets talk about the real thang. Now that he's getting his "approved" drug from an "approved" dealer, is he really better? Better at what, better how?!

Now he HAS to take a drug that is 10 times stronger than heroin (Every day of rest of his life). And regardless of what the drug company say, I am here to tell you that his new drug is an opiate, just like heroin. It's users nod, scratch, and medicate their souls. In short, they get high high high, and don't let nobody tell you differently. The drug is called Methadone. We call it Gorilla Juice. If a person had a monkey on their back, once they start taking Methadone, they then have a gray back gorilla on their ass. Don't look now and don't believe the hype,  but I am here to tell you, I've never seen a person kick methadone!  I've been through a storm but I've never taken Methadone. Well, not legally, and not more than one day.

Look, that drug is a pain killer.  It's sometimes prescribed in 10 milligram doses.  Those who take it for heroin addiction are given doses that exceed 100 milligrams!  It will knock a mule to the ground.

The treatment centers and those who administer the drug, talk a real good game. They will tell the unknowing substance abuser that they will wean them off the drug. But wait, for every 200 people they put on the drug, they will not be able to produce more than 1% of those who made it through that withdrawl process. It seldom, if ever happens. It's very long and very grueling. Most go back to doing heroin and/or alcohol. The administrators and drug companieshave no invested interest in getting the person off the drug. It's called TREATMENT, not cure. Individuauls who drink methadone are not in recovery.  They are simply taking another drug that allows them to run from their emotions and wander in a child's mind.

But here we go.  Remember, the action is in the comments of the following link.   Can I Have Some....

One child grows up to be
Somebody that just loves to learn
Another child grows up to be
Somebody we just love to burn

Mom loves the both of them
You see it's in the blood
Both kids are good to mom
blood's thicker than the mud, it's a family affair

Click it ( link under drunk brotha photo)   to see how it all went down.

Btw, watch whose ass you're biting, the life you save may just be your own. :-)


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