Monday, May 30, 2011


Tele-negro telephone, but I must not be on the 411 line. The news didn't smack me right in my face because I don't watch much news...   it's always bad news.  Hey, you know it, I can do bad all by myself, without looking on his plate or yo plate.  In fact, I am filled up with enough bad news to last me a lifetime.

But as the wind blows, a bit of bad news is going to drift our way.  Gil Scott Heron has gone home.

But you know what, since he's now officially part of American History, I believe the new required reading should be The Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron. Yes sir, I do declare, they should be right beside Huck Finn and that Mockingbird book.

Guns and drugs and violence are not the boogie man that's chasing down the black man, they are only a few of the sores that rises after the infection has set in. The media and their control of the dominate mindset, is the Big Bitch. Oh yeah, keep those with color in their pigment, blind, uneducated and conquered.  My mother said, if a person controls your mind, he controls you.

In the Nixon era, The Last Poets were on the list of the Counter-Intelligence program, COINTELPRO. Did you catch that? I mean, counter to what? I mean, who's intelligence were they worried about? Dare I say the education of the black man?

So here we are on memorial day honoring our fallen, so I believe it's apropos to honor one of our front line heroes, Mr. Gil Scott Heron. You know, I believe it's wise to never forget our past and those that have gone before us.

So, the following is a post I did on Mr Heron (added with a few YouTube clips), titled, "Gil Scott heron is on parole for killing a freakin mockingbird"


Thank you Mr. Gil Scott Heron!


Mizrepresent said...

I fell in love with Gil Scott Heron as a young girl when my brother returned from Vietnam with his album in tact. As a teen i performed a dance to his song about the soldier returning from war, "Did you hear what they said". His music spoke to me on so many levels and i was glad to be introduced to such brilliance. RIP Gil Scott Heron.

fred c said...

I love the guy's stuff and we'll miss him for true. I passed on an obit at my place, because he's getting plenty of notice elsewhere. (I wait for the under-appreciated to pass, like Cornell Dupree last week.)

I'm not surprised that the 'Poets were on COINTELPRO's shit list. Raising Black consciousness was a capitol crime in those days. Just ask Fred Hampton.

CareyCarey said...

HI Miz,

Yeah, I know the song you're referring to... I am a viet nam era veteran. So much of his stuff is still relevant today. I mean, what has really changed - for the better? And I think I know the brother you're talking about, and what he may have brought back.

@ Fred, you said a mouth full when you mentioned Fred Hampton. I have/had a little connection to him, but that story is for another time. But damn, just kill him, so someone else can tell the rest of the story.

But you stomped me on Cornell Dupree?

Oh, Miz, I need you to drop by the post... "

I want to share you and our friendship with my readers. Check it out. My series starts tomorrow.