Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long, OH NO WHITNEY?!, Play It Again Sambo, and Kiss Your Ass?

What about a time called now?  I never know what evil lurks in the hearts of men, but I've written over 500 posts and the above posts have received the most page views, totaling (those 4 alone) over 6 thousand.

I mean, I know what I liked about Bishop Eddie Long's

And Whitney Houston's

But Kiss Your Ass ?

And Black Sambo ?

I mean,  I liked them all ( I wrote them *smile*) but I have some favorites (my favorites)that didn't make  my top 50 (by page views).   So please, y'all have to tell me what's really going on, really.  I mean, if you will, let a brotha know the good, the bad, the silly and sad, and the just plain stupid.  Seriously, I am trying to please those that have taken a short break from their busy lives to drop by and share a little time with me, and learn from my mistakes.   So, tell me what's on your mind.

If you've been visiting for some time or just dropped by, tell me what has been your favorite, or one that made you shake your head and say "That's just stupid"?  You don't have to say a lot (if you don't want to) just give me a little piece of you mind and time.

Hey, if you do, I might even write a post especially for you. I think I will do that.  In fact, everybody that replies will get a post in which they are the star.  I mean, I am a nobody but when somebody says something  about you and for you, I think we all like that. If somebody took the time to write something for me, I'd put it on my wall and tell my friends about it. We got one life to live and it's over way too fast.

Don't get me wrong, people will stop to watch a train wreck or cheer when someone gets hung, so I know I just another Joe Blow.  But many people (from various cities) that I don't know,  never leave a whisper of a comment, but stop by my blog on a regular bases, ie, Mountain View Califoria, Rock Island Ill, Union, NJ, Salisbury Maryland, folks from "The Old Black Church"  and "Shadow & Act", Germany, United Kingdom,Atlanta Ga, just to name a few, but I don't know if they come/came by to laugh, look at a train wreck, bored as h!ll, or what?

So come on, I am waiting and thinking. I gotta get some meat on these tired, thinking ol' bones...  And I want to pass on some good things about you, that others may not know.

Addendum:   For some reason I couldn't even leave a comment in my own comment box...  *scratching my head*  the thang kept rejecting it.  So, until I solve that problem, I am leaving my comment here. Yeah, I can edit my posts but I can't leave a comment... I can't figure that one out? Anyway...

My comment to the others who  have left theirs "Hello all,

It's been 2 days and I see I have a few courageous friends. Now, as I said, I have a post especial for them.
I called them courageous because by definition the word means: Not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

Well, since they've obviously read my blog, they have to be thinking and possibly worrying "what's Carey going to say about me"

But y'all know I am not pretentious and as Keith said, I'm gonna tell it like it is. I mean, don't take that wrong because I've always held to the belief that one should praise in public and admonish in private (not that there's anything bad to say :-). Basically, that means I am going to say all the things that I admire about the individuals. And, it will come straight from my heart. Like for instance 25champ. I am going to go to his site and read his stuff. I know I'll find something good. And, just the fact that he has taken the time to read several of my posts (in the last couple of days) says something that I admire. He didn't just come up in here and try to stroke me (I'm a seasoned black man, I would have noticed that) he simply said what he had to say, and left it at that.

Anyway, I hope more will join in because I am planning on running this series at the start of the month. And y'all know I am going to put my feet in them. Oh yeah, of course there will be humor, a little preaching, a slight bit of drama, and a whole lot of loving going on.

Keith, you know I got you covered.

25champ, I gotta a special little thang planned for you.

Sister Anna, since you've seen me perform on stage and know what I do, you gotsta know what's in store for you. And btw, give our sister jjbrock a shout and tell her to drop on by.

Hey, how do they say it in church... "The doors are open"

And, it's always good to have somebody say something good about ya. I am waiting to say something good about a few more of my visitors.


Keith said...

Let me tell you...It has and is always a pleasure to come over here to this site..You tell it like it is and say things I want to say in a way
I wish I could say it....Love the way you go at it fam..My three personal favorites are "Excuse me while I flip my thang" and the post where you told off a certain blogger I won't name that ambushed you on your blog and of course the one I read yesterday that had me cracking my sides...

Continue to keep it real bruh in that way that only you can!

25champ said...

I am newbie 2 ur site...but I can honestly say I'm impressed with ur diversity in content...Keep it up :)

Anna Renee said...

I liked the Toilet Issues post you did back in the day!
Is that post still available? I remember you took down a lot of your posts a while back, Brother Carey Carey!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Just keep doing what you do,I stop by just to make sure your voice is still out hear!

Anonymous said...

Hey Carey, I've been reading your blog for a while. How long? (Not long). I find it interesting and well-written. I especially liked the post that talked about you and your brothers on christmas day and of course the post abou great great grandfather. Keep doin your thang! Shellie

Anonymous said...

Carey, I love reading your stories the thing I like the most is your honesty. You let a person know who you are and your not ashamed of anything in your past nor present life. There's not many times we get to enjoy the pain and laughter of someone who's not afraid to share there stories and keep it real Thanks Carey you have inspired me so much through your writing keep it up...Hazeleyes

fred c said...

Nice to know you, Carey, and I'll be checking out the above posts. I'm in Bangkok now, teaching law, but I think my profile still lists my earlier city, a small provincial capitol where I was a Peace Corps volunteer and then a high school teacher. (Why am I here? I'm in marriage limbo, with a view of hell, and America just got too weird and expensive for me.) With luck, the whole sordid tale will reveal itself as we go. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

CareyCarey said...

I see a few more brave souls have stepped across the threshold of my humble abode.

@ Big Mac, I can’t wait to tell the world about you and what we have in common. When I write your post, I think I’ll call it “Living In Hell, But What About A Time Called Now” . I believe your present wife will be a co-star . And at the present time, only you and I know what that really means.

@ Shellie, you sure know what to say... “how long, NOT LONG”. .. sweat music to my ears. And the great great great grandfather post is also one of my favorites, if not thee favorite. Although you posted under anonymous, I know why because I believe I know who you are. I can’t wait to tell the world all the good you’ve done for others.

@ Hazeleyes, I believe it’s time to get my smack (some call it “mack”) on because I love women with hazeleyes. *LOL*.
But seriously, you hit on something that ‘s one of my mission of the blog. Through openly and honestly telling all my past indiscretions ( I call it telling on myself) I try to show others that it’s okay to fall down, and no matter what others may think of you, their “thoughts” cannot harm you and should not keep you down. Yep, I can get a little preachy on that subject (a whole lot preachy), so I’ll wait until I write the post especially for you. You could, as an added bonus, give me a little information about your past (e-mail or whatever) so I can share your accomplishments, and struggles, with the world.

@ Fred C, see no evil. I mean, I know exactly how I am going to shine a light on your post. I mean, you may not have known this but here you and I go again. Well, as I mentioned on my profile page, I too have been in Bangkok. I also teach law. Well, actually, I try to teach others how to stay away from Johnny Law. My profile will also explain why.

Okay all, my doors are still open. I’ve come to believe that the gift of giving is a much greater reward than receiving, so I am excited and looking forward to sitting down for a day, at a time, and writing a post a day, especially for each and everyone of you and everyone else that visits this post.

Jug said...

I personally like Play it Again Sambo, because THAT one spoke OH SO BEAUTIFULLY to the nonsense with Cornel West before it even happened LOL Tavis Smiley is in that camp too, which is these members of the "black elite" that are A) people too & B) have an agenda all their own. And often, it's just as petty and self-serving as the next cat, wrapped in a nice neat "pro-black radical mix".

Tavis was pissed because Obama didn't come to his little "party" (Black State of the Union)?!? Cornel is mad because he didn't get an invite to the party and the bellhop did?!? How dare Obama! That Black Bastard! What about trying to become President of these United States, not the "King of the Black People"? What about the common man getting fair treatment Cornel, not the "members only, VIP set"? Check out Sharpton's response to all of this & he calls 'em out too!

Yeah, your post was hilarious to say the least & right on (future) time Carey.

Too funny...because it's true

jjbrock said...

Carey I love your seriousness especially when it comes to dealing with addicts....You are one in a million and I thank God for someone who can drop a post and it encourages me....Keep dropping knowledge cause it ain't over yet.

fred c said...

The "Play It Again Sambo" gets my vote too. I've said it before, President Obama is smarter than me, and he's got better info, and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. Trust him? you say, why should I trust him? I can tell you my reason: the guy went to Harvard law, president of the law review, and when he got out he could have gone anywhere and made an absolute fortune. Instead, he worked on things that I consider important for chump change, and slowly paid off his student loans.

By the way, that top picture of the guy in black-face with the white feather, I'm pretty sure that's "Schwarte Piet," who is Santa Claus's helper in Holland. I probably spelled it wrong.

CareyCarey said...

@ Fred, "Schwarte Piet," who is Santa Claus's helper in Holland?! I gotta check that out.

re: President Obama, I feel the same way. I am more than sure he's privy to information that those that don't have a need to know, have never laid eyes on, and he's much more knowledgable than the average man. So what type of reasonable thinking person would pick and poke at the smallest of his alledged errors.

Keith's post is up tomorrow, and then I am going to pull the rest out of a hat. He was the first to be couragous enough to let me highlight him (in my way), so it's his party - on deck. Personally, I think he will enjoy it, and have a few laughs along the way.

CareyCarey said...

And, the door is still open.