Monday, May 2, 2011


OH NO! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!? UT OH,  let's hurry back to the big event.

We'll pick up the action on the back stretch:  Osama Bin Laden is out in front.  OH NO, the oldest horse, George Bush, pulls up lame. The rest of the field continue down the back stretch. It's anybodies race and what a race it is! The crowd noise has reached a feverish pitch, no one is sitting down. Ladies and gentlemen, who would have thought it?

Bin Laden, wearing the colors of Afghanistan's flag,  three stripes of  black, red, and green, although  a dark horse, was the odds on favorite. George Bush, having performed well in seasons past, was allowed in the race on a special exemption pass. And Donald Trump is the new kid on the block.


It's Bin Laden by a nose, Donald Trump's running second and the 100-1 long shot, Barack Obama, trails the field.  What a race!

It's Bin Laden, Donald Trump...  Donald Trump, Bin Laden...  they're heading for the wire. Wait, OMG, here comes Barrack Obama.

There was talk that he wouldn't be in the race...  something about some papers, but here he comes blazing between horses.  OOH NO, not again?! The crowd has gone wild, it's total mayhem...    Bin Laden is down! I am reminded of Howard Cosell's best and most well know sports broadcast in history  "DOWN GOES FRAZIER, DOWN GOES FRAZIER, DOWN GOES FRAZIER" . What a fight, what a slug fest...   this has to be one of the most monumental moments in USA's political history?  Wow, a questioned black man, a filthy rich white guy, and a ghost, it does not get any better than this.

Donald Trump takes a small lead, but now, without someone breaking his wind, he's beginning to huff and puff like a big bad wolf, instead of a strong and confident thoroughbred.  He has been exposed. They're heading for the finish line. Barack Obama, riding the horse Official Birth Certificate, pulls up beside the once pompous, blustery and cocksure  Donald Trump and gives him a sly wink as he pulls ahead to win in a photo finish.

Damn, and what a finish it was.  Who would  have thought it?   What a weekend to remember!?

Although our President is too classy a guy to say it, I will.  And Ali said it, what about a time called now...  "HE IS THE GREATEST!"

The slightly built black man with the hip walk and smooth talk, who many thought his campaign posturing of avoiding race and making Black issues marginal,  closed the mouths of many that had lost a little faith in his leadership. Some said he lacked cahonnas and was afraid of speaking out against Donald Trump.  But little did they know -  he who laughs last - laughs best. Like a good general, he had a plan and didn't tell  anyone until it was just the right time. Even the wise old owl Donald Trump didn't see what was coming. However, he should have asked who was coming to dinner, because as it turned out, he was the main course meal.

At the White House Correspondents Dinner, President Obama blistered Donald Trump with grace and dignity, while he kicked him in his air hole.   Donald couldn't do a damn thing but sit there and look stupid. I sort of felt sorry for the guy because all the fancy dressed dignitaries, some of which were sitting right next to him, were laughing with wild unabashed freedom as they looked straight in the Donald Duck's face. It was brutal and funny as hell! I felt as if I was witnessing Richard Pryor when he ask Miss Rudolph to tell the monkey to take his dick out of his ear, and we all know what she said,  "No Richard, The monkey lives here".

But wait, President Obama wasn't done.  On Sunday, May 1st, 2011, he pulled out his big coup de gras.  He told the world that Osama bin Laden had been captured and he was dead.

What a wonderful weekend, oh what a wonderful day. What about a time called now? I wonder what all the naysayers and backstabbers are saying now? I know what some of the winners are saying, "lookout cruel world, but don't look now, we're full steam ahead to 2013. You don't need no ticket, just get on board!"


Big Mark 243 said...

I wonder how the GOP and Tea Bags spin this... all of a sudden the President is looking hard to beat... lets see if he wants to govern or keep palling around with rich folks...

CareyCarey said...

Well Mark, I have no idea what you mean by palling around with rich folks. The nature of his job requires he be in the company of several rich and powerful folks.