Friday, June 10, 2011

BIG MAC ATTACK, THE ACTOR AND ME: Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

If I said, “pop goes the weasel” who would know what black movie that came from? Jug would know. What if I said the “Serenity Prayer“, would you know the words to that? BigMacInPittsburg would. What if you saw us all walking down the street, what would you say? Well, personally, from my perspective, I’d say here comes a whole lot of wisdom.

Here we go again, another edition of Who’s That Knock Knock Knock At My Door?

When I last opened my door, Shellie was standing there, dropping all my family secrets, and Hazeleyes preceded her. 25Champ left a note on the door and the Old Black Church (Ms. jjBrock) said, AMEN. Keith, of “Keith’s Space” beat them all to the punch. And now we have Mr. Jug and BigMac. Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Let me start by saying birds of a feather flock together and I don’t suffer fools lightly.

“Okay Carey, tell us, what does that mean to me and you?”

Well, let me go back a few years. One time my daughter found herself in a little trouble at her school and one of the school’s counselors said she was hanging with the wrong crowd. Well, at that time, what the counselor obviously didn’t know was that she was the wrong crowd. I knew it, but he didn’t. She’s know a beautiful mother and a well adjusted young lady. But again, at that time, only a few knew that she could be a fool.

And for those that may not know it, or have never read it, here, in my blog, I’ve been one of the biggest fools on earth. Are you kidding me, who, but a fool robs banks? Come on now, I could list a barrage of my foolish antics which could possibly find my face in the dictionary, under the word - FOOL What? You don’t believe me? What would you call a person who at the age of 18 was strung-out on a major addictive drug? Well, my hand is still raised. But not today. My motto is, What About a Time Called Now?

I said the above to suggest that I recognize fools, and try my best to stay away from them. I mean, as I said, I’ve been a full time fool and that person still rests inside me, dormant right now, but I don’t wish to engage him. You know, if you talk to a fool long enough, there will soon be 2 fools talking. So I’ve made it my business to keep a keen eye, a deep side-eye, out for fools, and their foolish ways. I can do bad all by myself.

Now, I am sure everyone has heard the phrase “Two heads are better than one” - right? Well, what about 3 heads? Would they be better than one? I think so... well... it would depend on whose heads we’re talking about. Here comes Jug and Big Mac.

Listen, these 2 men could men walk with me anywhere. I mean, I am nobody, but I can choose the company I keep, and these 2 guys have showed me their hands. And you know what, I am not a drive-by kind of commenter and neither is Jug. That man will post a book up in your blog and call it a comment. But I like that in him. See, although many of us post under anonymous monikers, I still like to know a little something about the person I am responding to. You know, if I have a little insight into their life, mindset or background, I can assess rather or not I should spend my time replying to them. You know, some folks are on nothing but mess and negativity, which finds them acting a goddamn fool up in your house, and then expects everyone else to act in kind. NO NO, they can miss me with that one. So, over the last year or so, Jug and I have found ourselves on the blog floor, a dance floor, doing what we do best, running our mouths. And let me tell y’all something, that boy has great writing skills. If he’d let me, I’d steal his and give him mine. Well... sometimes.

Now check this, Jug is an actor. Oh yeah, he might even be Mackie or the next up and coming star, but lets look at a few of his words before I move on to Big Mac, and then come back to the actor that goes by the   name Jug. His words...

“My household wasn’t a “daily black lesson” kind of place or a “kill whitey” sort of place, but more of a Huxatable “teach through images & examples” kind of place. My Mom taught at predominantly black public schools where I’m from, and I’d help her with her classroom stuff. All of my aunts & uncles, Black, were most of the people that came to the house-or us to theirs. Sly & the Family Stone is the record & reel to reel tape I remember getting the most play when I was a kid. Along with Bill Cosby, the Last Poets & other assorted Motown greats. When it came time to go to college, I chose to go to an HBCU, even though none of them were “preached” in my house…but my mom did go to Southern & I faithfully watched the Bayou Classic every November & my older brother even went to one”

Yeah, a little background that lets me know where he is coming from (to a certain degree). Okay, I’ll let that rest while I move over to my other brother in this struggle, Mr. Big Mac from Pittsburg.

I knew Big Mac and I had an instant bond when he said he loved to take a little nip (a whole lot of nips, of his favorite liquor) and chase a little tail, booty that is. Well, slippin’ and sliddin’ in satin sheets, or at the hideaway hotel, has frequently been my pleasure. But then one day I decided I couldn’t live that life - NO MO, and Big Mac said the same thing. He found a good woman (and so did I) that said, “ I like you and we are going to do this together, but not like you’ve done it in your past”. Now Mac was no fool, he just got caught-up in foolish behavior, however, he knew a good thang when he saw one. So he told his new found love that he’s all in. They’ve been doing their thang for quite some time now, and he will be the first to say that he can’t do life without her.

So Big Mac went out to pay a little dues by working as a drug counselor. The following are some of his words....

“When I pull out my track record as a young person growing up, it's not a pretty picture.
I don't want the young people I encounter today to travel the road I did. So I feel it's my God given responsibility to give them guidance when and wherever possible. Many Men like myself aren't ready or able to take on this role of responsibility. WHY? I surmise it's one factor, laziness! Mental and physical laziness flows throughout our community. And it's not all our fault that this disease of laziness exist, we have been trained to be lazy.”

Ouuuuuweeee, that’s some good stuuf! and you know, that’s one of the things I like about Ol’ Mac Attack, he is not afraid to tell on his self. Listen, many people are too worried, in my opinion, about what others would think of them for their past indiscretions. I say bump that, I did what I did and I have to accept that, and there’s nothing anyone can do to hurt me by their opinions of me. I have to be the one to come to grips with my past behavior, process it, and then move on to a brighter day. I tell people to look behind me to see if there’s any mess back there, because I am not. Granted, some will try to remind us of what we may have left in our wake, but now I hurry to tell them... What About a Time Called Now? And I ask them “What about you? What are you doing these days, changing, growing or living in the past.

 Big Mac also shared his pain of losing someone very close to him.  His word:

"My father left his earthly life two weeks ago and it was a roller coaster ride for my family and me, it hasn't stop yet.... With me living in Pittsburgh and everyone else residing in the Washington,DC area it's a little difficult for me to do much on the phone. But what I have discovered about me during this period is an emotional side of me that is scary,scary because as a man I now realize how much I have bottled up or painted over emotionally over my life time. I haven't completely figure out all of these emotional roller coasters of mine,but I'm ready for them. I found myself crying on my way to work last week at 5am after putting in a CD of James Cleveland songs, he was one of gospel singers of my youth that I often heard around the house "

Listen, I like that, Big Mac, a man sharing his pain and his tears.  I value that type of man.

So Big Mac has paid his dues (and is still paying them) but he moved on to work in the chemical industry at Sherwin Williams. I don’t know what he does there, nor do I care. I mean, I always pause when someone tells me their "title", as if that speaks for their expertise on life’s issues, or their moral values or their critical thinking skills. I don’t really care what a person says when I first meet them, nor the positions they hold. Their walk and their true colors will come to the top - like sweat cream - when the smoke clears. Mac and I don’t always agree on every issue (who in the hell does that?) But I think he will agree that we’ll find a way to openly and honestly find a way to come to an agreeable position, even if we still disagree. You know, I can safely say many people will huff and puff and take their ball home when they don’t get their way, or when others don’t agree with them, but not Big Mac. Now, hold that thought while I let Jug back in the door.

Jud and I met at a movie blog called Shadow and Act

I am a huge movie freak and Jug was over there running his mouth like he’s frequently known to do (me too). But what I liked and noticed about Jug is that if he gives his opinion, he IS going to bring facts to support it. I can't stand when a person tries to slip under the radar and/or tries to rationalize and justify their bogus opinions by saying the trite cover-up “It’s just my opinion”. Hell, what do they want us to do with “that” opinion? What, take it as a fact, pass it on to another person, listen intently like they’re talking about something we should take to the bank, or what? Then, what finds my biggest disdain is when I question the source of their “opinion”. They sometimes act as if I stole their woman and slapped their momma....  "how dare you suggest I should support my opinion with facts and/or concrete evidence, I am just speaking my mind".  Well, that's my point.  sometimes their limited source of information leads their emotions to a place that allows their mouths to run off before they think, and thinking is one of the hardest activities that man sometimes runs from.

Anyway, Jug writes these long comments because I believe has a need to make himself perfectly clear, and I like that in him. Oh, and he and I frequently piss people off because over at the “black” movie spot. Many of the voices can be heard crying about what the white man has done to us and how they are holding us back in the film industry. Jug has no problem holding up a mirror and telling the moaning crowd to take a deep look to find the source of many of our problems. He does not mind putting some people on blast. And some of y’all know I have no problem voicing my opinion on the ways of white folks and black folks. So in essence, Jug and I have found many ways to stand hand in hand. Btw, “Jug” is not his Christian name, but again, I don’t care. He could be Denzel (probably not because Denzel went to a school up North) but he could be one of the dudes on BET’s The Game or as I said, an up and coming new aspiring star, but I don’t care because that wouldn’t impress me nor move me in the least. I’ve been around every class of individuals that one could strive to be, and for the most part, they all poop, have stankin breath in the morning, have money woes, relationship concerns, mortgages and car notes to pay. So I’ve come to believe that’s it very important to me, to be around, socialize, converse with people that I share a common bond with. They may go off and do what they do, but when we get together and do what we do, I ain’t looking for no fools.

Ladies and Gentlemen and everyone else, because 3 heads are better than one, I present my blog friends Jug and the Big Mac Attack  "Why Life Is Like Living In The Forest"

I like what they do!

And I’ll be back with another installment of Who’s That Knocking At My Door? I wonder who’s next?


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

You are too kind Carey!

Jug said...

Carey, you are more than too kind. The fact you set aside time to speak about folks with love on YOUR blog, not only makes me really happy but says a lot about you. I would be lying if I said I didn't check daily "what's Carey gonna say about me?" LOL But for real, you write with a heartfelt poetry that I couldn't begin to pen without being corny, so I knew it would be a good one.

Yeah, you are someone I took to immediately because your writing, especially on the blog, spoke of experience-about the REAL world. And that often is the greatest teacher. I may have some book learnin', but most everything I go off of is from some experience I had, usually a mistake-whether with my career or my lady-from my own arrogance.

So thats how I write, from my heart & gut to pass that to someone else because somebody did it for me. And most of all, I learned "I" am often my biggest enemy.

Oh, & since you called me out for my "dissertation" postings lol, you should check out the last ones for this past weeks podcast :-O

Truly honored to be mentioned on your blog Carey... & yeah Im up & coming baby, have to show ya my reel!!! :-)

Thank You.

CareyCarey said...

@ Jug, man I saw that scathing review of the podcast. I started to jump in the deep end with you but I don’t believe they could handle that much truth. Seriously, although the blog is about critiquing the art of others, some of their past replies from them... when they are critiqued, does not show that they are open and honest and accepting of their own inadequacies. I mean, Sergio takes it in stride because as you noted, much of his stuff is tongue & cheek and given to inspire more conversation. But our female friends are frequently not prepared, not conversationalist, and are trying too hard (imo) to be politically correct (safe). I call that fluffy banter. I see they didn’t respond, but I sho would like to know what they thought about your comment. You punched them in the gut with bare fist.

But yeah man, I try to write from my heart and have taken a position to not tell lies. So, when I highlight someone on my blog, I hope what leaves the heart will find another. Thanks for the compliments. And when you make it to the top, don’t forget your boy. :-)

@ Big Mac, I stop by your blog (and it’s on my blog roll) because as I said, I don’t suffer fools lightly, and you speak from a base of wisdom. And, as I also said, birds of a feather flock together, hence, your readers are frequently responding with words I need to hear. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will continue to listen. Thanks for stopping by.

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