Friday, June 3, 2011

DANGEROUS! 25Champ Has Been Knocking On My Front Door!

In the voice of the Ohio Players... FiiiiRE!... “dump dum dum, dum de dump”... FiiiiiRE!

The way you walk and talk, really sets me off, and I’m so excited. The way you squeeze and tease, knocks to me my knees...   the way you swerve and curve, really wrecks my nerves.

Dangerous, I say, with a capitol D.

Ladies and gentlemen, 25Champ has been knock knock knocking on my front door. He's the next victim, I mean, couragous soul who has volunteered to let me say a few kind words about him. You can see what I mean by visiting this link and join in if you like.

 But now I am wondering if he’s a wee bit nervous of what I am about to say? Well, his feet are gonna fail him now, cuz there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide (not now), cuz he has entered my twilight zone. And if he sticks and stays, and don’t run away, he might like what I’m about to say... I think? **evil grin**

Well, let me start by saying the man is a writer and a poet. Oh yeah, I went by his blog and he had all the ladies swooning and drooling over his love poems. And I swear, I think I saw a few panties thrown on his stage. But see, he couldn’t pick them up because he confesses that he love-love-loves his fiancé. But while no one was looking, I swooped up a couple. Are you kidding me, I am a single black man in America and I need love. Wait a minute, let me shut my mouth because my lady might be reading this, and love WILL be long gone.

That reminds me, down the right hand column of this page, there’s a poem I wrote, it’s called “Is Love gone

But back to ol’ boy. When I first laid foot in his spot, I noticed a post that said “Food 4 Thought”. Heck, I’m a broke black man that’s always looking for a free meal, so I crept up to the dinner table. Now, what I am about to tell you is the truth and nothing but the truth. There were other people there, and enough food for everyone, but I had my eye on two delectable morsels... “you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving” and for my desert... “There is a past which is gone forever, but there is a future which is still our own.”.

As I was chowing down on my fine dining, I thought to myself, “where did this young man find all this wisdom”? So I swallowed the rest of my red cool-red ( I prefer the green cool-aid but the brother only had red) and went off to find his source of wisdom, because I need some of that.

However, aside from my thirst for knowledge, I have something I do when I met a friend of mine in public. I greet them with a smile and extended hand, and say “ I know I am in the right place, because you’re here”. That always gets a smile from them and then we’re off to do what we do. So, as I was looking around Champ’s spot, I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, and friend, Misrepresents, was in the joint. She’s also a poet and a writer who has a few published novels, so I knew I must have been in the right place.

So, I thought it was a good idea to stop by Champ’s profile page to see what he said about himself. You know, we generally put a little sugar on our profiles because first impression are lasting impression. But as an old school fool, that’s been many places; many I never want to return to, I was looking to see if his version was pleather or real leather.

Now lets see, he mentioned Jesus Christ

His family


And his love of “B” movies

Ummmm, there’s little I love more, than watching movies, but I can’t stand “B” movies. So I continued over to his favorite movie section. Ut oh, he had few of my favorites in there... “The Color Purple” and “The Five Heartbeats” and “Eddie Murphy Raw”. So now I knew he was working with something... that is, in my opinion. But then the big bang... Luther Vandross and 2 Pac were in his house! Lord have mercy, Champ can come to my house any time because I love how Luther did his thang. Luther is/was the best singer of all time. And 2 Pac! Come on now, there will never be another like 2Pac. Him and Biggie are the only two rappers that get any of my listening ear, well, Jay-Z can get some too.

So now I’m thinking my man Champ has been somewhere. I’ve come to believe that wisdom is gained by going THROUGH a few thangs, and coming out on the other side. I can safely assume that he has been in love and fallen out of love, and thus, learned a few lessons along the way. He’s a father of 3 girls ( I gotta tell him how to curl his toes to make a boy :-)). And we all know the struggles of raising children, so it’s possible he has made a few mistakes in that quest, but I can’t help but believe he has learned a few lessons, in that journey.

Well folks, before I close the curtain on 25Champ, I have to mention (like I did the others) what got him on my roster of “Who’s That Knocking On My Door”. He dropped by and said, “I am newbie 2 ur site...but I can honestly say I'm impressed with ur diversity in content...Keep it up :)”

Kind words for sure, but I wonder if he’s still impressed because now he’s part of the stew, and the thangs I do?

Listen, I have to run because I hear someone else knocking at my door. Who’s next? And btw, stop by Champ's spot and tell him where you got it.


25champ said...

I appreciate the did a heck of a job...I have no quarrels with it :)

CareyCarey said...
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CareyCarey said...

Well Champ, I am pleased that you enjoyed it. I don't know if I got it right, but that's my story and I am sticking to it. :-)

Did your lady read it? Hey, post it as a guest post at your site and see what your readers have to say. Ask no questions and they will tell you no lies... I think.