Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hazel Eyes and Me: Who's That Knocking On My Door?

A High School Cheer... “everywhere we go, people want to know who we are and where we came. We are the Tigers, the mighty mighty Tigers, and if they can’t hear use we'll sing a little louder”

Well folks, here we are at another person who has been knocking on my door. Last night it was Keith, and now it’s Hazeleyes. I opened with the sing along “everywhere we go” because it has a little tie with Ms. Hazeleyes, and to illustrate that point, I wrote a couple of poems especially for her. Now bare with me because although I have a few published poems, the following are not one of them.

But first, when Hazeleyes commented on the post that now finds her front and center, this one

she said the following:

“Carey, I love reading your stories and the thing I like the most is your honesty. You let a person know who you are and your not ashamed of anything in your past nor present life. There's not many times we get to enjoy the pain and laughter of someone who's not afraid to share there stories and keep it real Thanks Carey you have inspired me so much through your writing keep it up...Hazeleyes”

Now how do I follow something like that. I’m blushing over here. I mean, “I” inspired someone?
Well, since she mentioned my writing and my newly learned ability to keep it real and keep it honest, I couldn’t help but drop 2 poems on her. And, I gave her a nickname. I think I’ll call her Cookie.

Cookie With My Coffee

I’ve personalized your essence
Your presence stays with me
Lingers, fingers
My pleasure zone

I dream
I’ve waited
I missed her
My black sista

Apropos, I don’t know
But I am loving the brilliance of her
Sharp bright light, laying claim to my heart
Blinded, I don’t mind it

My mind is centered on her
Don’t want to be left behind

Friendship? Ambiguous?
Predisposed? I don’t know?
Time will be the test
Can’t rest, I love being with her


And y’all know what, this got good to me, so I wrote another one.

Cookie On My Mind

Thinking of you
Your presence is real
Time pauses
I am feeling you
Try to intrude
We are together
If only in my mind
Life’s suspended
locked away
We sit on a rainbow
At the end?
Not now
I have you
A diamond
Cultured like a pearl
The end is not near
Time is suspended
I am with you.


There they go, short and to the point because we never know who’s knocking on our door. Well, maybe I should explain that a little bit more. I have a woman that lives way across town and she’s good to me, oh yeah. And sometimes she visits my site to see if I am misbehaving, or doing what I do best... running my mouth. And my life would not be nearly as enjoyable, and I’d be lost without her by my side. So when Hazeleyes showed up and commented on the above link, I knew who was knocking on my door.

Ladies and gentle, Cookie is my real thang. She’s my woman. That’s right, she cooks my meals and eases my troubled mind. And I can’t do without her.

Good night and sleep tight, and I’ll be back tomorrow with another “Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

And btw, Cookie really does have Hazel Eyes.

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