Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, I was in love but it's faded away, and love don't love nobody.  I've had a great time but the clock on the wall says that's all.

My bags are pack and it's time to go. I've spent way to much time in her embrace, whispering sweet nothings until the wee hours in the morning. Over two years ago it was love at first sight, she loved me and I loved her back, but it's time.  I am still attracted to her smile and the smell of her sweet perfume, but I can get lost in her, and that's not always a good thang.

She lives near by so I'll see her often but we will not continue the boogie woogie, freaky deaky all night long. I might run by and throw her a kiss, but love can't live here anymore. In essence, my long hours on the Internet and my blog are over.  Yep, it's all over folks.  I spent a disproportionate amount of my free time sitting at my PC, and that's not right.  I can get lost in my little office space as the world spins around me, however, sometimes, I need to be in that spin, but my computer had a hold on me. I'll answer comments but the days of me taking hours and sometimes days to research and write a post are over.

10 AM,  June 24 2011, IT'S ALL OVER.


Big Mark 243 said...

Dang, I feel for you Carey. The internet can be a harsh mistress, and she is very unsatisfying in the end.

Take care and be as well as possible.

Hey. I'm L. said...

This here internet can definitely suck your time away. Do what you gotta do Carey!

Mizrepresent said...

My best to you :) Enjoy life!

CareyCarey said...

What can I say. What can I say to each of you, and what you've all given me?

Well, Mark, it's been great sharing boxing stories with you, and I loved your honesty in sharing your journey about your lovers and your recent move. And, on many occassion you've given me validation. Yep, even an old fool like me needs love too. I hope you move finds you at a good place. I am only one state over, so maybe one day we'll meet in the middle.

@ L, Woman, you is a trip :-), I've been riding with you since we met at RiPPa's spot. We've shared many laughs together and a few "dust ups" I had at your spot. I hope your move to the land of milk and honey, Cali that is, finds you at a place of peace and confort, and congratulations on the new addition to yawls family. But that picture (of you), I've been locked up so I always get a little nervous when someone points a gun at me. It makes me feel like I am going back in time :-)

@ MIZ-Represent, and you sho do. Well, you got me in this mess... over 2 years ago and now it's time to say goodbye. I can't begin to count the ways in which you've been important in my life. We've shared poems (remember that poem day @ that other spot), we've shared personal information about our children, and you've seen me on the ground, and you've always been there. I've even used you as the protagonist in many of my posts. And it's all been a hoot and a holler and so much fun. Thank YOU, you'll always be a friend of mine... where did the time go?

Jug said...

Man down, Man down! Sucks to hear you're packin' it in Carey, but I do understand. Sometimes the best of things do have to come to an end...or they can just go on & on like me LOL

For real, whatever you get into next will be action packed & soul filling, this I know.

Good Journey to ya brotha.