Friday, February 18, 2011

Mountain View, California, let me shake your hand!

Hello to Mountain View, California.  I so much appreciate you dropping by. 

Who are you? Over the last month or so, you've read many (MANY!) of my posts, so I just want to shake your hand.

Adendum:  Okay, whomever you are that comes by my humble abode, from the Mountain View area, you're killing me *smile*.  Today is July 18th 2011 and you've read so many of my post that you have me SMH and asking "who is this person and what do they find so interesting?  I mean, hey, I could use a good editor, so whatya think?  Much of my stuff is "first run"  and I was thinking about cleaning them up and putting them in some sort of book form, so I could use some help.  Come on now, talk to this po' ol'brotha. I've written about 500 posts, many of which I've taken off the blog.  So, show me yours and I'll show you mine....    pleeeeeese?!


Bee said...

I want my own personal post too. I'm gonna stop by everyday and read all your old posts too. OK?

CareyCarey said...

Now granny, be careful what you ask for :-)

I see you're from the sin city, but what goes on here... well...

But you're gonna be a hard nut to crack because I don't have much to work with. But when, and if, you do move around and leave a few comments, I'll feel ya... and I gotcha.

Btw, how did you find my humble abode?

Bee said...

Yeah, I very seldom comment, but I like your site,you tell it like it I always click over from Rippa's page, but you're on my favorites list now ;)