Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tim Moore, aka "KINGFISH" TRIBUTE!

These clips are a small part of a tribute to Tim Moore. Many entertainers are standing on his shoulders. He played the part of "Kingfish" in the CBS series Amos & Andy...  the first all black cast on a national television network. He was in show business for over 50 years (he paid his dues). He worked with Oscar Devereaux Micheaux who made over 40 films, and many of the noted entertainers of that time period. He received his most noted and famous role at the age of 65! We titled this tribute "giving something back, never forget those that have gone before us and uncovering a lost treasure".

The nights (several nights) were filled with "talking" (and laughter)and speeches and clips from his movies and television series. Along with all the proceedings (dinner and such) these youtube offerings (the first clip) came from a play that was part of the evening's affair.  This was my attempt at humor and film-making.
Btw, I did not run the cameras ( I am playing Kingfish), nor was this event meant to be filmed. So keep that in mind and be forewarned :-)

Enjoy... comments are welcomed.

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