Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SERENA WILLIAMS: Love Don't Love NObody!

A few days ago Serena Williams said "I am done dating for 10 years".  Oh me oh may, didn't she read Steve Harvey's Book "Think Like A Man And Act Like A Man"?  I mean, I didn't read Steve's book but I am sure there must have been a chapter titled "Love'em and Leave'em".  C'mon now, look at that picture --  there's a whole lotta lovin' goin' on. But seriously, as the story goes, Serena is taking a break after dating the likes of rappers Common and Drake. She said she gave it her all but they and it was  another love TKO, and she got hurt in the process.

WELL WELL WELL -- it looks like love don't love nobody or money can't buy you love? I mean, on the surface it appears Serena has the perfect package. She doesn't do drugs, has a body to die for, and has a job that pays very well. We're talking ugly money. So what's the problem?

Well - I ain't trying to be all Steve Harvey-ish, but I think I see where she may have made her move too soon. Listen, I am not trying to drop salt on Common and Drake because I really don't know the dudes, but I really don't think they're the long-term -- long relationship -- marrying type...  if you know what I mean.

Listen, I don't believe dating by the numbers -- as Steve Harvey's Book would suggest, but there are a few things women need to know about some men. 1.)  Variety -- for some men -- is the spice of life. Seriously,  in the professions of Drake's and Commons', women scream "DO ME BABY-ALL NIGHT LONG". That's right, temptation is a bi*ch and most men don't read the bible. So, although I am not calling Ms. Williams a fool, it's a fools errand to hookup with a man who has lipstick on his collar and his pillow, and that lipstick is not your brand.

But wait, lets back up. Aretha Franklin said: Take me to heart and I'll always love you

And nobody can make me do wrong

Take me for granted, leaving love unsure

Makes will power weak and temptation strong

A woman's only human

You should understand

She's not just a plaything

She's flesh and blood just like her man

If you want a do-right-all-day woman

You've got to be a do-right-all-night man

They say that it's a man's world

Well you can improve that by me

And as long as we're together baby

Show some respect for me ~ Aretha

UT OH, forget about Steve "big mouth" Harvey, Aretha is singing the black women's anthem. If you wanna do right woman  - fellas-  you gotta be a do right man. But wait, what does that do for the black women. I mean, there's plenty of do right -- all tight -- er'night black women, but where are all the do right men? Maybe that's why Serena threw her hook in the fast track bin of Drakes and Commons - huh?

But didn't somebody say "I can do bad all by myself"?  Yeah, right, that's easier said than done -- I think? I wonder if Serena could find love and happiness in the arms of the man who works a Quik Shop or one who drive a bus?  In fact, I wonder if most black women are too image conscious to date a fat garbage man who their friends would not approve of? You know, the dude could be nice, very clean and have no children, and thus, no babies momma problem, but he just didn't have that "status" thang going on -- I bet some black women walk on by?  Anyway, I wonder how long Serena will stay on lock down?

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