Sunday, May 13, 2012

United States Presidential Inauguration Day January 20 2013: How you like me now!

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That's right, let me get this hater dust off my shoulders before I tell y'all about the new sheriff in town. Listen, some of you folks  --  you know the ones I am talking about  --  some of you who said I wasn't black enough.  You know  --  you know the ones I'm talking about  --   some of them who are quick to say they have your back through thick or thin, but when the going gets tough, they flip, they flop  --  they flip the script  --  they run like a turkey through the corn,  that's who I am talking to today.

I still love you because I understand. I understand there is no way of getting beyond one’s own impressions to arrive at some larger, objective truth.  I understand love don't love nobody and there are no ground rules to love, only the infinite variety of subjective experiences. “Beauty is no quality in things themselves,” the eighteenth-century Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote. “It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.”

So I am here today, on my inauguration day,  Sunday, January 2013, standing in front of the world with love, compassion and understanding in my heart.  I could start by saying I told you so, or, how do you like me now  --   but that wouldn't be right  --  would it?  Huh  --  that wouldn't be right to pull down my pants and show you my black ass, would it?  I know...   I know...  some of y'all would love that move.  That would be right in your groove zone  --  wouldn't it? . That would be your consolation prize. You could, then, lift your second place trophy high in the air and proclaim, "See, I told yawl. He ain't nothing but an educated N***a  who's gonna make us look bad". Yeah, imagine that  --   foolish words from foolish folks.

See, I understand how the mind works.  Forget about it we all have opinions and ideas that we live by, and in most cases, even if those opinions are dead wrong - or we cannot support them with any concrete evidence -  it's safe to say we will protect those concepts/ideas/opinions with all our heart and soul. It's just an innate human condition to desire the feeling  of "right". Consequently, it's my belief that anything that runs contrary to that feeling, is not welcomed. So I can't blame the brainwashed because I know some habits, regardless of how they were acquired,  are hard to kick.

You know, I know if a man controls your mind, he controls you. So even though my skin is black, I know it's hard for some of you guys to leave the bamboozle stick. But didn't you guys know? You had to know I was born and raised in the Brier patch?  Let me put it like this. Let's talk brother to brother  --  man to man  --  one brother from the same mother  --  style.  As the public discourse surrounding the killing of our innocent youth has revealed, many Americans still have a facile, flat, and thin understanding of how racism is more than mean words and deeds. It is complex, structural, and operative in many, if not most, areas of American life and culture.

That's right, racism is a mean thang. Unfortunately, it's scars run so deep that some people who look just like me, just can't stand the pain. They would rather stand on the fence with their fingers crossed behind their back, then to walk side by side with me.  But check game  --   as my family in Chicago would say -- WHAT ABOUT A TIME CALLED NOW?! I've been given four more years. Watch me work. That's right  --  as James Brown said, "I'm black and I'm proud"  --  I'm about to do my thang. Stay tuned.  


Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Happy late Monday and thank you for the crash course :-)
My ipad doesn't allow certain functions and I had to pull out the old stand by for you. This dell laptop must be the very first's slower than molasses. Lol

I had read and even heard this before...if a man controls your mind, he controls you. But for some reason, it just resonated with me. Went completely through to my core. I guess because I'm not being controled and finally am able to "get it." I was very much control in the past, by many.

Thank you for bringing about an intense awareness and reflection for me.

Love for a great week!
Ms. Butterfly

CareyCarey said...

Hello Miss Butterfly,

It's always a welcomed relief if anyone understands a word I'm trying to say. But yeah, mind control, and racism (in all it's forms/complexities) is the basic theme to this post. I guess I am saying -- since racism is an everyday part of our lives -- some people handle it differently than others. Which, in affect, goes back to the control issue. As long as someone is in our head (for whatever reason) they in essence have some control over our actions. Hey, btw, I've had the pleasure of using a Dell Inspriron (2004)... slower than slow :-(

Thanks for stopping by. I don't visit many blogs nowadays, so I am surprised when someone visits mine.

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