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ADDENDUM: Its been a few years since I wrote this post, however, the message is basically the same. As our sitting president nears his final days, don't let anyone tear him or his accomplishments down. As a popular commercial once said... "We've Come A Long Way Baby!". Now, enjoy the post one mo' time.

President Obama has a huge weight on his shoulders and so did my grandfather. At the beginning of their new voyage, each of them were up against the mighty Goliath. A formidable foe for sure. Sticks and stones could break their bones, but that was the least of their worries.

In 1865, my grandfather (above picture) of six generations past, was released from slavery. Since that time, there has been 28 white gentlemen seated as President of The United States. Over Fifty Three Thousand days ago, since my grandfather was released from slavery, except for approximately 700 measly days, there has been a white gentlemen sitting in the White House. For approximately EIGHTY THOUSAND DAYS, there has always been a white gentlemen sitting in the White House.

Lets move ahead a few years.

That little girl is my mother. Her parents didn't have an easy row to hoe. They had 10 children and were sharecroppers, but that didn't stop them from taking the time to dress my mother in her fine Sunday attire. The landowner wasn't very nice. Some of the other sharecroppers bowed to his wishes and helped him brow beat his tenants. However my grandparents knew they had to keep on, keeping on.

Come on, lets move ahead.

My mother made it through those days on the farm. That's her in the middle, with the glove on her thigh. Her life has not been a cake walk. Well, aside from being a black woman in America, the next picture will tell a more complete story.

She had me and my brothers. I am the confused looking guy on the left. Although I didn't have a nice bow tie like my oldest brother or a fancy pair of shoes like my brother in the middle, I am grateful for my mother and all my grandparents. My brothers and I fought amongst ourselves but we always fought harder for each other. If someone threw a rock at one of us, we threw 10 back at them. My grandmother is in the next picture.

Look at her, she's so proud. She made it through the hard times, and she's standing in the middle of a few good black men as they break ground for our new church. But the church wasn't about her, she was building something to pass down. She passed away a few years after this picture was taken. But if she had listened to some of the other naysay sell-out sharecroppers, the following event might not have taken place. She and my grandfather stayed strong, stayed together, pooled their resources and got off that man's property.

It's our family reunion! Grandma ironed a few white people's clothes and so did her mother, and so did my mother, but they didn't let that stop them.

My father lost his dad at an early age, but he didn't let that stop him either. In the next picture, see if you know where he's standing?

That's my father standing in front of the White House. Since 1789, there had been a white man living in that white house. Our president is now a black man. He's only been living there for a little more than 700 days. Forty three white fellas had called that place home. In their tenure, they managed to keep racism alive, and hope but a distant memory. For 80,000 days and several wars later, they've managed to build a castle in the sky for them and theirs, and yet, a few of my black friends are quick to point fingers at President Obama. They say he's not moving fast enough and he's staying mum on black issues. I wonder if my nay say friends can trace their family history, or the white president's history? I also wonder if they've read a few history books - about our history? More importantly, I've often wondered what rewards they are receiving from regurgitating negative opinions about our president? Could it be they adore speaking in a quasi intellectual tone, while missing the fact that they are being ineffectual? Frequently, their misguided "constructive criticism" is nothing more than 10 dollar words of bubbling babble that's used to stroke an inflated ego.

My father has gone home. I miss him, but I remember his words of wisdom.

He was my little league coach and I was a pitcher. One day, a player on my team dropped a fly ball which caused me to lose my cool. As he scrambled to retrieve the ball, another player stumbled over him. The opposing team laughed and ridiculed the players to a point they both started crying. I didn't make things any better with my mean look and foolish antics on the mound. Consumed by my emotions, I threw my next pitch with the fury of a Tasmanian Devil. I hit the batter square upside his head. My father called time out and approached the mound. His following words I will never forget... "look boy, don't ever play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool. Their job is to get you mad at your players and have you act a damn fool. Don't let them see you get rattled. Go out and tell Tommy it's alright and we are going to win this game. We don't need enemies on our own team"

President Obama has a huge task in front of him. He's standing on the mound and the ball is in his hand. We don't need enemies on our own team. If someone tries to engage you in negative criticism about President Obama, stop, look and listen, and then ask them where they are going? Don't play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day and 43 white fellas have played in the white house for over TWO CENTURIES - THAT'S 200 YEARS YAWL! And that's a loooog time. Taking that into consideration, President Obama has been there but a blink of the eye. My grandfather didn't go back to slavery. He took the good with the bad, and kept on stepping. Step up... when someone tries to bring Obama down.

Lets build something to pass on! I say, move the petty indifference's out of the way and look ahead to a better day. If not Obama then who? Don't be led astray.



Anonymous said...

Those are very nice pictures Carey! Especially the one of your dad in front of the White House! It's been a long incredibly hard struggle.

Your grandma reminds me of mine. She was the keeper of the church key, because she was always there first, so they gave her the keys so she could open :)
Somewhere I have a picture of her doing that, when I find it I will post it.
Church and faith is what kept her going.

You've kept those older pic in very good condition!

2cute4u said...

Love the pics and the memory lane, lol..
Love the whole concept and the final message..

Anna Renee said...

Hi Carey! Thanks for this brother! It puts things in proper perspective. We seem to be each others worst enemies, don't we? I think too many of us looked at Obama's presidency as finally arriving to kick the man's a$$!
But in truth, this white imperialism is much bigger than the skinny shoulders of Obama. Even if he is the "leader of the free world"!
We need to remember that leaders can be assassinated. That's to say that Obama is not Superman. What we ought to do is get our lobby together and fight a good fight to get Obama's attention or force his hand in our favor, but to assassinate his character does nothing for him or us.
We expected things to change overnight, which is naive, IMHO.
We don't understand that when we do this we are doing their bidding, actually.
Your pictures are nice btw!

Anna Renee

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, I just reread this piece!
Thanks!!! We needed this one! I would like to share it with the Afrospear readers if you don't mind?
Love, from Anna Renee

CareyCarey said...

Hello Ms. Island Flower, I've been noticing you swimming by. It's nice to see you anchor your boat (for a second)*smile*. Yes, my grandmother was the anchor of our family. She had 10 children so everything happened around her. My great great uncle was the pastor of the first black church"Second Baptist" in our community(approx 350,000). Oh, some of those pictures belong to my mother. She's still living. In fact, she called me today to remind me to bring them back. I put on my best spanish voice and told her I didn't understand english. Shame on me. The older gentlemen is on my father's side. I have that one.

@ not2Cute4Me, I'm pleased that you heard the message. I never know if my writng style (a mixture) supercedes the overall message. So thank you.

@ Sister Anna, of course you can link it. Let us know when and where.

yes, sometimes we can be our worst enemy. That was the message. Also, I think it's important for people to understand that there is only so much our president can do. Hey, as I said and as you said, some people just need to slow their roll. 570 days compared to 80,000 days, should add a little focus to what we are dealing with. Not to mention he's one of the 5th youngest presidents. Those younger than him included John F Kennedy, Ulysses S Grant and Roosevelt. So, I am suggesting that some folks should stop, look and read... before thay point fingers.

To all of you, thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...


Solomon said...

I'm glad I came back to read this one again. Because I had a smile on my face as I was reading the whole message.

You are blessed that you had such a close family that was also so determined and had such a strong will.

Your Grandmother looks so proud!

Justice58 said...


You have some nice pics here. Your mother is a looker! And the pic of the 3 little boys is priceless! Just too cute!

President Obama has a huge task in front of him. He's standing on the mound and the ball is in his hand. We don't need enemies on our own team. If someone tries to engage you in negative criticism about President Obama, stop, look and listen, and then ask them where they are going? Don't play another man's game and don't be nobodies fool.

Let the Church say Amen!

Drop by our blog @ & add us to your blogroll


Freedom Rings said...

Great entry, Carey, wonderful pics!

A quibble - only 42 Presidents lived in the White House before PBO. It was still under construction when John Adams moved into the WH in 1800, late in his term.

CareyCarey said...

Hello Justice58 & Freedom rings.

First, I am always curious of how some folks find my humble abode?

@ Justice58, now tell me, are you Justice,or 58, or southerngirl 2? Or maybe you're just one of the 3 chicks? *smile*. Amen back atcha, and I believe I did make it to your blog. Thanks for stopping by.

@Freedom rings, I see I can't get anything past you :-).

Nobody caught that (42 gentlemen), or at least they didn't comment about it. I see I am going to have to pickup my game if you keep coming around. I don't believe I've seen you before? Did you come by way of "Jack & Jill?

Oh, do forgive the delay. I have moderation after 3 days. It keeps the spam jammer at bay. Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. They (most of them) belong to my mother. The older gentleman (grandfather) is on my father's side. And here's a little tidbit of information, the character "Kingfish" on the old Amos n Andy series is my uncle. The older gentleman is also his grandfather.

Daij said...

love this blog entry alot. i love how you put things in perspective, and you made me think. thanks fot this

CareyCarey said...

Hello Daij,

Thnaks, this post is one of my favorites for so many reasons. First, I think it's important that POC realize that race is always an issue. In most cases it's the biggest issue when it come to power and money -- the history of mankind tells us so. Consequently, when some of our black friends are quick to point fingers at President Obama, I have to stop and ask them if they really know what they are doing? Because, in short, if not Obama than who? At this point in the game, that question should/must be answered. Or, as I said, the naysayers, black naysayers in particular, are playing another man's game. And again, history tells us who's game that is.

Maxine Beneba Clarke said...

I adore this post Carey. I love that you bring home the difficulties through the generations- and you're right, it's all too east to criticise. Love the pic of you & your brothers - I don't envy your mother one little bit!

Visibility said...

Hey Carey!

This is MichelleToo from over at our other gathering place, Shadow and Act.

My friend, you do yourself a disservice by saying that you are not a writer. You are. Your post about Obama was beautiful in weaving a family history with a political present. It is something I have long been interested. How ordinary Black families become extraordinary just by the sheer act of surviving.

In fact, your blog is great and I am going to put it on my faves. I haven't gotten through every post! But I can't wait to follow you!

Thanks again! You have inspired me in ways you can even begin to know!

Visibility said...

And one more thing, I love the perspective of days....something really eloquent about that....over 80,000!

CareyCarey said...

Hello Michelle,

I've changed my e-mail address, and I've yet to change my "notification" status (yeah,lazy), so I didn't see you reply. But now I am here.

I am glad you stopped by because I wanted to tell you (again) that your writing is a style that I don't see very often. And I've read hundreds of blogs and thousands of comments.

Your responses are not only written very well ( as displayed on our other dance floor), your thought process speaks to someone that's a very deep thinker who does not give her opinion in a willy-nilly fashion (without supporting evidence). I like that in you.

Btw, [at the other spot] I loved the way you came back to address your "challenger". You didn't leave any wiggle room.

So, you're in the "business" - huh? Now I am thinking, a person with your skills, and thinking pattern, is not in front of the camera. Uuuuuuumm?

But anyway, thanks for the kind words. I don't post as often as I once did, and I've deleted over 200 of my articles. Well, they're in another folder - off the blog (someone has been bugging me about putting them in a book form, but I have not found the energy, nor the reason to do that. So, at the present time, they're stored in their own folder. But do come back.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this post. Good Job!

fred c said...

Great story about your family, but not surprising. You can't have a heroic struggle without heroes. I appreciate their efforts and offer humble thanks.

Nicely dovetailed into an important message too. President Obama is my man in this game, I think that he's done a great job and I don't get even a little bit sidetracked when he does something that doesn't line up perfectly with my script. What do I know anyway? I trust him. If he wants to throw junk, who am I to wish for the high-hard-one if he's getting guys out?

Go team!

CareyCarey said...

Great analogy, Fred."If he wants to throw junk, who am I to wish for the high-hard-one if he's getting guys out?"

Yep, as you said, what do we REALLY know anyway? Can you imagine the information that we are NOT privy to?

On a side note, that post I did on you is now one of the most viewed on this blog. It must be something about Thailand that keeps people coming back.

@ LesbianBrooklynNite, thanks for stopping by. I cruied by your spot the other day.

@ Micheal Too, I have not seen nor heard from you in a year. How have you been doing? Do you still visit that other blog? They are now on IndieWire.

DF said...

Bruh, this is the longest goodbye in History on your site! It's like when Kareem retired and he got a motorcycle or a gift at every game in the country! LMBAO..

Yep it's your boy Freeman still doing what it do. What's up Carry?

CareyCarey said...

My MAN FREEMAN! What's good. I don't have any complaints.Yeah man, I guess it's retirement with a looong "re". I just shuffle a few of my old post and keep on moving. You know, it's always good to see some of the old faces drop by. In fact UglyJohn stopped by a couple of weeks ago. I see he's still doing his thang.

DF said...

Yep, still around on the Rise & Grind getting young brothers to get their money right!

I try to drop by at least once a week to see what's up. I see you still got a lot to say... as do I.

Yeah UBJ is still leaving open ended posts waiting to see who shows up so he can see their angles to life.

Hey I've matured since the last time I won't call people Kool Aid anymore I'll just call him Chubsie Ubsie! LMBAO

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

WOW! I'm a cop and I didn't see that coming. Had I known you'd stop by, we could have met for coffee :-)

Love the comment that you made about my mom and about my poetry.

You are indeed a man full of suprises.

I love that you have "words of wisdom" from your dad. You know that I didn't find mine until late in life. I'd like to think that if he were there way back then, he would have told me to never let a man put his hands on me. I surely needed saving back then.

But today, new grace and new mercy!

PRAISE His Holy name.

Love for a great day and let it be known that I've got my eye on you :-)

Hugs and prayers dear friend
free spirit butterfly

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey there my friend. Just stopped by to wish you LOVE for a great Sunday!

Peace and blessings,
The butterfly

Anonymous said...

This is CareyCarey. I'm locked out of my own blog (haven't been here in years) so I'm just poking around. Any suggestions on how I can access the spot? I'm thinking about writing again.

Anonymous said...

Opps, forget to leave my e-mail address.

I don't even get notifications when someone comments, so hit the above address. And, you can just hit me to say hello.