Tuesday, December 22, 2015

JIHAD-JIHAD-JIHAD! Vengeance! Holocaust! Slavery!

Wrath Makes Him Deaf

In William Shakespeare's play 3 Henry VI, Queen Margaret speaks of John Clifford, nicknamed The Butcher, the military leader during the War of the Roses... "Wrath makes him deaf". 

The play deals primarily with the horrors of the Wars of the Rose, with the once ordered nation thrown into chaos and barbarism as families break down and moral codes are subverted in the pursuit of revenge and power. 

This post is not about war, slavery, the holocaust nor power seekers. It's about the family legacies of the leaders of conflict and chaos. The children in particular, although in many cases do not share the opinions of their fathers and mothers, will forever be left with the task of bearing the burden of their parent's misguided journey. 

Take for instance the Holocaust, the Nazi leaders and their blind followers. The doctrine of the Nazi party was  favored and trumpeted by many. The loyal followers unabashedly pledged loyalty to its cause. However, when the leaders were exposed, leading them into hiding, trials and executions, their children, although they may not have shared their parents opinions, were left to deal with the horrible stains of their parent's misconduct, because many unfairly believe that the apple does not fall far from tree.

Another example of the family stain that's hard to wash away can be found in the horrors of slavery. 

It once was a popular opinion that some Americans were inferior, and thus not human beings. Consequently, said non-humans could be hung, sold, raped and forced to mate, all with the blessings of the law of that land. Some Americans disagreed with the law, which in part led to a civil war, which saw the deaths of over One Half Million Americans.  At the end of the war when "right" triumphed, unlike the Nazi leaders who were jailed and executed, the racist leaders merely adjusted their bigotry and hatred. They did so by various covert means such as hiding behind hooded masks and hiding out in dark secluded places in fear of being the newly scorned and unpopular individuals.   

They could run, they could hide but their children are left to deal with their parent's past behavior and opinions, which are not the most popular today. Again, regardless, right or wrong, some people believe the apple does not fall far from the tree, and thus, their children are left to pay for the indiscretion of their parents. We've seen such with the children of the infamous American political leaders who spewed hatred and bigotry in Congress and on the steps of major Universities. Granted, some children may even   agree with their parents past ideologies, however, in this new day of political correctness, it's not wise to flaunt ones association with "suspect" characters. Well, this post serves as a cautionary note to Donald Trump's supporters. When Donald Trump, who really has little in common with many of his supporters, is exposed as what he truly is...  his pockets still flush with cash as he leaves the spot light, he'll walk up to his Trump Towers and leave behind those who believed he was just like them. Don't get me wrong, it's true, some of his followers share a popular opinion that there is a particular kind of individual who is beneath them, and thus should be feared, alienated and disposed of.  So I understand the persuasiveness/effectiveness of  Mr. Trump's, trump card, "fear mongering".  

However, in the end, those Nazi supporters who listened to and believed in the rhetoric that they were a superior race and those who didn't look like them or who may hold different beliefs (i.e., Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, etc,) needed to be banished from this earth, soon found out that because of their misguided ways, they and their families had become the alienated and the hunted . 

And, those who in the developing years of these United States who believed similar rhetoric about individuals who didn't look like them, and who some thought were beneath them, and thus just as with Hitler, set out on a mission to brutalize, torture and murder them, soon found out they were, simply, mislead. Unfortunately, although their intentions may have been good, nevertheless, they and their children, present and future, were forced to carry a burden that takes generations to dispose of. 

In closing, I must reiterate, let this post serve as a cautionary note to those who unwisely and unabashedly follow and trumpet the words of a suspect, self-severing individuals who may not have their best interests at heart, such as the current Republican candidate for President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. 

Question?  Do you love your children? If so, what type of parent would intentionally expose their children to future harm if it could be avoided, all for the sake of supporting a man who has little in common with the average American?

 Remember, it's unwise to harbor the ways of the military leader John Clifford, nicknamed The Butcher,  who let wrath make him deaf.  

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