Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Can I make It Fat?

I wonder what others think when they hear the words ..."How Can I Make It Fat?". See, I heard those words on a gospel CD, sure did. I love gospel music playing it as I type. My favorites are BeBe and CeCe Winan. I will never go without listening to the old school gospel like James Cleveland and the Williams Brothers. I even like BET's Sundays Best, although I do not like Kirk Franklin. Yeah I said it. Some don't like Jamie Fox and I think he's a great talent so I think it's okay not to like Mr. Short Frog. Come on now, yawl know that boy can't sang and he's way over the top. Now, I do like some of his music ...oh yeah. There's just something about that dude that doesn't set well with me. Speaking of contemporary gospel music, there's an artist, Kenny Smith, that I love. Well I've only recently been turned on to his stuff. Mary Mary is cool too. I am probably too old and out of the loop to understand the significance of the phrase how can I make it fat. I am thinking it's a street drug reference or a sexual reference. I heard it on Smith's song How Much Longer. Yeah, at first I thought someone had slipped me some satanic worship mess, it got my ear. Yeah, the song was titled how much longer and the song started with "how can I make it fat" ....I am not going there *lol*.

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. For the most part that is true. Yet, sometimes the apple falls from the tree and rolls down a steep hill. I had two great parents. My mother sang in a traveling gospel group called the Marshallaires. For all the parents that wonder if they raised their children in the right fashion, after one of them found the low road, I would say that it's not necessarily the parents fault. Sometimes the roots of the tree can be real strong but the winds blow in all directions. I had two great parents. I would also say that all goodbyes are not gone.

That wayward apple sometimes falls in a stream and floats away, but sometimes it's picked up by a hungry bird. That bird pecks through the good parts and drops the seeds into the mouth of a volcano which spits it out ....charboiled and hurt. Sometimes ....sometimes that seed falls upon a fresh new soil, ready to be replanted - born again. If the original birthing tree was sound and solid, the DNA will not lie.

I love gospel music. The messages are so powerful. Even the titles of the songs can take me somewhere, for instance ...Celebrate New Life ...It All Comes Down To Love ....Born For This. I KNOW there are a few people that feel me on this one! Words are so powerful and the right words are king. I do listen to some rap music but I wouldn't be writing this kind of post if rap music was the subject.

This post was going to go in another direction but I am going to do something different today and stop this one right here (there Rich

Yep, a nice short post that fits right where it belongs. I however will give a hint of the direction I was thinking about taking this post. What do you think about when you hear Fort Dix? What? The Marines, boot camp or the Iraq war? Well, none of those thangs were on tap. They have something going on down there that inspired a post that would have destroyed this one. Maybe I shouldn't say it would have destroyed it. It would have changed the flavor.

Do you like gospel music? What thoughts come to mind when you hear Fort Dix? Where did "Hey buddy, how can I make it fat" come from?

This new post is busting to get out. I know this is a Saturday and most take off from the blog world but maybe a few had nothing better to do than visit CareyCarey or just stopped in to say hello. Whatcha say?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Webster's Holocaust .....A Great Destruction!

Is it a racist statement to say that a person was seen jewing down the price of a car? Back in the day there were many hating on the Jews because they had all the little shops in the neighborhood. Well, walk with me into a time called now. Lets take a slow walk through the past. There's Mr. Ying Yang passing the keys to Abdul. Look over there, Mr. Flying Carpet is taking down the Wheaties signs and putting up the prices for zig-zags, fried chicken and Crown Royal. Listen at that, he's telling that poor mother of 5 that she has to spend 5 dollars if she wants to use her EBT card. He's suggesting that she should buy some more candy or an overpriced bottle of wine. Did you hear that? He also told her that he doesn't give back any loose change.

There are lessons to be learned from the Jewish community. They are adamant about never letting the world forget about their Holocaust. We as "post racial blacks" have closed our eyes to the horrors of slavery. Yeah, we have a few museums that display a bronzed slave catcher standing guard over a bent head African. I saw Alex Haley's Roots, it was a nice sterile movie. How or why have we given our history to the ones that shaped it. To the victor goes the spoils - huh.

Didn't we lose millions to the middle passage and the years of slavery!? Can you imagine your skin being rubbed off in the bottom of a dank dark slave ship? Can you imagine the horrors of smelling death laying next to you .....for months? Go a few days without a bath and then imagine laying on your back shackled like a dog while another person's feces dripped down on you - day after day for months on end. How much therapy or medication would it take to rid oneself of the images of a daughter been led away to be raped and raped again and never returned. When death becomes a viable alternative to living, that which ushered in that existence needs to be remembered, I've been there. I've lived through my own holocaust.

I don't do much social commentary and although this post started in that direction, it was a way for me to break out with the words ...NEVER FORGET. It was inspired by pprscribe @