Monday, August 24, 2009

There's Nothing Wrong With A Little "Bump"-n-Wine. Or Is That Bump And Grind?

I 've seen the images of junkies on television. I watched Frank Sinatra in The Man With A Golden Arm. I saw the mug shots of Nick Nolte and Robert Downey Jr. I've witnessed the distant gaze of Keith Richards and Ozzie Osborn. Who hasn't seen Jungle Fever and watched Samuel Jackson do his crack monkey dance in an effort to obtain a bump? Pookie, played by Chris Rock, was a shining example of a crack head gone wrong. Marvin Gaye asked What's Going On. And we all saw his demise. I think it safe to say, all the above were looking for a little "bump" - of something. I wonder if it was a bump of life? You know, a sparkle in their otherwise boring life. While they were on their grind, they bumped into a mean thang! There IS something wrong with a little bump-n-grind - ain't it?

I've often said that I don't write much social commentary. But today I have to go there. Today I read a wonderful article on D'angelo . Well, the article was tight. It was extremely well written, it was exciting, it was delicious, it flowed, it made me pause, it was voluptuous. Yet, it was ultimately sad. That article focused on a video shoot. The video was to accompany the release of D'angelo's CD, "Left and Right". Redman and Method Man were there, so was George Clinton. It appears Rick James should have been there. Its been reported that George Clinton was unabashedly smoking crack cocaine while standing in full view of everyone at the gathering. This is the same beloved George Clinton that some televisions and radio stations allowed to do commentary over the Micheal Jackson memorial. Like Marvin Gaye asked, What Going On?

The images, journey and fate of the D'Angelo's of the world are common. All of their journeys offer a story that is not new and carry a stereotypical message. There is an outward display of self-destruction and loss of respect. Have we as a culture placed ourselves in a social caste system? Most readers stratify themselves far above the George Clinton's, Michael Jackson and D' angelo's of the world and others like them. In this system, are we not simply denying the truth that each of us has a piece of them within ourselves. Is that why we excuse all the social ills in our neighborhoods. Are we afraid of pointing a finger at ourselves. You know, ain't nothing wrong with a little bump-n-grind, err'body gotta get paid - right?

Why do we quietly excuse our "Talented Tenth"? Why is their drug use only highlighted as a subplot to great stories of triumph and fame?

I am reminded of the time a member of the Temptations "graduated" from a treatment center and proclaimed that he was cured. At that time, he was in a battle with a seasoned professional and had only acquired what amounted to a G.E.D. He died with his undergraduate degree firmly tucked under his arm, along with his crack pipe. Who knew Etta James had a habit? Why are we so nieve and misinformed of the gripping affects of substance abuse?

Should we say poor D'angelo and poor Michael Jackson or pour me another drink? I don't know what's going on but something just ain't right. I do feel a little guilty. Well, while I was writing this post, I was playing D'angelo. But aren't drugs and alcohol the ugliest scrounge in society. Have we given up on the war on drugs? Should we just close our eyes or build a war zone like District 9?
Like so many others, I have few answers and less solutions. Pour me another drink. No, don't, tell me what's on your mind. What about you, do you have any answers? Do you know someone that has a problem? Have you been there? What's going on? I wasn't being totally truthful when I said I didn't have any answers. And if you'll show me yours, I'll show you mine.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Black Jeopardy -- The Blogsphere

Duel names for one $1,000 ...."They ran up the hill to talk a little smack"
-- Answer: What is Jack & Jill Politics **CORRECT**

Lets have a little fun today. Now, I don't run all around blogland. I branch off here and there but I basically go to the bars that know my name. So, this game of Jeopardy will include a few of my friends and a few well known blogs.


First Round: What's the name of these blogs?

For $ 100.00 - They carry 2 weapons, the bible and a gun - she's not a "fly"
For $ 200.00 - Some folks don't do it.
For $ 300.00 - "It's" not the crossroads of sadness & dreams. But it's deep.

For $400.00 - Some are down an old dusty road. The pastor is there.

For $500.00 - When "she" speaks she uses "this" horn.

For $600.00 - You don't have to call her "Miss" Jackson because she ain't nasty. She does this for life. She's been "representing" for a long time.

For $700.00 - He would never work in the man's kitchen because "he" doesn't belong there. He likes getting his hands dirty "out there"

For $800.00 - The host of this blog is a "so-called" Doctor. It's all about an "after-after-life".

For $1000.00 - A canal ..."bottom"


For $ 200.00 and 2 neck bones - Not the Boston Chronicles ...a "shapely" girl

For $ 400.00 and a free weave - Don't call her a funky "white" girl

For $ 600.00 and a dinner with Al Sharpton - He gives you a "choice" and he's not an "Elk". (2 part answer)

For $800,00 and a date to a porn show - Indians love "this" ... "they" seldom carries rubbers.

For $1000.00 or a trip to Hell - What's "never" wrong but hard to find?

For $1200.00 and a makeover by Dennis Rodman - "Max" Factor she's not. She doesn't "max" out her credit card, she just slams "it" down. (3 part answer , who-what-blog?)

For $1400.00 and (for ladies only) a date with Flava Flav - "He" told the Lord to do "this"?

For $1600.00 and a promise to never start mess in your blog - The reciprocal of.....mommy Be weak.

For $1800.00 and a copy of his latest book, Black Like Me by Richard Steele. --It's not outer space. It's adjacent to a bunch of "Escapades"

For $2000.00 and a date with Mayor Berry or a Denzel look alike (your choice). -- Don't go digging around in Jamaica, you're not going to find gold but you might find "this". The blogs name ? (2 part answer)

Bonus question for $1000.00. This obscure little blog doesn't shoot off fireworks to make a loud sound. She uses "this"

Okay, who will make it to final Jeopardy? 3 picks per person. Do you see your blog? Some of these are tough and I think others are gimmes? Then again, I believe 1 or 2 blogheads might be able to answer quite a few.

Lets have fun! Remember 3 picks per person. I think there are 2 Answers/questions that nobody will get. Prove me wrong. If you see your blog ....let it lay - okay. Take a poke at the rest.

Oh, on the $800.00 questions you can double your money - they're really hard!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Rev. Ike -- Ike Turner -- Iceberg Slim. Too Long, It's Gone, Don't Hate The Player.

In the game of life there's strife, loves gone, past memories - he's there to lead the way. Bold stride, strong character, he'll carry you through. It's not the tail you sell - you don't have to be a ho' - that's on you. Player or purveyor -- it's just a state of mind.

Rev. Ike is gone. Many are trampling his grave. But listen, pointing fingers at a pimp or calling him a pimp, does little to stop his pimping ways. If you hand a racist a mirror in an attempt to show his  racist ways, it's a good bet he'd grab that mirror and smile while he combed his hair. Consequently, "The Reverend Ike was nothing more than a pimp" stuff, really!? Ike Turner tried to pimp the shit out of Tina Turner're kidding me, really!?. Iceberg Slim was a pimp .....AND? Tell me something I don't know!

I don't want to preach to the choir but Rev Ike is dead and Tina is no longer with Ike Turner. Yet, their messages are still alive. Pimpin' ain't easy but it appears to pay real good. So, if I am not talking to the choir, who am I talking to? Well, although it's doubtful very many past or present ladies of the night will visit my blog, I'd nevertheless like to know what's the damn deal. I wonder about those that give their money to men that serve a god of gold and money? I wonder if they're weak and easily led astray or simply want to be part of a crowd. It has to be something deeper.

I am having a hard time understanding why someone would send money to a person that drives a $100,000 car and they -  themselves - are riding the bus. Even more perplexing are the so called intelligent individuals with stable jobs who are also bamboozled into believing sending money through the mail will get them a seat in heaven. Is it about heaven? Or is it more like Richard Pryor's character in Car Wash -- Daddy Rich? Do people fall in love with the lure of the man?

Car Wash is a classic movie. That joint was funny as hell. But speaking of Hell, who can forget a memorable song from that movie "am goin' down"? I wonder where Rev Ike is going? If one believes in the concept of God, they have to believe be in the concept of a Devil. Where does he live?

Now check this, I know prostitution is a mind game. It's also a money game. But aside from forced labor, I can not understand someone that sells their ass and then gives their money to someone else.
I know some of the hardest things for humans to say is ...."I don't know" and "I was wrong".
So I doubt a prostitute or a Rev. Ike follower will comment, but I wish they would. I wish someone would tell me what's going on?

But you know what, I know a few prostitutes -- I was raised with them but I've never asked them why they did what they did. For the most part, I knew it was usually about drugs. Some got trapped by the promise of easy money and the posibility of meeting Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) but drugs lurked somewhere around the corner . But what believable promise would propel a person to send money to a rich man they didn't even know? I am talking about sending their hard earned cash before they pay their mortgage or add to their children's college fund. What has to happen to the brain that tells an individual to sell parts of their EBT card (foodstamps) so they can send-off for a prayer clothe? What is a prayer clothe anyway?

Is this whole pimpin' people game reserved for fools and the easily mislead? I don't know a single person that has sent money to a pulpit pimp. If I did, I would ask them if we could talk.
Please, it you've done so, give me a holler. If you've sold sex for favors give me a shout. If anyone knows of someone that couldn't wait to send their money to men like Daddy Long and Crinkled Dollar, hit my comment section -- please! Although some of the players are gone, the game hasn't changed and I'd like to know why?! Don't talk about the player, talk about the game. They say pimpin ain't easy but I beg to differ. There appears to be no shortage of people raising their dollars in the air, acting like they just don't care.