Wednesday, September 9, 2009

THE GONG SHOW ...Blog Style. Some BLOGGERS deserve the hook! REMIX!!!

Every blogger has their own reasons for blogging - right? I can get with that. It's their house and they can do what the hell they want - right? I am cool with that as well. I've made a few bonehead comments...."yeah Carey, you sure have". Okay, I admit that, but lately I've been noticing that some bloggers BELIEVE they are talking on a private line. I mean, it could be the blogger or the commenter, some folks get down right silly with some of their remarks, and then cry foul when someone checks that ass.

I've decided to lay out a few "qualifiers" for the Gong Show Hook. You know, the old "get the hell outta here" award. Get ready, when you least expect it, you may be elected.

It could just be a phrase that someone uses that qualifies them for the pie in the face.

Of course this will piss-off some people, but hey, lets view this as a learning moment.

Are you ready? I think I'll give "BLOG TICKETS". Yep, slow down, you may be moving way to fast.

Teaser (but true): Big RiPPa and another blogger named VON were having a debate. RiPPa was tearing her a new one. VON gets a ticket for dropping this gem as a debating tool ..... "Well RiPPa, everybody else agrees with me"... GONG, that's a ticket!

Who did she say agreed with her (everyone else)? That can't be right - right? Nope, she gets a Blog Ticket, and she gets another ticket for representing a cheer-leading award as a fact.

But here's the deal. While sitting on my hands, I scratched my butt and then my head. Bingo! An idea popped out. Since some debates (most) go from the sublime to the ridiculous, I thought it may be time for a bloggers court. You know, like Judge Joe Brown and them. Yep, the two litigant would agree to disagree, and then take their case to the people's court, in this case, CareyCarey's Court. I think it would be a fun break from the normal bitch and moan of the blogsphere.

I am looking for what I call "Debate Busters". As we all know, some debaters use the old bait and switch technique'. They find themselves on shaky ground and then switch to something that's completely off course. That main course could be something like "The role of blacks in politics" and they might switch up in midstream and start talking about strawberry jelly rolls.

There's also the deep cut tactic. That technique is used when the debate moves from friendly discourse to razor fights. This usually happens when one side gets backed into a corner and they have no place to go.

Some good debaters throw in a few strong opinions and represent them as facts. That's a good thing until the other side catches it.

Nothing irritates the court more than the filibuster tactic. Who wants to read through a bunch of technical jargon to get to the core issue. No one likes to be bored into submission.

Bringing your friends in as witnesses can be a good thing, and a slippery slope. I am reminded of the police snitch that wound up speaking for the defense. Some folks just like to be on the team that appears to be winning. And thus, will flip the script to the highest bidder.
A blogger takes a calculated risk when they say "ask so-n-so, they'll tell you". Well, hopefully their key witness keeps their cool and brings a little substance to the table.

The "dog pile on the rabbit" is an effective ploy, yet very risky. If the fast rabbit is a clever wordsmith, a whole lot of people can be left with egg on their face.

Okay, that's it, what do you think? This could be a ball of laughs. Of course this is not for the weak of heart or for those that take themselves way to seriously.
I am off to look for debates gone wild. I have my Gong Show hook and my speeding ticket book.

Get on your marks, get set, here I come.
If you least expected and your elected, don't worry, you'll only end up in a jail cell like the one in the picture. That's me and a dude from Harlem.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Peek-A-Boo, I See You! ....Behind Every Great Man Is A Good Woman - Right?

That's Peek-A-Boo to the right, she's a super hero. For real, her name is Lashawn Baez. After she transforms, she becomes Peek-a-Boo, a super hero with the power to vanish away. She's also a Medical School graduate student. Well, she's the brainchild of Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins of DC comics.

The name Peek-a-Boo seems to fit an array of women that stand behind great men. Some of whom find themselves in the unenviable position of supporting their husbands while standing in the quiet abyss of obscurity. Yet others are mentioned in the same breath as their championed husband. Many of them are forced to drop their titles and their last names and their own dreams, and acquire the name of "His Wife". What type of super human woman can withstand the torrential storms of standing behind her great man. Aside from the pressures of their jobs, the wake of some great men is filled with Harlots, Jezebels, Judases, Parasites, and a private life that washes away like footprints in the sand after a high tide. Yet, the good woman, the great woman, the strong woman holds on.

Why then, is the phase "behind every good man, there's a good woman" reserved for men? I mean, I seldom, if ever, hear that phrase used in reference to the man standing behind his great woman. In fact, the word "great" seldom precedes the name of women. There's Henry The Great and The Great Houdini. There's even The Great White Hope. Can you believe that - a great - white HOPE, and not a greatblack woman.

Is the phrase not reciprocal because this is a man's world? Heck, James Brown even wrote a song about it, titled, "This is a man's world". He was the hardest working man in show business and the greatest R & B singer of all time. Does the phrase "behind their man" mean in back of their man or lesser than her man? For many woman, the role of supporting her husband is a honorable position. Unfortunately, it appears men do not aspire to the status of the man behind the woman. The reversal of roles, if only in name, is a hard pill for most men to swallow - why?

Most will agree that there is a good woman behind most great men. Why is that? Is that because "to the victor goes the spoils? Women do outnumber men 7 to 1 in many cities. Maybe men can cheery-pick, you know, finding the "GOOD" woman, and leaving the rest behind. I 've frequently heard woman say there's a small pool of good men. Can it be that all the good woman have been taken by all the great men, and therefore few are left to become great women? That doesn't make sense, or does it? Well, just ponder that for a second while we move on.

President Barack Obama has a good woman behind him, and everyone knows her name. Nelson Mandela had a good woman supporting him, and everyone knows her name. Who doesn't know Coretta Scott King, and her famous husband. If I say Betty Shabazz, you'd probably say Malcolm X.

I could continue this game of "Peeking-at-his-Boo" until the night grew thin, but I am looking for a few great women. The list of great men, and what some might consider as their also-ran is endless. I am looking for the His & Her couple with the woman on top. Why do the names of great woman lack the reverberating names of the good man behind them? I have to admit, Oprah and Steadman is the only couple I could think of, and I doubt they even apply. Oprah is a powerful force, a good woman, but Steadman - how does he fit into the formula? My point: Are there great women, or is that position, or title, reserved for men? More so, where's the good "boo" behind the great woman, if there is such a thing. Maybe it's true that all the good men transformed all the great woman into "His Wife", the house wife, and his Peek-a-Boo, and thus, there's no good woman left behind, to one day, lead the way to greatness. Dang it, I am stumped, I can't figure this out.
Are there any great women up in here? Stand up if you dare, and holla like something aint fair. Or, sit back, like you just don't care. Be the boo that nobody knew.