Friday, November 27, 2009

THIS IS MINE AND YOU CAN'T TAKE IT. You Can't Make Me, You Can't Make Me.

You can talk all you want, it’s still... NO! No-No-No, a thousand times NO! I’d rather die than say yes!

I’ve been somewhere. Not just a place and time, but in my heart and in my mind. I’ve been so entrenched in my opinion, self-centeredness and insecurities, that I couldn’t smell my own shit.
It’s safe to say I was stuck on stupid.

I asked a group of men if we can learn anything from a fool? One said, "we can learn to stay away from them". Okay, I can agree with that, but, is that sort of a rudimentary solution to a problem we encounter every day? Come on, you know it... "clowns on the left of me, jokers on the right, stuck in the middle with theses fools. Er'body can see a fool - right ? Well, before you shake your head in agreement, let me tell you a short story.

Those that have followed my blog, already know that I was convicted of bank robbery. Oh, you didn’t know it? Now you do. But see, back then, I thought I was cool and had all the right answers. While I was locked up, it suddenly dawned on me that I was locked up with a bunch of fools. Ut oh, so what did that make me? If 1 plus 1 = 2, I was the biggest fool on the block because I thought I had all the right answers and resisted any hints or suggestions that I didn't.

One of the qualities of a fool, by definition, is to be a simpleton; one that is easily deceived or duped. But see, in most cases a fool doesn’t know they’re a fool until it’s brought to their attention. Damit, lets see, if a fool thinks he has all the answers, but in his heart doesn’t want to be a fools, isn’t he entrenched in tomfoolery for the rest of his life? Well, possible, but I don’t think so.

Referring back to that group of men, one gentleman said, "a fool can teach us how NOT to be a fool". I wonder if that's right. Wait, don’t agree too quickly.

I knew what he meant but he went deep and I didn’t expect the following. He said, " everybody knows the moves of a fool, except the fool"..... he then paused and pointed a finger at himself. At first I didn’t catch it. I thought he was calling himself a fool or that we've all been a fool. To some degree that was his point, but there was a hidden message. He went on to surmise that unless a person wanted to be a fool or remain a fool, they had to come to the realization that everyone can see the ways of a deceitful fool. Damn, so that means if others can spot a fool, they can see it in ME? Damn, that has to be right - right? So a fool, in essence, is a mirror? Damn, that’s right? So, most know when I'm standing on stupid? Yep, that’s right too. Wait 1 damn minute. Am I to believe that lies, stupitity, and entrenched self delusion is written all over my face and in my words? Damn, why didn’t someone tell me? A wrong person or messy person will move away from a right minded individual. Conversely, a person standing on strong character, will eventually get tired of a phony fool.

I once had a cousin tell me that if I didn’t concede to the suggestions of others, whom had my best interest at heart, they would stopped giving me good advice and then eventually move away from me. She said I should at least find a bit of humbleness and courage to say I may have been wrong in my judgement. It was her opinion that If I gave an indication that I was going to remain woefully resentful and overly combative of any suggestions or opinions that differed from mine, I would be lost in my own space.

It’s my opinion that real change doesn’t come into a persons life until they find themselves in a very painful place. I mean, if you show me a 5th grader that's immensed in destructive behavior, mentally and physically, in most cases I will show you a grown-ass asshole. I realize that’s basic theory 101, but it’s real. Heck, why change if there's nothing wrong.

As babies we cried to express our feelings. The prize was comfort. As adults, many individuals find comfort in being right, at all cost. Even it they are wrong, they will never admit that to another person or to themselves. What’s up with that? You've seen it, sure you have. It could be at a blog, at you job or at your home but you've seen it. Most have seen the mentally dishonest person that refuses to say "Uncle". Hey, I've been one. Is it me. Have you ever seen that person?

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Black Bloggers Family Reunion, 2009. **chuckle**

************************ The annual Bloggers reunion ***************************

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I will be your MC for today. My name is Frankenstein, some call me Blogenstein. As you know we are gathered here today for our year end celebration of the blodsphere. I can not express how important it is for the side chatter to be kept to a minimum. We have a large crowd, including lurkers.

Wait a minute, what the heck is going on over there?

Anyway, for all that may be listening via radio or reading closed caption, the following words were actually voiced by the bloggers. Now of course, if you’ve been following the blogsphere, you know that words can sometimes get lost in translation but no words have been changed.

MC: Excuse me ... young man... you over there, we are about to get started, what is going on?

RiPPa: Black folks protesting, Obama is nothing but White power in Black face.

MC: Come on RiPPa, don’t start that sh*t up in here, but who are you talking about?

RiPPa: Black radicals.

MC: RiPPa, this is not your house, sit your ass down, this ain’t Memphis. Some negroes just don’t know how to act. A person says "who", and then Von and RiPPa says coons.

Maybe we should start by revisiting the reunion from last year. I hear there were a few love connections. Who would like to start? I see a hand raised.

A. Smith: Oh gosh. I remember when things went down the toilet. He asked me if I would remember anything good about our relationship and I told him no. I regret doing that everyday.

MC: I don’t mean to get personal but why did you tell him no?

A. Smith: I said "no" more because I felt like it was all his fault than anything else. Since that time I've become aware of how narrow-sighted and selfish that was. I was not perfect, I was horribly imperfect and I get that.

MC: *** whispering to a guy sitting next to him...*** " I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about but it sounds like ol’boy asked her for a little of that honey pot and she said no"

Thank you A. Smith. Is that man in here tonight? Oh, there he is. Would you like to tell your side of the story?

UglyBlackJohn: Okay, which one?- The one I sent to England for a semester at college so I could have more time to cheat on her only to have her meet the guy she would marry.- The one who was my dream girl, but I had to get that last piece (from a girl I'd wanted to hit for a month) before settling for "The One" only to get caught because I gave her (the dream girl) the
clap?- The one that was perfect in every way except she was only 5'6' (below my minimum 5'7" height minimum)?

MC: No No No, sit yo’ nasty ass down! No wonder your name is Ugly Black John, Cuz you, black jack, are a damn fool.

Could someone please share a story of the fun time they had last year? Yes... you over there.

Anonymous: Last reunion started off great as they always do, seeing everybody, laughing, dancing and lots of drinking and along with drinking came some beefing. Oh yeah, i cousin this and that arguing, autie so and so cyring at the bar, uncle bean-boys wife was showing her titties to everybody...before long.....

MC: Hold it right there, did you say your aunt showed her tittie?

Anonymous: Yeah, but long after some more drinks were consumed all hell broke was like a the biggest dayum full moon you have ever witnessed, it was the kind of full moon that teased evil to come out to play and evil did... in a really bad way. I'm driving home only to arrive to my bruh and his wife fighting in the front yard...yep knockdown drag out fighting...get a call from my sister that my two brothers got into a fight and one of them threw the other out the car...uncle bean-boy and his wife was breaking up and the kicker, my ex was saying "i told you so...told your family was crazy".

MC: I see why you post under anonymous. Your family is some crazy Mfers. If I can asked, did you get remarried?

Anonymous: Nope, but I do have a help wanted sign.

MC: Good luck!

Is there anyone that has a more pleasing story?

Anonymous II: I have a story.

MC: Wait, dude,what is it with you anonymous clowns?

Anonymous II: Don’t make me cut you. I remember a reunion many years ago. I was barely a teenager when this one went down but it was quite memorable. To start off the mess there was a dinner and and band/dance afterwards. It was similar to showin' up to you cousin's wedding on a few Saturday in July.... a full open bar for the whole evening. Let's just say everyone had a very good time. Even the band.

I was wondering why the older folks were acting a little bit stranger than the strange they usually were after one of this shindigs. People are basically falling over everywhere I looked. But the frosting on the cake was the sight as we were being pushed out the door as we were leaving. One look and it was obvious the band had taken advantage of the free drinks. Under one of the tables close to the dance floor there was the drummer. He was completely naked. I mean he didn't even have his socks on anymore. And he was passed out under one of the long tables lying on his back.

MC: DAYUM! Butt naked drummers and aunts showing titties, what the heck is going on? Is there anyone that had a good time last year?

*********** Jack & Jill Politics (blog)were heard whispering in the corner ***************

" I don’t know why I let you convince me to come to this event. These Ni**as have no class. I wish they would talk about all the important issues and not this buffoonery"

MC: Mr. Jack, do you or Ms. Jill have something you want to say?

Jack & Jill Politics: Yeah, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses his leukemia with Keith Olbermann.

MC: *** leaning over to talk to his friend *** "See, every time you let one of those black bourgeoisies bring their black perspective to this kind of party, they always bring a white man"

Excuse me Jack, or was it Jill, you were doing alright until you mentioned Keith Olbermann. Sit down yo ass down.

Wait one damn minute..... sista girl, what are you doing?

Womanmusing: Often drive by trolls show up who have not had the decency to get their 101 on.

MC: *** Again, leaning over to his buddy*** ...."should I give her the mike?" Friend: NOPE!

MC: Thank you Ms. Musings, you can take your seat.

I think it’s time we move to the awards ceremonies. Any words?

PPR_Scribe: Please click for me.

RiPPa: Vote for me.

MacDaddy: This is a serious problem, click the link for me.

Robynmarie: Can I say something?

MC: Yes you may, but can I call you Brown Robin?

Robynmarie: Brown Robin? I like that!

******* The MC’s buddy leans his way....****** "I got a brown round robin for her. That woman is gorgeous, she gets my vote" MC: "Be quiet boy, you see those womanists over there"
MC: That reminds me, do we have any church folk in here?

The Black Church: Yes Frankenstein, Gospel rapper
Da’ T.R.U.T.H.
announced that:
"in light of a moral indiscretion in my personal life, I will be taking a sabbatical from music ministry and teaching upon fulfilling my current commitments to work closely with my pastor, church, and restoration team."

I respect Da Truth a lot more because he came out and said something... Right now, there’s talk going around about Tye Tribbett…Right now he’s not acknowledging or admitting to anything...But if it turn out that he did get someone pregnant who was not his wife and he has lied and denied his sin and wouldn't take responsibility for his actions, let’s just say I’m not gonna be a fan any more....That's how Jay Moss lost me as a fan of his music.

MC: Bless us lord, who said we needed TMZ or Wendy Williams.

Solomon: I say the final Jepordy answer is "Who is a playa, a pimp, or a thug!"
MC: Mr. Solomon, What! Have you have lost your damn mind, how in the hell did you come to that conclusion.? I mean, where did that come from? Who said anything about a pimp or a thug? Btw, aren’t you the guy that comments on a regular basis but doesn’t have a door to his blog???

***** Solomon is quiet ****

Tha L : Damn Blogenstein! Why you gotta treat my girl soul like that? I oughta smack the shit outta you. But I guess it's all in fairness, right?

MC: What do you mean your girl soul? I thought Solomon was a dude?

Soul: I am a womanist. Being a womanist is not 'deeper than feminism' it is simply addresses my needs and issues more

MC: Don’t get mad at me.... remember, I am Frankenstein. My heart belongs to Miz, my loud mouth belongs to The Loud Pen, I am a member of the black church, and my voice is that of RiPPa and FreeMan. So go tell it on the mountain.

Telisha: To be quite honest I am a bit confused as to what a feminist is exactly.From my observation they just appear to be very angry women who have not resolved and confronted their REAL issues and find it easier to pick apart and attack men or women who are open-minded?

MC: Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s a smart woman right there.... And FIONE too.
**** Blogenstein sends his boy out to get those digits ****

BigMacInPittsburg: I come in peace ladies and will let RiPPa and CareyCarey take the heat. But my eyes were open this morning with all of the comments. I'll just keep listening and maybe I'll learn a thing or two.

MC: Now, if that ain’t a booty call, I’ll kiss your ass. I mean, WTF Big Mac? Oh, I get it, you are trying to be true to your name. Yep, BigMacInPittsburg is trying to lay some big pipe. If you don’t get yo’ simpin’ ass outta here.

BigMacInPittsburg: Truth be told I don't have many reunions to speak of that I can share ,my lifestyle 20-40ish was party city 24-7. I never attended simply because I was to stupid to understand its importance. Today I try to support our reunions and try hard to preserve our rich family history.

MC: Oh hell nawl. You can’t get your Internet pimp on up in here playa. I’ll tell you what, go find Ms. A. Smith, she’s ready to say yes.

Big Mac: But!?

MC: But my ass negro.... SCOOT!

The MC Blogenstein leans over to his buddy one mo gin: "Hey man, go fire up the ride, we’re outta here"

*** Blogenstein and CareyCarey were seen exiting a rear door, A voice came across the PA system*****

"Well, it looks like it’s been one. Thanks for attending the black blog reunion 2009. You don’t have to go home but you have to get your black ass outta here. Drive safe and tell a friend where you got it. Holla!"


Family reunions, you gotta love 'em.

Friday, November 13, 2009

8:30PM - 11:30PM Friday 13th November 2009.... A Piece Of Heaven!

Book it, mark it, write it down, I just saw the Micheal Jackson Video. My world stopped for 3 hours. I could not believe how time was suspended as I sat mesmerized by Micheal Jackson. I don't believe I've ever felt so much joy packed into a 3 hour period. I am not saying this just to say it, I felt it! Never in my life have my emotions been so free. I know this may sound trite, but no words can express the gift that Micheal Jackson bestowed upon me. Man that felt good.

I danced with him, I sang with him. I went back with him, I dropped a tear for him.

Memories are so precious, so I just had to share that experience with you.

You know what, I am going back to get me another bump of that!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Family Reunion: The blogsphere is a smogasbord!

Okay, here we go! "GIVE ME TWENTY YEARS JUDGE CAREY, I AM GUILTY. Its a good thing when we can check each other" - Big Mac in Pittsburgh

I guess my blogging has not gone in vane. See, I had to put ol'bigmac attack on check mate. Well, I didn't have to, and it was all in jest, but he gave me an idea. It started when we were over at my blog doing what grown men do... talk about women *wink*. The conversation wasn't centered on women but Ol'Mac let something fall out of his mouth that needed a little -- lets say -- cleaning up.

But through that discussion, I found an idea. See, Mac in Pittsburgh is a professional. He works for a chemical company, but first and foremost, he's a black man. In such, we get out of pocket - sometimes. But this post is not about Big Mac or woman. It's about the smorgasbord of this thang called the blogsphere. It kind of reminds me of a family reunion.

Ut OH, I know you feel me coming. Yep, Big Momma and all the offspring are coming to town! Of course this post is not for those whom take themselves too seriously. Nope, it's not that kind of party.

But first I need a little help because it doesn't appear as if I'm going to be able to do this alone. Here's the setup. We've all been to a family reunion of some sort - right? I love family reunion and I love this blog thing. Well, I've noticed a few similarities in the two. Are you with me? I know you are. So, because I need your help in writing this post, here's what I want you all to do. Think of a situation, person, group of people, type of person or event that happens at a family reunion, that mirrors such in the blog world.

I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I can think about card games and the voices around that event. I can also see food and the conversations around that. I see a variety of walk and talk and dress and drunks.

And see, this post is not only going to be about the smorgasbord of the blogsphere, I want it to be the voice of several bloggers. Here's what I am looking for. We all know there's a gossip corner at family reunions... "Girl, I don't know who she thinks she is, I remember when she....".

How about drunk Uncle Willie.... "Willie, sit yo' drunkass down somewhere, you ain't talking about nothing"

How about the sh*t talkers at the domino table. Yep, it's a place where everybody is talking mess and telling lies.... "Get on your job boy, get in that bone yard. You ain't never played a man as good as me"

That's what I am looking for. I am looking for experiences from family reunions that parallels, to some degree, those in the blogsphere. This will not be a hot blast at anyone, it's gonna be funny -- I hope.

But here's the deal. You don't have to post your additions under your usual blog name. In fac,t I'd prefer that you didn't. Post them under anonymous. This way, everyone can play and not have to worry about their words. But if you want to post under your name, go right ahead.

After I get a number of ideas/additions, I am going to hookup the post.

See you in the funny papers. This is going to be fun. Don't be scared (lurkers too). It's all in a fun day in the vast world called the blogsphere. Sometimes we need a break from reality.

Friday, November 6, 2009

MY GOD!!! 100 Postals! Blog-gers - 75 strong!

There was an old lady, that lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn't know what to do... there was a man there too.

You will not believe this story! At first I thought it was a joke, but little did I know - it was true. Maybe you've read this already but let me start with the man in this story. He's the father of 100 babies! Did you hear me, One Hundred babies. But wait.... here's the kicker, he's not that old. On the surface one might consider him a trifling Mfer - okay. Yet, isn't bigamy permissible in some states? Now I am just asking the questions because I don't know, but don't some rulers have control over their own domains and in such, write their own laws?

Well, this man apparently has some control over his domain because he's been doing a bunch of screwing.... I mean screwing up. Can you imagine the time it must takes to make 100 babies? Not to mention the blank shots. I did the math, and I was shocked. I don't know his exact age (down to the minute) but lets say he started his career at 16. I believe the report said he was over 50. Okay, lets say he's 51 yrs old. That's 35 years of baby makin'. Now that's math I can work with.

Damn, that's 3 babies a year. I wonder if they were by the same woman. *LOL* Of course not, that's some Twilight Zone sh*t. But even so, that's some mad hatter type mess. Well, it looks like he wasn't wearing a hat or at least 100 times - he was not. I wondered how he knew all those babies were his? Come to find out, he signed for them all. He was relatively sure they were his, so he signed papers to that effect.

Now, what about the woman? Don't blink, there's over 50 of them. Did you hear me, fifty freakin' woman are in on this! There's said to be more, but no one is sure, because they believe some are in hiding. But wait, this story gets really really ugly, and it's true!

The man made these babies in less than a year!!! What do you think of that?!?

Can't believe it, neither could I. See, this isn't the Twilight Zone, this is CareyCarey's blog, and you've been punked. This is my 100th post. Yep, all my precious babies live right here in my blog.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in my own special way. I wanted to tell everyone that I appreciated them for giving me their ear. The following is a list of all the brave souls that have taken the time to leave a comment. Uh huh, over 50 of them are woman.
Over the past few months 1,500 people have viewed my profile. Either I have a few people that love reading my profile, over-n-over again, or I have a few lurkers. I love them too.

Hey, I don't know how long it would take a man to make 100 babies, but I know how long it took me to put this post together, so you better drink up. I mean, at least let a brotha know that you read this Birthday Celebration.

Thank You:


A Lady's Life:
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Rich Fitzgerald:
Curvy Gurl:
Tia's Real Talk:
Miss Butterfly:
The Long Pen:
Twilight Girl:
A Choice Of Weapons
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The Joker

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Kofi Bofah


B-More Bap

Okay Yawl, drink up. Don't drink while you're driving to visit a few of my friends. But do drop by and give them a holler. Tell them where you got it. Btw, this was a BYOB party but there is a tip jar at the door. CHEERS!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


First: From yesterday, I do not believe in dreams. They are like oscilloscopes. Their messages are so indecisive, that I am forever left with wanton thoughts. I mean, come on, one minute I'm sitting in church and the next minute I'm fighting Sinbad The Sailor. While fighting Sinbad, John Wayne hands me a Hershey bar. Come on now? Then, the Hershey bar turns into a CD by Wayne Newton. When I try to play the CD, Sammy Davis Jr., snatches it and then runs off with my wife - to the dessert.

Come on now, you make some sense of all that, because I can't! LOL


While being a guest blogger over at Big RiPPa's house, I ran into Renee, of Womanmusings. We didn't get along very well. Then, just the other day I dropped by another friends spot that I thoroughly enjoy, and you know what, she loves Renee's stuff. Well, I got to thinking, what if I could build me a blogger? No, not from their body parts, but from their mindset. There's a little piece of goodness in everyone, even if I don't think so.

So, I went to work. I thought to myself, who makes me laugh, cry and think? Who skills would I like to emulate and what are the specifics of those skills? Who embodies all the things I enjoy in a person. Of course there is no single person that does not have a few character flaws. So, Frankenstein was born.

When I first started blogging, I was told that it's proper decorum to link a blogger if their name is mentioned. Well, I'm not going to do that today. If you don't like it, lick it *lol*. See, I am sort of a non-conformist, and the people I am going to mention, don't need all of that. Hell, they probably don't even read my blog, so taint that important.
But first, this is kinda tricky. You know, it's like throwing a birthday party for one child and the rest can be heard saying "what about me". But see, that kind of thinking would automatically disqualify a person from being part of my Frankenstein. Maybe I'll save them for Frankenstein's wife. Oooooh, the horror of it all!
One more thing. What if I said the name Hitler? No, he's not a blogger, but doesn't his name conjure a few thoughts? Sure it does, but I'm relatively sure that someone, somewhere, thinks he had some admirable qualities. Okay, if you are a die hard cynic that loves negativity, go stick your head in the sand. I know you feel me. Maybe you don't, but move around nevertheless. I mean..... "YOU" know what I mean.

Okay, for debating skills, I would start with RiPPa and Freeman. I'd take both of them to a bar fight. I don't know if they can fight but I know they'd be in the mix. Freeman is not afraid to voice a view that is totally opposite of the prevailing opinions. I like that. RiPPa makes me laugh while he delivers some hard hitting messages. He's fearless and prepared to support his opinions. I like that. His unique brand of commentary is to die for. Yep, and he loves to eat and Frankenstein needs his nourishment.

I would cut off my hands and attach those of PPR_Sribe's, if I could write like her. Her command of the English language and sentence structure are a gift that few possess. She doesn't do mess, but she is a sister and therefore will cut you if she has to. I like that. She never did learn how to double dutch but she can write. She would be the hands of my Frankenstein.

There's a blogger that goes by the name of MacDaddy. He's about as dry as a neckbone that has been cast aside by a pack of hyena's but he's deadly serious. In a strange way, I admire a guy that never laughs and can sit still, and be quite. I mean, I wouldn't invite him to a party, but there's something to be said about a man that sleeps on the serious said of the moon. My Frankenstein would be well served to have the poise of MacDaddy (RIP).

I was raised in the church, so naturally I was around a lot of church folks. Church folks give the best hugs. Now granted, some of those woman are hugging for all the wrong reason, but they still made me feel good. When I think about jjbrock, over at the Old Black Church, she reminds me of my mother. My mother isn't a cusser, yet, once in a blue moon she might be heard saying "shit on it". That meant forget about it. Anyway, since my Frankenstein has to have a little religion, I have to steal the heart of jjbrock, aka, Ann. Listen, an old Jewish friend was asked why he didn't put his children in a private school instead of subjecting them to the horrors of public schools. He said a person can't learn from running away. BAM! That's jjbrock. She doesn't run from the issues, nor thinks she's too good to talk about them. I like that in her.

Does Frankenstein need love? Sure he does, and that takes me to Mizrepresents & Raw Dog Buffalo. Look at that name, "Raw Dog". Come on now, even Frankenstein likes a little unprotected nookie - right? But see, Mr. Buffalo is a little too graphic for me, but his style is unique. I mean, just the other day he displayed a picture of a guy that had a dong that streaked down to ihs knee cap.... I kid you not. One day he was talking about having sex 4 times a day! Come on now, either he's a big liar or he's someone to be emulated - by some. Although I seldom read much of his stuff, I think my Frankenstein needs some of him... well, because he's nasty - I think? I think some people like being nasty?

Did I mention Mizrepresents? Sure I did, and she has a place in my Frankenstein. Who doesn't want to be sitting on the dock of the bay. I mean, Diane is sitting on the dock of the bay, waiting for her love boat to come in, and she writes about it. Her courage to admit her mistakes and faults, is an admirable quality. She writes about love in all it's splendor. She has a belief in God, and talks about how that belief has sustained her and guided her. My Frankenstein doesn't know where he's going because he doesn't have a brain, but Mizrepresents writes about her hopes and her strong convictions. Just the other day she put a red light in her window. No she didn't, she wrote a post called "Help Wanted". The post was basically about the type of woman she is, and what she needs in a man. I want my Frankenstein to be just like her... No Scrubs Allowed. I like that.
Did I mention that my Frankenstein has African roots. Are you kidding me, he has to have roots in the motherland. In walks TRYBES. He has visited my blog a few times and I was impressed. Although my Frankenstein might appear to be a ugly mess with all the stitches, he still likes to think there's someone for him. So I think ol'Frankenberry is going to speak several languages.
TRYBES brings that African culture and dialect to the table and the boy has swagger.

I thought long and hard on this next one. Since my Frankenstein doesn't have a brain of his own (not yet), he has to be a damn fool. So, what about a time called now? Frankenstein needs to know how to act like a fool. In certain neighborhoods a brotha gotta show his ass. In walks CareyCarey. Now this fool cracks me up. If nothing else I'm going to attach him to Frankensteins laugh box. I've heard the sound of his uncle Kingfish's laughter, maybe he laughs like him. I hope so. I'd like that.

Moving on.... My Frankenstein is a grandfather, and who's heart is better to steal than Keith's @ Keith's Space. He tells those stories that makes me want to go out and kiss a stranger. For real, Keith loves his old school music and is on time - everyday. The man is like my grandfather with this blog thang. Every day of the week my grandfather always went to work. Everyday of the week, Keith writes a post. I like that. My Frankenstein needs discipline

Long Pen has Frankenstein's blood in her. I mean, work with me, she's his granddaughter - okay. Don't think about that too long, because it doesn't make sense but hold on. The blogger Loud Pen, aka Long Pen, is feisty and young. Who doesn't want to be young again? Well, my Frankenstein wants a little of that juice. When I first met Long Pen, she was over in her corner crying like a baby. She was complaining about her status in the blogsphere. She has dreams of being "Beyounce, Ms. Blogbensky". She was told to just settle down and write. It was suggested that she not count the hits or comments, but to make the hits, if only for her own rewards of self expression. See, she stuck and stayed and that's called perseverance. My Frankenstein needs some of that. She's young and admittedly loud, but even ol'skools can learn a little something from those they are trying to mentor. Long pen is the voice of my Frankenstein, loud and brassy and she loves rap music. I like that. My Frankenstein is black, so he has to know how to dance, and I am sure Long Pen can shake her tail feather.

Maybe my Frankenstein is missing a bit of technical knowledge. Maybe I should look at Kit or UglyblackJohn or Field Negro? What about one of those snob blogs? Maybe a chit chat patty wak person? Everybody needs to be able to shuck & jive. Yes, even my Frankenstein.

I need help.

Remember, when you least expect it....... You might become part of my next Frankenstein, or his wife.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why DID I Think Of That?

"Here we go loopty loop, here we go loopty la, here we go loopty loop, all on a Saturday night".
Now, why in the hell did I think of that? I mean, that's an ol'skool song from way back in the day. I don't even know who sung it. I sure don't know the rest of the words. But follower me, this might get a little clearer.

Well, after Miz read my last post, she asked me what it was about. I don't know if she was jackin' with me or was trying to be funny. On the other hand, there IS a possibility that my post was absent of any connecting thoughts. Yep, I'll raise my hand. I've been a fool.

So today, here it is. What about a time called now? This post is about my dreams and your dreams, and do they come true.

Let me first explain that I do not believe in the spirits of Voodoo Women nor Hoodoo Women - okay. I give little thought to a black cat that crosses my path. I will kick that S.O.B square in his ass and tell him to go get his momma.

I can care less about someone trying to work roots on me. We all know about spaghetti - right? Come on now, if you don't know, ask your sista friend. Ask her about the spaghetti with the right sauce. But see, I don't believe it.

Friday the 13th ain't nothing but a horror film - to me. Jason, basin, chasin', they all sound like smoking crack - to me. So quit it, I ain't wit it.

Having said that, the other night I woke up in a good sweat. Well, I was having a dream that didn't set well with me. I should be embarrassed to say this, but I am not. If I were embarrassed, I'd be giving in to the goofy. Anyway, in my dream I was surround by 3 beautiful woman. Yes, we were in the bed. Yes we were butt naked. But that's not the problem. Now, I ain't trying to talk all nasty, but I couldn't perform - okay.

Stop laughing and listen to me. As I've said, I give little weight to dreams and all that mystic mess, but do our message come to us in our quiet times? There is a passage that champions that point.... "Be Still And Know That I am God.

Ut oh, what now! This is not a God post - relax. Yet, is there something to be said about our conscience? Isn't it the first quiet voice of reason that's easily pushed away? Isn't our conscience the small voice that's akin to David fighting the beastly enemy?

Sure, dreams do come true. Martin Luther King said it... "I've been to the mountain top" <-> "I have a dream".

However, upon deep examine of his dream, it's apparent he went through a process. He had a defined purpose and tackled it with conviction. He didn't listen to the naysayers and the popular opinion. He told others to walk with him or walk away from him. He shaped his dream. He prepared his dream with prayer. Regardless of what others thought of him, he stood strong. He could have flowered the masses with ambiguous statements, but he didn't. His dream wasn't culminated in a single dream. It didn't come to him in fragmented pieces in the middle of the night. Dreams do come true but........

Do you hear me? Can you feel me?

About once a week I reach in my pocket to buy a lotto ticket. Come on, that's really a fool's errand. The rewards of that dream has little chance of ever coming into fruition. That dream is like an old baron tree in the middle of the desert, it's fruit-less.

I wonder how many people have ever had dreams come true. I wonder if it was a bad dream or a good dream. More so, I wonder if there's subtle messages in our dreams? I am going to go back to my dream. I am going to see if I can find those three woman. I have a bug I want to but in their ears. But that's another story.

They say nothing comes to a sleeping man but a dream. Uuuumm, I wonder what they meant by that? Do dreams make sense and are they useful?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fools Welcome: Only if you raise your hand.

Why do birds fall in love? Why do they fall in love? Why do fools fall in love, why do they fall in love? Why do birds sing so gay and lovers await the break up day.

If you are still reading this post, you might be in good company. I mean, I did say "fools welcome". But let me explain. This is actually a recap. I was so taken aback by the comments from my last post, I had to clean up my house.

See, like any party in which a bunch friends drop by, my house was no different. But wait.... if you think you may have drifted to the wrong blog, you still have time to leave. This post is for fools only. But wait.... before you go, I want you to read the following:

Websters New World Dictionary & Sixty Six Reference Books: Definition of a fool -- A person that knows no sorrow. He is careless, callous, indifferent and never broken up or softened by conviction or sorrow for wrong doing. He is deficient in judgement, sense, or understanding. Easily deceived or duped. Willingly engages in buffoonery and trifling activity; despises wisdom.

Okay, if none of those characteristics apply to you, you may leave now. But wait..... one more thang. One day there was three leprous men sitting outside a gate. They were cast away because they had a problem that was common knowledge. Although some of the people inside the gate had worse problems than theirs, no one wanted to be considered leprous. As the story continued, the men thought that if they stayed outside, they would surely die. They all agreed that if they went inside, they could only be killed. They went inside - everyone was gone!

Who wants to be called a fool? Who wants to be associated with anything akin to being a fool. But truth be told, haven't we all been a fool? Haven't we all, at one time or another, been somebodies huckleberry? I mean, hasn't everyone been so pissed off, that they've showed their ass and acted like a damn fool? Although I am not a gambling man, I'd bet my left nut, to a nickel that everyone has been a fool.

Case in point..... you're still reading this post.

Have you ever visited a blog in which two individuals were debating and neither of them were listening to the other? Sure you have. I mean, although many bloggers proclaim they are open for discussion and debate, they ain't even trying to hear the words of the other person. Could that be considered something like HATING KNOWLEDGE and RESISTING INSTRUCTION?

In my prior post, did you read the passage from NikKi? If you did, you'd have to agree that she was referring to two individuals acting foolishly. I'd bet my other nut, that scenario is played out time and time again in the blogsphere and in life.

Who me... "yes you!". Couldn't be..... "then who!"

Okay, I'll lead the way. I've been careless and callous. At times I didn't care about another persons feeling. I certainly didn't care what they had to say, even though I knew they were trying to give me a little wisdom. Why listen to the instructions of another person - huh? They might have talked some sense into me. That's no fun. Why did they say that woman meant me no good? Hell, she was "good", but I digress. I wonder how many woman play the part of the biggest loser (a fool) by being in the company of a man they KNEW, was a rolling stone?

How about "Lie to me softly" or "use me, to do the thangs I do, just keep on using me, till you use me up". That sounds like a special kind of fool.

I realize this is not the kind of post that garners a lot of comments.... and I'll tell you why. Well, "Why do fools fall in love - why do birds fall in love"? Birds of a feather seem to flock together. I know.... I know.... well, the mirror is an ugly reality.
No one recognized the definition of a fool. One said, George Bush. Another identified the person as an AZZhole. Yet, someone else said it had to be a pimp or the devil. Several stopped by and simply shook their heads. I wonder what lurkers were thinking? Maybe they knew the fool, and didn't want to expose him/her to others. Many fools do not know they are a fool. They can only see it in others.

What about a time called now? Are you still reading? Do you qualify? Who's a fool? :-)