Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eddie Long Interview

I bid my Facebook and Google-Oogler friends a heartfelt hello! Click on the youtube clip and have a few chuckles. If you're not amused, don't shoot the messenger, I'm just presenting the news *smile*. Go ahead, click the dang thang.

Well, what did you hear? I don't know, but check this out.

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Monday, September 27, 2010


Sometimes I need a music break. There's no better way to soothe my soul than an old school slow jam.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Steve Harvey and Eddie Long: Exclusive interview

CareyCarey scores the big scoop. Exclusive interview

If you liked this humorous clip, I know you will enjoy the other one I did on this subject. It's called Pimps Up & Hoes Down *wink*. Right here...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Getting Late

Music break. I love love love this song. If I had to do it, I'd put it in my top ten

Check this one

Monday, September 20, 2010

EDDIE LONG PHOTOS? VBLOG video October 02, 2010, 10:38 PM

Ut OOOh, don't look now, but is Eddie up to his same old tricks? I'm not going to be the judge, but you can. Tell me what YOU see.... *chuckle *chuckle*



Up front and personal with Eddie Long. You gotta check it out.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

MONEY MONEY MONEY! WHO LIKES MONEY? Practice What You Preach, And Hold Your Hand Out.

I think most folks like money. It does serve a purpose, right? Well, in the basketball world, there was a player, Chris Mullen, that was so consistent with his long range jumper, that whenever he took a shot, the other players yelled "MONEY" or "LAYUP". See, a layup is the easiest shot on the floor, so "money" was like, money in the bank. In essence, the other players were saying his shot was a sure thing.

Today, this post is not about basketball, BUT to a large degree, money is on the table. Well, it's closely related to money, but more so about about the road to achieving great wealth. Now, of course wealth is subjective, but I am going to do my best Langston Hughes and Mr Simple to illustrate my point. But ooohhh baby don't you weep, because actual spending money, paperbacks(huge money), is at the end of this rainbow. So, I am going to drop a few secrets, if you're open, and decide to read along.

"Oh no Carey, don't tell me you're some type of financial advisor that's trying to sell us a get rich quick scheme"

No you silly rabbit, vanquish that from your mind. Put that cynic in you on hold, for a mere 4 minutes. After which, you can go back to questioning anything and everything that's not presently part of your world, or in your thinking pattern. Just follow along and see what you get out of this. Personally, I believe it's a layup. Well, I KNOW it is.

Langston Huges: Who knows the definition of EMPIRICISM?

Simple Freeman: That's when a person gets knowledge from money.

Huges: Well MadMoneyFreeman, that's not quite right, but let me explain. It's actually the doctrine that all knowledge is derived from sensory experience. In other words, it's the reliance on sensory observation and experience as the bases of knowledge.

Simple Freeman: Are you talking about smell & touch?

Huges: Yes, we actually have 5 senses of touch (feel), sight, hearing, taste, and smell.

Simple Freeman: Dats what I's was talkin' bout. When I see and touch money, I feel real good dat I had the knowledge to get me some.

Huges: *lol* Okay Freeman, but let me go a little deeper. What if I told you, I was on the cusp of an invention that brought a confluence of all our senses, at one distinct moments, which in turn would revolutionize a concept or activity that is already reaping billions of dollars?

Simple jjbrock, from The Old Black Church Wait, you ain't talkin bout some kind of devil worship... are you?

Huges: *LOL*... No Ms Ann, but in some circles empiricism has been defined as quackery.

Ms Ann: Oh, that's good, because when I hear folks talkin bout makin' a bunch of money and doing it in an instant, I think about a person selling his soul.

Huges: Well, some people will sell their soul for money, and money could be on the horizon, but hold up because a fool and his money will soon part. However, they first have to get it, and in this case, it's all about our emotions and our five senses.

Simple Simon: I have my emotions under control and I am b-bottom broke! And, you're starting to sound more and more like Langston Hughes.

Huges: And you sound like Jesse B Semple. Listen, you've been one of my loyal readers, and you visit every day. So since I can't visit your blog, I think I'll try to address your remark right now. See, although many people believe they understand their emotions, I'd bet one hundred dollars to a bag of pig feet, that the average person would have a hard time naming 30 emotions, and there are many. Aside from that, I wonder how many people know about the basic versus complex, where base emotions lead to more complex ones. There's a related distinction between the emotion and the results of the emotion.

Keith Damn man, you're going a little too deep for me.

Huges: I understand, and you are not alone. Anger, for example, can be a "by-product" of irritation, exasperation, rage, disgust, envy, torment, dislike, vengefulness, etc,. On top of that, there are what some consider to be advanced emotions, such as optimism, love, submission, awe, disappointment, remorse, contempt, and aggressiveness.

Keith: WOW, you're killing me! And I thought I knew something about my emotions.

Huges: I am not trying to kill you but, just like you, other people often behave in certain ways as a direct result of their emotional state, such as crying, fighting, thinking they are being killed, or fleeing the scene. If one can have the emotion without the corresponding behavior, then hey, we all would be better off. Yet, unfortunately, we don't always recognize the exact emotions we are dealing with, and consequently, we "move" before we think. Neuroscientific research suggests there is a "magic quarter second" during which it's possible to catch a thought before it becomes an emotional reaction. In that instant, one can catch a feeling before allowing it to take hold. Granted, a quarter of a second is lightening fast, but all goodbye is not gone. I mean, the sooner we understand the emotion, or identify the emotion, the sooner we have to act according, and hopefully, correctly.

Simple Kit, from Keep it thrill: Now look, I am not simple minded and I have worked with people with mental problems, but what does any of this have to do with making money, and the word empiricism? I have a degree, and much of this is not going over My head, but could you please break that down for a single mother with a flat bank account. I's need money.

Huges: *LOL*... I was going to ask you for a loan, but let me see what I can do with your question. Well, if you think about it, the more awareness/"senses", we use at one exact moment, it increases our understanding of what we are dealing with. Okay, let me break that down. For example, if I saw a glass sitting across the room that was filled with a liquid, I would first use might sight to determine what it was. Now, if I got closer to that glass, I might be able to smell what was inside. I've used 2 of my god given senses, sight and smell. If I touch the glass, I could discern rather or not it was hot or cold. Now, if I dare drink the liquid, I could really tell if it was my tea or my doo-doo. So, now I am only left with one more receptor. I could have determined if the liquid was hot by listening for certain sounds. If it was bubbling, crackling or sizzling, I might believe that's it hotter than your everyday doo-doo ( if my nose didn't work) and thus, decided not to taste it.

Kit: Now you're talkin', I think I am getting something.

Simple Moan, aka Moaniplicity She may have got something, but I am a poet and a writer, and although you may have waxed poetically, I am still at a quandary. I mean, since the word "experience" is part of the definition of empiricism, how does experience come into play. See, I am like Kit, I am not a field negro.

Simple Field Negro Hold up, I am a field negro, and I want all of you to read the following.

Older, familiar leaders such as Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond, are under challenge by a younger generation of bloggers known by such provocative screen names as Field Negro, the freeslave and African American Political Pundit. And many of the newest struggles are being waged online."~Howard Witt-The Chicago Tribune~

Cont...Field's words: and here's the 411 On The Field. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Raised in the house, but field certified. Jamaica is the land of my birth, but I consider myself a citizen of the world. I currently practice law in the city of "brotherly love". So, although I have a sheepskin, I am not apposed to hearing something that could put me and Mrs. Field in a cabin in the sky, and me out of this suit.

Huges: So you're that field negro they were talking about in The Chicago Tribune?

Field: Yes, and you can quote me or use anything I write anytime you wish.

Huges: *LOL*... Well, I've been told to beware of wolves in sheep's clothing... I mean, lawyers. But you appear to be an honest man. However, I have to tell you, I am thinking about having you and MadMoneyFreeman sign confidentiality statements *lol*. Nawl, just kidding. But tell me, you've had long nights sitting at tables, trying to prepare for tomorrows events. Wouldn't it be nice to reduce that time to a fraction?

Field: Come on, tell me what's on your mind.

Simple Miz of Misrepresents Would you please come on. Why is it that when men get together, they always start shuckin' & jivin'? I've had coffee with you and you never dropped this on me. You know I am looking for love, and I want to find out how I can put all my love, as you say, in one place, to get the full impact of the experience. I need love!

Hughes: Well Miz, I am trying to give you some love without putting my hands on you. Knowledge is love, so hold tight. See, Moan asked how experience plays into this thing. Well, many employers ask potential employees about their work experience, and consider that more important than their college credentials. When I think about experience, it's only important when the individual remembers what they've done in the past. As you know, I've experienced many adventures in my life. Some of which I want to forget, and to some degree, I have. But let me say that again... experience is only important, when the individual actually remembers what they've done in the past.

Words like WHOA! We are following the big black field negro, so lets get rolling, it's hot out here.

Huges: I am glad you guys stopped by, but patience is man's best virtue.

Anna Renne is Still Talking You shole is crazay! Well, at first I was with sister jjbrock, I thought you were about to whip out the devil, but although I still think you are crazy, like coolcrazy, I believe I am following you. I am also from the islands (like field negro) so we know voo-doo men when we see one, so come on, keep talking.

Huges: Your blog is a christian blog, isn't it? Anyway, I am about finished. If I am talking about the remembrance of something or an experience that has happened in the past, I first have to give deep thought to that experience. I mean, what exactly do I remember about it? Okay, here we go. In simple terms, the more a person remembers about a past event, it stands to reason, he will be more able to duplicate it. Now, I am getting ready to get out of here before I run my mouth a little too much, and thus, give away too many secrets. But think about an event from your past, and then see exactly what it is that you remember about it??? Now, how long did it take to remember the specifics of that event? I will assume that most of you remembered 2 or maybe 3 things about that event, and in many cases, it boils down to nothing more than a visual image. Here's the big bang, what if that memory included most of the five God given senses, and you were able to quick-set them to accomplish a goal, over and over again? If you agree that the more "senses" we use at one particular moment, the better we remember that event or moment, then, I believe you are on the right path to understanding the core of this post, and how EMPIRICISM can reap great returns. Empiricism is the key, and emotions play a big part.

Now, that's over, and you can stop reading, but if you do, you might miss something very important. Well, if you're ready to go a little deeper, lets go.

Why Did I Fire That Pistol?

They hurt me, so I had to fire back! The pain made me do it, but please let me explain.

But first, there's a saying that goes... you can't keep it, if you don't give it away. I've come to believe in that phrase. Well, although I have a few published poems, I am merely a closet writer. I consider myself more as a storyteller. I mean, I do not possess all the technical skills to consider myself a writer. My sentence structure is frequently faulty, and I couldn't tell you the difference between a dangling modifier and a prepositional phrase, yet, I love to express myself. Having said that, let me start with a true story.

See, I've often said that I do not write much social commentary. Reason being, I don't know much about anything, except my own struggles, and the lessons I've learned along the way.
Consequently, they say if you are going to write a book, you should write about something you know. Well, today I am not writing a book, however, in reference to the above phrase "give it to keep it", I have to give something away in order to keep what I've found.

Three very very short stories, which are very very true:

First: I heard the shot, I felt the combustion, it was a loud thunderous roar. It felt as if air was trying to force it's way through my head. Six told me that no one would be shot, we were only taking guns to scare them. I'd seen people shot on television but it was nothing like that. Blood was spurting from the man while he lay crying, and moaning on the floor. I was only 18, I was involved in a bank robbery and a possible murder.

Second: Smooth was cool, he wasn't like the winos that everyone poked fun at. He dressed sharp and everyone wanted to be like him. People said he wasn't a junkie, but he used Narcotics. Smooth was the talk of the town... all the women loved him. I would later find out why. I wanted to be like smooth but I couldn't. I already had a family and I didn't even smoke cigarettes. One of my brothers was a state wrestling champion. He told me that he was good because he worked hard at his craft, harder than others. He got up earlier than others, sometimes at 5 AM. Nobody knew what he was doing. He did it his way. I latched onto that idea. I was young, the world was in front of me and I wanted it all. I wanted to be cool like smooth, a family man like my father, tough as my brothers and go to college. Women whispered their pleasures to me and I entertained the possibilities. Cool was in me, it had touched my soul. I was about to travel a road that I could never have imagined. No one told me, they didn't know.

Third: I entered the bank after giving the appearance of a man shoveling snow outside. Bank robbery is relatively simple, there are seldom guards. It's the escape and entrance that harbored my concerns. Customers and pedestrians are unwanted factors. After placing my shovel outside the door, I entered the bank, without saying a word I handed the tellers a large bag, suggesting they should fill it. One clerk fell to the floor, she was too scared and weak to comply. The other, with eyes widened, trembling from shock and fear, stumbled through the process. I was covered from head to toe. They couldn't tell if I was a man or a woman, white
or black. I didn't say a word, I walked out.

Okay, although they were very short stories, they do, of course, have beginnings, middles and ending. But today, it's not about those stories, it's about my emotional state while going through that period of my life. Take for instance the title of the second part of this post "Why did you fire that pistol".

The "pistol" is my analogy for ones emotions and/or mouth. When I look back on my early life, I now know my decision making process was fueled by emotions that I did not know how to handle. More importantly, I didn't know the source of those emotion, and therefore I couldn't identify them, nor discharge them in a proper fashion. How could I? How can anyone fix a problem, if they do not know the root of the problem?
Analogy: My car is acting up, I hear a knock, but I don't know where it's coming from. How do I fix my car? It could be in the engine [my brain], or, it could be something that would fix itself over time [maturity]. But over time (because I didn't address the first knock [immaturity]), my car finally crashes, it was the engine, the driving force of my car [brain's thinking process]. Oh boy, now I really have problems. I need my car, and the knock was coming from deep inside the engine. Woe-is-me, I don't know a thing about this engine [my inner most self]. I am stranded in a dark place (on the side of a road), and I don't have a road map [knowledge of why I do the things I do]. I am going to have abandon my car [death], or dig deep in my engine to fix the one I have.

At first glance, the solutions for my dilemma would seem to be easy to find, right? I could ask for advice, but remember, I'm yet to figure out the problem, so what questions do I asks. What, I have a problem but I don't know what it is, but could you help me anyway? Hold on, that sounds like a dog chasing his tail. But don't make your move too soon. Believe it or not, everything we do is based on some type of emotion. Some are more subtle than others and some are more lasting, nevertheless, they rule us. But let me back up.

See, I was a very young father. I was a father at the age of 18. At that time I was still living in my parents home. After the birth of my daughter, my father told me to leave his home and go raises my family. He said there was not going to be any fatherless children in his family. I was young, dumb, immature and frightened. Yet, I followed his orders, I packed my things. I was a kid with a girl who was also immature. How could she not be? She was only 17. And we had a child. I had to find answers.

You know what, this post is getting very long. I don't think I can do it justice by trying to end it, just for the sake of trying to shorten it's length. But I haven't given away all that I must, in order to keep what I've received.
More importantly, although this was a long post, and I wrote it in a humorous tone, there are huge financial rewards inside this piece.

Come on Carey, what do you mean?

Well, I am pretty sure that only about 100 people will read this post, yet, from that group, I would bet my last dollar that all of them have heard something about the evolution of Facebook, and the money the creators have received from that endeavor. So, when I talk about huge money, I'm talking about that kind of money. But this is not about an invention or concept that has anything to do with the Internet. It has everything to do with a process that completes a task, one hundred times faster than the present way, and in a way that will revolutionize an industry that is presently reaping billions.

But Carey, why you? What's your qualifications to make such a claim?

Well, why not me and why not you? Did you hear of the Wright Brothers or Tyler Perry before they made their mark? You may have stumbled across something that's outside your wildest dreams.

But Carey, if all this be true, why would you give away something so valuable?

First, I don't need money. Granted, we all need money to survive, but I am comfortable in my present lifestyle. So, the journey and the pleasures that come from them, at this stage of my life, is more important to me than many may understand. And, as I said, I truly believe if I don't give away much of what I've learned, I will not keep what I have. That idealogy is deeply ingrained in my heart. And, in this case I am talking about sharing an idea that many people can be a part of.
For instance, some people are great writers, but they have not produced a successful novel. I am not a writer, consequently i'd need someone like that. Bundini Brown couldn't throw a punch, but he was Ali's protector and his inspirational corner man. Some individuals are retired, yet still have great minds and tecnical skills. They may be looking for an oppurtunity to find a new passion and purpose in life. Who couldn't use someone with great thinking skills? Some people have great communication skills, yet are sitting at deadend jobs that bores them to death. Presentations skill are a must in any business venture.
In short, I've always believed there's a gift in everyone. They just have to find their fit, and take a few chances while believing in themselves.

So, leave a comment, ask some questions or hit my e-mail and maybe we can talk.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SEEING BEYOND RACE: Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?

Baa baa black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir yes sir three bags full; One for the master, and one for the dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane.

They say, no historical significance can be attributed to that nursery rhyme. Yet, I am left to wonder? There IS a master, a dame, and a boy. There's also a pecking order. Could this be the evolution of "The black sheep of the family"? Uuuuummm!

I have many thoughts that leave me in quite a quandary, and there are many things I should be doing today but I am consumed by the current events. There's trouble in our land. There's a planned March on Washington replete with a gumbo of hatred, indifference, ignorance and racial overtones. Various factions have stockpiled their armor of vengeance and finger pointing that will most assuredly leave a ball of confusion.

I am not a soothsayer nor a mind reader, however, I believe I can predict a few dreadful occurrences that will permeate the air during the celebration of Martin Luther King's signature speech, I Have A Dream. Unfortunately, since history has a way or repeating itself, I do not think I have to tell anyone the ending to that upcoming affair. Before the end, there will be muggers, mean-muggery and thuggery within all races. There will be grandiose peacocks pontificating the chosen elixir of their audience. The police will be there with handcuffs in hand, waiting for the right shoe to drop. It's an old story that needs little narration. We've all heard that song before.

In fact, many years ago, black people were lead out of their deep dark dungeon of Egypt to a promised land. Some time later, in 1863, a troubled president by the name of Abraham Lincoln came to the decision that he had to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. But see, on the eve of THE NEW march on Washington, some people want "their" land back and others are crying for something else. Martin Luther King said it best:

"There's sickness and trouble in the land, confusion all around.
But I know somehow, only when it's dark enough can you see the stars. And
I see God working in this period of the 2o th century, in a way that man, in
some strange way are responding. Something is happening in our
world. The masses of people are rising up. And where ever they
are assembled today, whether they are in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nigerian,
Kenya, Ghana, New York City, Atlanta GA, Jackson Mississippi or Memphis
Tennessee, the cry is always the same... we
want to be free."

What is freedom? Well, I am sure we all have stories of struggle. It's been said that if a man controls your mind he controls you. I am not the type that blames others for my faults. However if a person's dreams and hope are deferred by limited exposure, who's to blame? Maybe no one; because in doing so, we look back not forward.

When I think about the dreams of my grandfather, (upper picture) six generations past, I know he looked forward to a day in which he would no longer be a slave, and that day came, In 1865 he was released from slavery in Kentucky and moved north. While a slave he was responsible for the care of the farm animals. He was in essence and animal doctor. Skills in hand, he headed North. He settled into a white community on the banks of Mississippi River in northern Illinois.

Generations later, my great-grandmother's dream was to simply go to school. She never had the opportunity, she raised 10 children while working along side my grandfather as sharecroppers. One of my mother's dreams was to go to high school and graduate. She did that. I was talking to my daughter this morning and we conversed about my grandson. Her voice made me stop and think of a dream my wife shared with me, See, my daughter was not planned. My wife became pregnant while we were in high school. There was talk of abortion and adoption. We married and struggled as young parents, yet we shared dreams and passed them along to our children.

My daughter went back to Kentucky, not as a slave, nor to find her roots, but as a student at the University of Kentucky. My wife passed away six months before the birth of our grandchild.
While talking to my daughter she told me that my grandson, Carey , who is 6 years old, said that he and Obama were just alike. My daughter said, yes, you are both black. He declared, "NO, MOMMY! We are both presidents."

His school held class elections to familiarize students with the voting process; he was voted president of his 1st grade class. Ignoring the comparison that most adults would make, my grandson focused on something greater than race. He was proud of the fact he won the presidency. He knew the job of president was important, yet too young to understand the significance of skin color in the past election.

It wasn't important to him that they shared a color. He was proud of the fact that he was good enough to be president. Maybe one day it will cease being a big deal. My grandfather didn't look back, he moved away from his past. I have a grandson, his name is Carey. I don't know what's going to become of the clash in Washington. However, there are a few things I know, and a few that are out of my control.

God willing, my grandson will get up in the morning and take his bath. He will remain a kid until the time is right for him to take on the worries of the world. And.....

He will go to school on Monday and learn a little something and play with his friends. He's not worried about the march on Washington. And.....

One day he will have to pass down his own torch. He's working on being a good man. But......

Before he passes his touch, his uncles will continue to sit around the family table discussioning the great issues of reality. And.....

The matriarchs will be there. It's a family affair. And....

His mother (in middle, making silly face) along with his aunts, will be there. They will add a young black female perspective to his future plans. And, through it all, life goes on.

The Streets of Washington DC will return to it's previous state. Everyone will go back to doing their own thing. Hustling clothes or sleeping on a bench, few things will change.

Some will not be around very long. And....

In spite of the ongoing affairs in Washing DC., new babies will be born.

I don't know what's going to happen in Washington, or when you're reading this, but I know I have to keep on keeping on. When the call comes......

I have my bags packed. And....

Since I opened with a children's rhyme, here's one to close the show.

This old man , he played one, he played knick knack with his thumb, with a knick, knack, paddy whack, give this po dog a bone; this old man came rolling home (and I'm tired).

This old man, he played two, he played knick knack with my shoe, with a knick, knack, paddy whack, give this dog a bone; This old man (CareyCarey) came rolling home. Washington DC is not on my mind, I have other things to worry about, that's beyond race.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I heard a bunch of negros being played like black pawns. So, Obama did what? Nigga please, where do you get your news? From what I am hearing, you got your misguided opinions from another negro, and you didn't look very deep. And then you all joined hands.

Yelp, another case of monkey see, monkey see doo-doo. If all they heard be true (WHICH I DOUBT), my question is, why are they playing in that mess?

Try this at home. When you find yourself in a conversation with another person, start talking negatively about someone of something, and then notice what the other person does. You guessed it, 90% OF THE TIME THEY WILL FOLLOW SUIT. Because people usually give us what we give them.

Really, try this at home. Give someone a smile and I bet you get one back. Even a stranger will return a smile. On the flip-side, mean-mug someone and I bet you do not receive a smile. That's just simple human behavior.

Now, lets move on to the firing of the USDA official that just happens to be a black woman. And, read my previous post on "Banjo Playing Negros". In that post, I spoke of those that are quick to vilify President Obama for any perceived error on his part. And, at the same time they are quick to say they're a staunch supporter. Now wait one minute. To me, that sounds like some fence straddling sh*t. If that's not the case, I have to question the motive behind their negative opinions and rants about him. I mean, what's the risk, and what's the reward.

The risk is, one dirty face takes away 10 "atta-boys". And again, there are more followers than there are leaders. Shouldn't we praise in public and admonish in private? Should the risk out weigh the reward? More importantly, the risk is always a given - negative attracts negative - so shouldn't the reward be given a keen eye? It should at least have a value! No value, no reward. Consequently, if the reward pales in comparison with the risk, it's nothing more than a fools errand to continue down a misguided path. I mean, if a person does not know what they are looking for, it's very doubtful they will ever find it.

Now, back to the firing of the USDA official. I heard it said that if a person only listens to and trusts the conventional sources of news and information, they are not going to the right source.

Skepticism and mistrust should led a person to always look up the information or theories people present. It's basically the development of the scientific mindset... And, "A good scientist is observant and notices thing in the world around him/herself. (S)he sees, hears, or in some other way notices what’s going on in the world and becomes curious about what’s happening".
By doing a deep investigation of the motives and opinions of others, a person can actually come to a qualified conclusion.

Continued.... The problem is MOST people will watch one documentary, believe everything, and stop there. They might take action, but when they actually try to explain to someone else why they are taking action, they realize they don't even know why they are taking action. They give up because they still only have the band-aid of knowledge. That is the problem that lies behind someone getting their information from the wrong source. That's the problem! They got it from a source, instead of exploring all there is on the topic from all sides. If they do that, then they come to their OWN conclusions based on all the information they've seen and can actually BELIEVE in it and defend their beliefs.

And, this scientific process repeated over and over in different areas of interest leads to a love of gaining new knowledge and insight. And that leads to truth. The end result is the learned ability to quickly weed out what is NOT true from their sources and to quickly recognize truth.

So, I've been reading some of the limber mouth rhetoric of some of our black naysay negro brothers and sisters. They've been ranting that Obama did this and that, to this poor black woman. Now mind you, little or nothing of what they are saying is rooted in any facts, but nevertheless, they are quick to point a glaring stare at Mr Obama. I am asking those misguided bobbin head Uncle Toms and Tomettes to tell me where they are getting their information and how much of it do they believe to be true. Because if it's not fact based and not voiced to persuade other to dance on Obama's head, then they need to check themselves.

One such negro even had a list of other black folks that Obama supposedly fired. I couldn't understand the purpose behind that list. Were they saying Obama should never fire a black person, or they had read all the issues behind those unjust firings? I don't know, but I doubt they are ignorant enough to imply that black folks never do anything wrong? And I doubt they can tell me the issues behind most of the individuals on their list. Or at least not with any in depth knowledge.

If this shoe does not fit don't wear it. But Nigga please, if this shoe does fit, why don't you sit down a while before you speak. Don't be so prone to jump on a bandwagon before you know where it's going, and why it's going in that direction. Get your own map, and map your own direction. Then you'll be standing on facts instead of porous opinions, or some sh*t you heard on CNN or Fox news.

Fools go where wise men tread not. But if you like swimming in popular opinion and getting screwed along the way, keep your head down, and your back bent. Somebody will come along with a smile and give you what you want. Then you can drop to your knees and sing the old niggerette spiritual, "Free at last, free at last, great googlemoogle, I got it up my A$$".

Some negros love to drink a little wine and talk on the tele-negrophone. Monkey see, monkey do, the doo-doo.

IF IT WAS RIGHT ON MONDAY, IT'S RIGHT NOW: Some folks think they can do it better than HE

There was an American animated television series featuring Tooter Turtle and The Wizard. Mr. Wizard lived in a tiny cardboard box at the base of a tall tree (something like The White House). Tooter would knock on the cardboard box, to ask another favor. From inside the box, Mr. Wizard would shrink Tooter small enough to enter through the box's front door, and eagerly invite him in. Mr. Wizard has the magic to change Tooter's life to some other destiny, usually sending him back in time and to various locales. Since none of Tooter's alternate lives ever worked out, the moral of each segment was always the same: "Be satisfied with your lot."

When Tooter's trip finally became a catastrophe, he always called out the same thing, "Help me, Mr. Wizard!" Mr. Wizard would rescue him with the incantation, "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home." Then, Mr. Wizard would always give Tooter the same advice: "Be just vhat you is, not vhat you is not. Folks vhat do zis are ze happiest lot." Tooter never learned, though.

Okay, this post is about The Wizard & Tooter Turtle and the presidency, and some folks that believe they know all the complexities of being The President of The United States.... because fools go where wise men tread not.

On the surface, this post is about being a fool (who's really the fool). Underneath that, it is about holding up a mirror. A mirror to our souls/behavior is what this post is really all about.

Although the fool has many qualities, they're exhibited in many forms. I use my blog to see how people will respond in face to face encounters. Even though people can hide behind a screen, human behavior seldom changes. In my "day job" I encounter people that are resistant to change, and the blogsphere is no different. So, this post is about me trying to find a common theme in those that rationalize their wrongdoings (and I am the first to raise my hand). I use those messages. It helps me prepare a rational analysis, so that I can use that information to maybe suggest an error in "their/my" judgement/thinking pattern. I know no one wants to be a fool, so I was listening to how they classified/rationalized their foolishness. However, being a die hard fool depends on how often a person engages in foolishness.... in ALL it's glory.
On a side note, you know I've been telling my life story for many years. This blog is an extension of that.

Remember... be what you is and not what you not, those that do that, are the happiest lot. Try to find out if you're happy or not, OR if you're a cynic that cries a lot.

********************************THE NEW WIZARD********************************

The New Wizard (President Obama) says: "I am granting wishes today, so who will be the first turtle to find their destiny?"

The horse mouth Harvey says: "Hey prez, since I am the love doctor, I want to be the president of The United States. I want to spread love and unity to get this country back on the right path"

The new wizard: First, didn't you read those letters on my suit? Recognize that I am the Wizard and the HNIC and the president, so act like you have some damn sense and address me with respect. My name is Mr. President. But listen, asking you for advice on love, is like asking Jack The Ripper for a band-aid. Yes, he's going to produce a band-aid, and cut your damn throat at the same time. What would your past nine wives have to say about you being the love doctor? Yep, you cut them deep and low. There will be those that will follow you, but I am left to wonder why? However, you want to be the president? Okay... **POOF**

The little turtle that wanted to be the president was off to spread the new president. His first stop: All the black folks of the US. After a very short period, he didn't want to be the president any more.

The horse mouth turtle: "Help me, Mr. Wizard! They are killing me"

The Wizard: "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home. Boy, didn't I tell you to be what you is, and not what you are not? You must have discovered a few disadvantages of being the president. First, love don't love nobody - huh? I also saw your HBO special "quit trippin, God ain't done with me yet". Consequently, in spite of your new found faith, I bet some people would not let you forget your past. I can assume they mentioned your education, your momma, and your daddy and your wife. And, your vernacular was probably "too black" for some. Some folks even said you were too rich to understand their problems. I bet some people even took shots at your religion. Yep, I've heard all those cries. Love is a funny thing, and cynics will never find love, no matter how hard you try. So, tie your horse to a wagon, and let me do my job. Who's next?

The Hammer: "You have not touch this, Mr. Wizard. I mean, what about us black folks? You have not stood up for our personal needs, so I want to be president so I can to show the world how a natural black man gets the job done. And remember, you can't touch this.

The Wizard: "First, I wouldn't want to touch that! But, wasn't you the guy that had millions of dollars before you decided to participate in the negro side-walk show? You know, showing everybody how black you were by buying cabins in the sky, and having a large entourage of black groupies? Not to mention your choice of clothes. Gosh, that must be a black thang. Besides, although I admire your ability to rise from being George Steinberger's bat boy, you failed to look at the big picture. You listen to those that said me me me, and lost your spot, and now you're just the proud black hammer, that had a reality show. But, if you want to be the president... **POOF**... Go touch that!"

The proud black hammer was off to show the world how to represent the black voice. Every issue that involved a black person, his intent was to throw caution to the wind. He had decided to tell the world to let his people go. However, he soon was crying worst than Keith Sweat, Jimmy Swaggard and Arsenio Hall in Harlem nights.

The Black Hammer: "Lawd help me. Help me Mr. Wizard. These folks are hanging me!"

The Wizard: "Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for this boy to come home. So hammer, you were going to get your black stride on -huh! How does it feel to succumb to the pressures of black folks that want to be considered AMERICANS, and black on the side? Well, they talked about your momma like she was a 10 dollar ho, with a 2 dollar p**** and a rubber a**hole. Yep, I've been there. Our issues are not exactly the same, but my blues is just like yours. And, I bet you didn't know I could cus? Nigga please, don't let that Harvard degree fool you. I was born and raised in the Brier Patch. You know I was ostracised for much of my life. In Hawaii, they have a special name for our type.

Anyway, even though you'are a black man, they said you were too rich to relate to their problems, but I see you tried to broach the subject of racism. Well, that's when they really greased the hanging rope. When you said that police officer (in the Skip Gates case) acted stupidly, some folks said you were stepping outside the boundaries of the presidency. And other folks said you should have never invited that man to the white house. On all the "black issues" you had clowns on the left of you, and jokers on the right. Some people said you were giving preferential treatment to black people. That reminds me, I saw those negros that said I wasn't filling their needs. They were throwing rocks, and NOT their government checks. They were riding in nice cars, and not those clunkers they turned in. Nor did they cry about the grants that help their children through college. I didn't see anyone knocking down their nice house and a glass ceiling.

Yes, I saw them in the crowd throwing sticks and stones, when they should of been at the tea party, telling them which way to go. They just talk without questioning the risks verses the rewards. I wish they would question their motives, and then see how their venting is working for them. Maybe they are just searching for a listening ear to cry on. But what's the reward in that??? And what's the risk?

See, you said "you can't touch this". Now they are calling you Can't-Get-Right. Even your supposed allies, white and black, said we are all just Americans... blind of color. But, when you said black, some folks jumped back. When you said "Americans" some negros cried... what about us?

So do your thang hammer time, but be what you is and not what you's not, leave the driving to me, or you could get knocked-out. Who's next?"

Chris Rock: Hold up Mr. Wizard, I mean Mr. President, I ain't trying to be nobodies fool and nobodies president. I've been there and done that. I mean, I was the star of the movie Head Of State, so I know what you're going through. Look at my teeth, I think they put something in my water, and I couldn't trust anyone. They used the guilt by association trick, and the divide and conquer ploy. They solicited influential black businesses, black bloggers, and black politician to sway the minds of those that are natural cynics and born again haters. Even some of my so called supporters berated me when I spoke to my friends, or went to places that didn't meet their approval. You know, just like when you visited The View. Also, in the movie, my brother was Bernie Mac, which caused an uproar because of his occupation. I couldn't get a break. I know you've been there.

I love you man. You have been the best role model for my children (and any person of color) that a black man could ask for. You've shown millions of black childrens how to overcome adversity and the sky is the limit. So, I am not going to be foolish enough to believe I know more than you. So you can drizzle your drazzle and druzzle your drome, but I am already home. I am a black man in America, and I know what that means.
The President: "Stop it Chris, you're going to make me cry. Bring your kids by my house. Lets sit down and have a beer.
Listen, as president of the United State, I think I can say this with conviction. I don't believe there is a truly "thinking" man or woman who could legitimately claim or believe the request to "watch the motive of others" regarding the public flogging of a President can compare to what some would call "hero worship", and/or compare the request to the blind devotion some folks have demonstrated in regards to Kwame Kilpatrick and Marion Berry.
The same folks who had the audacity to offer that half-ass video of Shirley Sherrod are still out there, on the case, in their war rooms, plotting and strategizing. In fact, they have always been on the case, for their team! It's time for us to think, stay focused and understand what is going on and what the stakes are and always have been.
Choose a team! And remember what our ancestors knew, "It was never just a game!" Just cause some folks say it's only "politics" doesn't mean it is!

What will they say when our troops are brought home from Iraq? In the end, move with caution and don't be nobodies fool"
There was an American animated television series featuring Tooter Turtle and The Wizard. The Wizard lived in a tiny cardboard box at the base of a tall tree (something like The White House).

Big Mark 243 For those who support him, they find comfort in that. For those who irrationaly hate on him, well I did say it was irrational, their hate.

KevinsTeeTee: I'm sure this post is more geared towards the individuals who appear to argue for the sake of doing so without any rhyme or reason. And I've come across those who just have to be right even if it means compromising themselves long term from people wanting to converse with them. Or maybe they'll find people who think like them (e.g. think Rush Simp-baugh) and grab a soap box and start preaching their brand of 'truth' to those who are already in that realm of thinking...

BigmacInPittsburgh Took me a second or two to get it but good post! Trying to get some of the arm chair critics to be understanding of their criticism is like hitting your head upon a brick wall. Most of those critics you speak of have not a clue of the real world. Most will believe everything the media throws at them and they don't have a clue to WHY.

Carey: Most of my posts are about mistakes I've made. It's been my hope that others may learn from my journey and possibly see themselves in me. See, I've been a zip fool. To change, I first had to accept that and then find those qualities that might keep me back there.Without rationalizations or excuses.... my hand is raised. And, I have not arrived.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ONE YEAR LATER: Black Women Please, Why Are You Still Crying That Same Old Blues?

What you are speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say! Ladies please, can we have a serious discussion on the ways of some black women?

I do not do this very often but today I have to talk about relationships. In particular, those black women that can't seem to find love no matter how hard they try. Someone said they may be using the wrong bait?

Actually, over one year ago, I wrote about this as a guest blogger @ Rippa's house.

And see, as bloggers, we talk a lot of sh*t, and sometimes we don't go back to see if our words left any lasting impressions, or if they rang true. Consequently, I am going to go back to see if I have to eat my words or eat crow.

**Pssst, get close to the screen so I can whisper something in your ear. Okay, I don't think I am going to have to eat my words on this one. Some women are very predictable***

Now I am not a relationship guru, yet I am a single black man in America, so it's natural that some things have been starring me right in my face. Well, it's become apparent to me that the majority of RiPPa's readers are females, and he says he love them all. But see, although I respect him and his readers, and do not want to offend anyone, I gotta do my thang. I mean, some may take this personally, but if nobody told you that they loved you, I do.

Can I be serious for just a few moments? Is that okay?

I just have a few questions that is burning in my soul.

Tell me...

Can a man be so undesirable that it's likely he will never find a good woman?

I am leaning towards yes. Well, what about a woman - huh? Is it possible that some women will not be able to catch a man even if she was locked in a penitentiary with a thousand men? Silly I know - it is a stretch isn't it - but let me tell you a little story...

I was lured to a woman's house. The particulars of that enticement are not important, but when I got there, things weren't right. Addendum: (I was there to conduct a business transaction that had nothing to do with sex) She lit a few candles and turned on some soft music. The look in her eyes told me she wanted something other than the purpose of my visit. But wait.... I didn't say why she really fired up the candles. It would be wrong for me to tell her business, but again, something was askew. This wasn't my first rodeo, so I shifted into auto pilot. Before I had a chance to lay down my magic to tell her why I had to rush away, she appeared from a darkened room. She wasn't wearing a damn thang, and things were still askew. When I grabbed my hat and shook out my coat, she said, "What?... you don't like p*ssy?"

Now I am not going to tell the end to that story (lol), but, is it possible that a man can be tricked into a relationship or be mislead, and thus, have the right to terminate it when he pleases? For instance, aside from the many other trickerations that woman employ, what good is a woman that can't cook - huh?! Somebody has to tell me, because isn't that like a car without tires? Where are we going? Where... to bed, then what? Okay, we're in the bed, we do the thang and then we're hungry. It's 3 am and there's no leftovers because she doesn't cook. I am sorry, but isn't that what prostitutes are for... hit it and be on with it? They don't cry about being dumped or used. We don't hear Sugar daddies expressing feelings of being manipulated. So why do so women believe the groove thang is the highway to heaven?

I know I've taken a few liberties by embellishing a couple of small details, but this is a serious issue. Seriously, some woman are crying in the dark and I need to know why. I am of the opinion that a person gets what they give. I mean, granted, love is what love do, but a person can't find love with a fly swatter. Hold up.... I simply mean, birds of a feather seem to flock together. Consequently, if a person is drawing flies.....

I am relatively sure there are some women that agree with me. See, they see all the disguises women use, and hear their cries about the man waking up, and walking out - forever. Now see, all that unpleasantness could be averted if women didn't come through the door wearing a costume - out of season. Come on now, for real, that hair from South East Asia and Nicaragua, looks real good. Not to mention those push-up bras and fake eyelashes. I mean, those are disposable items and not a part of the original package. When those thangs come off, the game done changed. Thus, some men have to respond. They changeCheck Spelling right with it, and catch their hat - forever. Wouldn't it be easier for women to stop crying about being dumped, and instead, dump all the games. Cleaning her house would be a good start. Stop hiding men under her bed would be another great place to start.

I am not trying to tell all my business, but a woman once told me she likes her pleasure without protection. I said, "damn baby, I ain't trying to be baby daddy # 4". She said she didn't mean she wasn't protected. She said she had her own thang. I told her I wasn't trying to be funny or disrespectful but..... "it appears your own thang has not been working". Then again, maybe it was working. I mean, what's up with women that have multiple babies by several different men? Is that what it takes for some women to keep men around. Then again, what type of man are they attracting?

Seriously, this mess ain't funny, and Congress ain't talking about it, neither are most women.

Don't believe me? Turn on Oprah and see what she's talking about. Turn on Dan Blather and see what he's talking about. Tyler Perry is talking, but who watches that coonery? We need to talk. Am talking about the real thang.

I personally know some women who will not accept a man who does not earn a specific salary. Yeah, and then they holler... "There aren't enough good men!". To be fair, and honest, there are men with the same mindset. The begging question: Is that wrong? Hey, come on now you know it, I can be broke and miserable by myself.

Maybe it's me, but I am tired-tired-tired of hearing women moan when they ain't bringing nothing to the table but a groove thang, a funky attitude, or an unrealistic check list. Maybe it's just me but I have a sneaking feeling I am not alone. Trick & Treat is on October 30th of every year. but some women keep the mask on - year round. See, we need to talk, cause something just ain't right.

Something just ain't right in the old hen house. Can we talk? Well, I think I'll let Ray Charles sing a little something that we've all heard.

And again, this post ran about a year ago. Hit the link (above) to read all the comments... near 100. And, don't blame me for the picture, that's RiPPa's doing.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Can I make it up to you. I'll find a way. Can you give this foolish man one more start.


I say this with all the conviction in my heart. If it wasn't for God's grace, I wouldn't be here today. If I was left up to run this ship, my ship, I would still be where I was, and that was not a very good place. I had all the material things a man could ask for. Yet, I lost focus on the most important things in life. That's a long story for another day, however, my motto is "What About A Time Called Now"