Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Do Not Remember Days, I Remember Moments.

A friend of mine endured 30 years of an abusive marriage. She's moving forward, those days are behind her. This is her moment.

My Moment

My dreams had almost faded away
How many times did I cry?
I look back and I wonder why

It seemed so hard
My heart was ripping apart
I can’t live, I must die

Inside me, I was dying
My body was falling apart
A raft I could not find

In the shadow of my life
My moments when I’m all alone
In my times of need, I can not feel

It’s cold, I go to the storm of my day
Looking, longing, wanting the savior to come my way
Where is my friend?
Why do the tears run down my face

I’m still searching for me
Within this lonely place
A longing for peace within
I still struggle

I will not let the devil win this battle!
I will not allow him to steal my joy!
No, I can’t!

God gave “this” to me!
This has to stop!
Tears no more
Grateful is my new roar.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

To Kill A Mockingbird and Nigger Jim: Great American Classics My Ass!

It alway amazes me how some topics can be the big news of the day, filled with heated debates, but yet, fade into the background while the beat goes on. Gil Scott Heron has died and his voice...  well, read on and see what I mean.

I couldn't believe the raging debates on yes Nigger Jim or no Nigger Jim. Well, in the first place, I never understood why "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "The adventures of Huckleberry Finn" are considered American classics. What, classic vehicles to carry the message...   it takes good white folks to rescue dem po dumb darkies,  I  mean niggas jims? Uh huh, and in the end the darkie still gets screwed. Ummmm, what's the message?

Oh yeah, I heard the cry of some of our 2011 negros....   "Lawdy Lawdy....   don't take Nigger Jim out of  The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn".  Look, I am not going there today because that sh*t pisses me off.   Well, I had one person tell me the following...

"We should have it so that our children ask us 'why they call him Nigger Jim' and for parents to be able to explain the dynamic of racisim and what that crap implies"

Now, if that's not a paper thin stupid argument, I'll kiss your ass. Let's see, if I'm not mistaken, the word "nigger" is presently being used and has been used for nearly 200 years or more. So, we should keep it in Huck Finn to teach our children the dynamics of racism?  Get the f**k out of here. If our children's learning tool on racism and the word "nigger" is relegated to The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, that child and it's parents are destined to be well below the curve. And check this, some folks believe removing the words "Nigger Jim"  is an attempt by white folks to whitewash history.  Again I say, GTFOOH.  There are millions of source material that highlight the word "nigger" and displays racism in all it's glory. But they are not considered Classic American novels, that are mandatory reading in Jr High Schools (middle school). The "whitewash" argument makes no sense at all.

But check this, I do have a few questions:  Why is Gil Scott Heron in jail for killing a freakin' mockingbird?

No folks, not Jill Scott, Gil Scott Heron. What, you haven't read about this? I bet you've heard of Nigger Jim and Edgar Allen Poe.

Well, I know you've seen - or heard - of Sex In The City, but what about Black Thighs?
Huh, what,   don't tell me you've never read Black Thighs?

Surely you've read The Night Before Christmas - but what about - Before The White Man Came? Yep, you've seen Message In A Bottle, but what about Message To The Messengers? Who wrote the words to that poem and what was the message? Hint: It was a message to rappers by the Godfather. Nope, not James Brown nor "Don" Vito Corleone.

Okay, maybe this is not fair. Maybe all of your novels and books of poetry were stolen be Nigger Jim or got lost in the washing machine or in the brainwash. But I'm just saying, I am sure you've heard about Broke Back Mountain, but what about On Coming From A Broken Home, huh? Have you read that? Surely you've heard of Hill Street Blues, but what about The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues? Come on now folks, Woman Are From Venus And Men Are From Mars - right.  Okay, let me hear it, Whitey On The Moon...    answers, questions, give me a line or two?

Damn, don't take this ass whoopin personally but sing along with me, I know you know the song...   "home home on the range, where the dear and the antelope play, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are all sunny all day". Okay, do you know the words to "Home Is Where The Hatred Is"?

Well, if you've been stumped, it's gimme time. I mean, who hasn't seen "Waiting To Exhale", but what about "Waiting For The Ax"? Come on, I know you've heard about the old negro and his Uncle Tom's Cabin, but what about the words from "The Klan"....    huh, have you read them?

You guys are starting to piss me off. But maybe I am speaking to the wrong crowd?  So I'll direct my attention to the old school audience. Now, which of you has not taken a quick peek at the soap operas All My Children and The Guiding light? Okay, but what about the lyrics from Save The Children and The Guided? Wait, I have an easier one. Everybody knows a little something about Days Of Our Lives, but what about "Lady Day And John Coltrane"? Do you know anything about that literature?

I am so sorry, how could I have been so careless. I should have made this a black thang. Okay, here we go. Er'body has danced to the Sooooul Train, but what about Your Soul And Mine. I mean, have you heard of that? But wait, who can forget Denzel Washington's performance in Walter Moseley's Devil In A Blue Dress, but do you know anything about "Me & The Devil"? Huh, have you heard of that?

Oh lawd, I am crying because this ass whoopin is hurting me more than it's hurting you, but I can't stop this train. No, not the soul train, this train of thought.

Speaking of a thought, I am thinking about writing Oprah to make a few suggestions. See, she has this book club thing. Well, although she has included a few books written by black folks, I'd like to included a few must read selections, you know, American Classics.  Granted, she has championed the popular black writers like Toni Morrison , Bill Cosby, Maya Angelou, Pearl Cleage, Lalita Tademy, Sidney Poiter and a few others, but those are feel good authors. I mean, they're "safe" authors. But I have to admit that I did love two of Toni Morrison's book and A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines, and I Know Why A Caged Bird Sings... but let me get back in form.

Instead of Oprah reaching out to William Faulkner (his 4th), I think she would be the greatest black woman that has ever walked this earth if her next three books were by Gil Scott Heron, The Last Poets and Paul Mooney.

Hey, if a lying white dude can get on Oprah's list, why can't she give the drummer some...  a black drummer leader?   If Gil Scott Heron, who has his masters degree from John Hopkins University, can go to jail for killing a mocking bird, surely we can throw him a bone by checking out his 2010 I'm New Here, and all of his earlier classics. Besides, we all could use a little history lesson, can't we?

Er'body knows about Juneteenth and Martin Luther Kings Birthday. What about the American poet and author Gil Scott Heron? Okay, maybe he didn't kill a mockingbird or Harper Lee(the author of To Kill A Mockingbird), but why is her book considered an American Classic? Is it because her book championed the thought that it's the American way of life - (always has been) - that white folks are superior to black folks.  And, from what I read, the messages is...   it's standard procedure to mistreat po colored folk?

I know the name of another book that's considered an American classic...  yeah, freakin'  Hucklebuckin' Nigger Jim.  As a young student, I was required to read that mess. Who can forget that fine reading pleasure.  I still have scars  And some folks are screaming "LEAVE NIGGER JIM ALONE'.  They say, to remove the "nigger"  from Jim's first name, would be akin to whitewashing history.  Uuuuummmm, yeah, I know, it sounds like somebody has been brainwashed and whitewashed.
I don't know why the caged bird sings but I know every closed eye ain't sleep. My eyes have seen the glory...  what about you? Pick out and pickup a few good books and read them to - and with - your children.

This post was inspired by my friend Maxine Beneba Clark http://slamup.blogspot.com/ .  All of the above titles are the works of Gil Scott Heron and Maxine - from Australia - has written a collection of poetry... Gil Scott Heron Is On Parole

Her latest post is titled, Being Alice Walker's Daughter. Check it out - her blog - and checkout her book.

And, who is the man behind this blog? Well, if you care to know, I am in the following clip. Yelp, surprise surprise, I run my mouth for a living.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't know why theses things pop in my head when they do but...

"Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!

"I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear god, I’m here. I’m here

"You a low down dirty dog, that’s what’s wrong. Time for me to get away from you, and enter into creation - Celie, FROM THE COLOR PURPLE

Okay my fine fellow blogites there’s a fork in the road, which way should I go? Well,
throughout this whole debacle concerning Tiger Woods, the black women still can’t get paid.

**The curtain rises on The Color Purple**
Ladies and gentle, I present The Color Purple, starring Magic Johnson and Tiger Woods.

Old Mr: (referring to Shug) She black as tar, nappy-headed, got legs like baseball bats, and I hear she got that nasty women’s disease.

Magic Johnson says: "I’ll take some of that"

Magic Johnson, with his freaky ass, was on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jimmy had the nerve to ask the negro pimping’, easy credit ripoff bastard, what he thought about the Tiger Woods incident. Magic's inconsiderate ass, had the nerve to throw a black woman on the floor. He had the nerve to put his own wife, Cookie, back in the fire.

Hadn’t she faced enough humiliation and scrutiny? Wasn’t it her baby that had to be tested for Aids? Why on earth would Magic say "what Cookie would have done?"   Isn’t Magic still breathing and selling dreams? Did she bust HIS goddamn head, or poke him in his ass like the slimy pig that he is? The gull of this man to have any comment on this subject by throwing his wife in the fray. Cookie should have cut off his wiener.

I’ve grown tired of the opinion that a black women would have done something different upon finding out their husband had taken refuge in another valley of love? I mean, when their husbands were screwing at the slip & easy, every black woman is not going to act like an ape lady?

But why the insistence on painting the black women as savage beasts that lets their emotions consume them? Granted, it’s true that some black women would have cut Tiger deep down to the white meat. But that’s not true of all black women.

Do you remember Celie? I think some black women would take the graceful road. You know, just turn around and leave them in their mess.
Do you remember when Celie said "The jail you planned for me is the one you’re gonna rot in. You a low down dirty dog that’s what’s wrong"... "Time for me to get away from you, and enter into Creation
Well, I was talking to my cousin yesterday. She reminded me that our grandmother was color struck. Our grandmother, who is black, saw no problem with black men desiring a white woman. Okay, there's nothing wrong with her voicing her opinion. But, she said white women will do more for you than a colored woman. My cousin, who was very young at the time, was impressionable and never disrespected our grandmother. She didn’t voice a dissenting view because she really didn’t have one. She remembered that day because my brother, who was older than she, dropped by and heard our grandmother's comment. He too was respectful to our grandmother, however my cousin said his eyes spoke volumes. In an even and serious voice, he told my grandmother that she shouldn’t say things like that, because it was wrong. My cousin Shellie said my brother was her guy from that day on. He voiced an opposing to our grandmother, and he stood up for black women. More so, not that it was our grandmother - she saw a way to disagree and yet stay respectful.

While my cousin and I were talking, we wondered what messages Tiger, and men like him, are sending to their children. If they only date white women or championed white women, what messages possibly be telling their mixed children? What...they are not good enough, or they are inferior to white woman? The children might even project their father’s disdain of black women upon themselves, and surmise that he doesn’t really love them. They are black.

Evil lurks in the hearts of man.

Sofia, talking to Celie: "I sat in that jail til I near about done rot to death. I know what it like to wanna go crazy. And when I seed you - I know’d there is a God. I know’d there is a God"

Celie: "I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, dear God. I’m here. I’m here".

Yep, all black women are not absent minded animals that are fueled by lust, violent activity and ignorance. If you think so, you're either a fool or a women hater. You might as well bark at the moon. Black women may get mad, and they may hold resentments, and thus, emote, however, many will not use the edge of a sword to voice their disdain. Some black women have a belief and a faith that it’s gonna be all right in the morning... no matter how long the night.

The struggles of being a black woman can only be expressed by a black woman. Yet I am left to believe that black women still can’t get paid. In the circle of respect, I’ve noticed their respect frequently comes as an after thought.

So if Tiger was married to a black woman and flicked his thang at a bunch of scanks, things would have been different? How so, lets count the ways? But first, it’s obvious to me that continuing the stereotypical myth that white women are more passive and understanding than black women, only serves to stratify them above woman of color. Imo, that myth is disrespectful to black women and is frequently used as an excuse by black men to continue their misguided ways of exclusively dating white women.

I am going to flip the script. Personally, if I found out my lady was running off to the hideaway hotel with several different men, I wouldn’t whoop that ass, I’d leave that ass. I wouldn’t play myself by busting out windows or busting her head. I would not be food for fodder.

Take a bow Magic Johnson. Give up that money Tiger Woods. You've played yourself.

.**************The curtain closes******************.
Keith said...
Well written,Well Said...I couldn't agree more. What makes me even sadder is when we Black people give in to these stereotypes. I've heard Black women proclaim jokingly that Elin Woods "must have some Black in her, she went after his ass with that golf club." No...That was just human emotion...That's what anybody might have done... I agree,I wouldn't have reacted like that either and neither would a lot of people,Black or White...Or they might have..Black or White...I get tired of people always prescribing certain behaviors just to Black people all the time and in this case ,Black women...Thanks Brother for stating these facts and for standing up not just for Black women, but for the race in general.
8:03 AM

saint james said...
Sistah's rule. I love black women. They are beautiful, strong, dedicated and invincible.I am also disgusted with Magic for encouraging po' folks to lose money at rent-a-Center. A shame. Good post!

Mizrepresent said...
"Personally, if I found out my lady was running off to the hideaway hotel with several different men."Exactly, i would do the same.

uglyblackjohn said...
People who get paid are people who demand to be paid.If many women only see themselves as only deserving the scraps - that's all they'll get and prove themselves correct.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...
I missed the Majic interview.... I hope I don't step on any toes, but a man that's never dated a black women is missing some good loving! Sistas know how to put it down with the right man! I don't mean in the bedroom, I mean supporting him, caring for him and his kids, sharing with him and being faithful unto him. Like I said, with the "right" brother; it's a wrap! ;-)Love, peace and contined blessings!Free Spirit

RiPPa said...
QUESTION(s): How do you arrive at the place or come to the conclusion that Tiger Woods has a disdain for black women? And what's wrong with Magic referencing his wife in answering a question which involves him CHEATING on HIS wife who IS Cookie? Is Cookie less of a black woman because she chose to stand by her man? Is Elin Woods less of a white woman because she decided to bust Tiger in the head or divorce his ass?

CareyCarey said...
WoW, I was beginning to think that I was slipping. No one disagreed until RiPPa DiPPa, slid this on the floor... "QUESTION(s): How do you arrive at the place or come to the conclusion that Tiger Woods has a disdain for black women? And what's wrong with Magic referencing his wife in answering a question which involves him CHEATING on HIS wife who IS Cookie? Is Cookie less of a black woman because she chose to stand by her man? Is Elin Woods less of a white woman because she decided to bust Tiger in the head or divorce his ass"
Okay RiPPa I am going to give you a piece of this bone. Take the word "disdain" out of the post and slid in any word you want. The spirit of the post is , in many arenas, black women are viewed as less than white women. If you want, you can say Tiger LOVES his white women, more than he does black women. Now, if that's too vague, you can say he only gives his love bone to white women, okay.Flip it around, but the question remains, what message is he giving to his non- white children.Magic Johnson?! Again, Magic only mentioned his wife to continue the myth that all black women act like damn fools when they are confronted with adversity. That negative flavor was on the floor before Magic gave his words of wisdom. Jimmy Kimmel set the tone by visiting a black barber shop. Niggas was talking barber shop talk... "my wife would have cut off my johnson" ... "my wife would have cut me, and that bitch".Then Magic, in his true pimpin' ways, said "Cookie would have".
No Magic, you dumb motherfu*ker, what DID Cookie do? She didn't bust yo head. Magic just smiled and let the negative stereotype stay on the floor.... along with his wife. Sure, he can say what the hell he wants about his wife. But that don't make it right. I suggest he bring her to the light, and not keep dropping salt on her.