Friday, June 19, 2015

Mary "Mo`nique" Jones vs Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles. The battle of my life!

The greatest show on earth. The most super-fabulous, splenderocious, Mega-magnanimous event of the year. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles vs Mary "Mo’nique" Jones. - Don King

It’s a photo finish but the cream came out on top! Who won?

But first, let’s get the preliminary fights out of the way.

I am still alive. I mean, I watched the movies "Precious" and "Ray" and I am still here. That must make me a special kind of survivor. I don’t feel compelled to shoot heroin or rape my daughter. My white neighbors still wave at me as they pass by. I don’t know what they are saying about me in their homes, nor do I care.

A Precious lived down the street from me. The rumors and whispers surrounding the father of her children have stood the test of time. We called her father, Icewater.

The other day I passed by the welfare office. I spotted several Mo`niques exchanging Newport cigarettes. I knew some of them – I waved and kept driving.

Last week I accompanied my granddaughter to her school. Ms. Cornrolls, the schools receptionist , greeted me with a smile. I returned the favor and threw in a hug.

I’ve coached teenage thugs. I know their mothers and fathers.

I am still alive. "Precious" and "Ray" are movies. Can we move forwards?

Did Mo`nique kill the part of Precious Jones!? Did she not waver in that role? Wasn’t she the epitome of every abusive mother in the world. What is it about comedians that allows them to capture human emotion with such drop dead conviction?

Jamie Fox was Ray Charles. While watching "Ray" I witnessed Jamie morph into Ray Charles, one of the greatest R & B singers of all time.

In every detail, Mo`nique captured my vision of the quintessential angry, hostile, vicious, manipulative, cunning and insecure women. She took me there. Ray Charles was a drug addict and a womanizer.

I understand Ray Charles addiction to heroin. I also understand the resentment Mary Jones had for her daughter, however, I do not condone either’s behavior. I am sure neither individual signed up for the road of ignorance, therefore, I refuse to convict them for their character flaws or lay total blame at their feet. Mary Jones said "I did what my mother told me".

Social mores, through general observance, develops the forces of law. Yes, even the gut-bucket behaviors of child abuse, drug abuse and ignorance, become the accepted norms of many societies and cultures.

I few days ago, a friend of mine told me that Mr. So-n-So was a good man. I asked her how she knew that. She paused, then said "well, he had a good job and tired to show his son’s how to be men". I asked her if she’d ever been in his house. She said it was a dirty mess. She went on to say there were rumors of him abusing his wife. Rumors mind you, but she did notice his wife’s soft steps when in the company of her husband. My friend was married to this man’s son. She said he was the worst SOB she’d ever known. He abused her for 30 years.

Mo `nique (Mary Jones) did what her mother told her. She pointed a finger at Precious and said, "It’s this bitches fault, she made [my man] leave. She let him have her. She made him leave, who else is gonna love me!?"

Jamie Fox’s portrayal of Ray Charles was one of the best performance I `ve seen in my lifetime.
The scene in the welfare office with Mariah Carey (Ms. Weiss) and Precious was grand theater. Mo `nique’s acting in that scene was probably the best performance that I `ve ever witnessed by a black actress. No, not probably, it was the best performance I ‘ve ever seen. I’d argue against any contenders.

The storyline about the underachieving black youth has been beat to the ground. We’ve seen the knight in shining armor rescue the inner city school. The movie "Precious" tore that page out of the book and took it to another level. Paula Patton, who played the part of Ms. Rain, anchored that "Welcome Back Kotter" classroom, with an ease of an actress with an acting resume much larger than hers.

It could be argued that Jamie Fox had a wonderful supporting cast of well known seasoned actors, which could have made his role easier to perform. However, I tip my hat to the entire cast of "Precious". I didn’t see one performer overact. In fact, I didn’t know Lenny Kravitz played the part of Nurse John until I saw the credits.

I don’t know. "Precious" vs " Ray" ...?

Mo `nique vs Jamie Fox?